Superhero Talk: Batman Takes Manhattan By Storm; ‘The Wolverine’ Will Be Intense!

Tj Weaver November 1, 2011 1
Superhero Talk: Batman Takes Manhattan By Storm; ‘The Wolverine’ Will Be Intense!

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Storms Manhattan

As the production for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises currently takes place in Manhattan, people from all over are capturing photos and videos of the production and releasing them on the net. Nothing too spoilery has been released as of yet, but the photos do give away some the scale of magnitude Nolan has in mind for this film.

Nolan and the team will be in Manhattan for a period of two weeks. From that shoot alone we’ve seen our first photo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a cop, bikers jumping over a ramp, Batman’s new bat mobile aircraft, hovering around the city streets, and an unidentifiable round object that resembles some type of bomb.

The Dark Knight Rises With Joseph Gordon-Levett

‘The Wolverine’ Gets “Intense”

In other superhero news, The Wolverine director, James Mangold, sat down with MTV News and talked about the plans for the next Wolverine installment and exactly where and how much violence our furry hero might run into. According to MTV, during the interview, Mangold’s word of choice when talking about The Wolverine was “intense”.

From an earlier interview with Hugh Jackman, we know that the rating has a stronger possibility of entering the realms of Rated-R. And with Mangold throwing around the word “intense” we could finally get to see Wolverine in all his furry.

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    1. Krystyna Fventes November 18, 2011 at 6:54 am - Reply

      i like wolverine but the ,his adamantium skull and claws make him impossible to get tore by someone else (maybe hulk and red hulk can ? :D ) beside this is a very strong marvel superheroes… i really wanna watch him in the next avenger movie !

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