VOD: Matt & Kim’s New Music Video for ‘Let’s Go’ | Reel Movie Nation

Matt & Kim are a fun indie band that formed in Brooklyn, New York in 2005. Only gaining a real high success in recent years, this duo has been creating pop indie hits that have me shaking my hips since I first heard them. Their fortune hasn’t spoiled the nature of the music or the style of their art. I can tell you know, this band’s going to be here for a while.

Pat the Roc, a basketball master, simply dribbles the ball(s) in time with the music and performs tricks to go along with the song. The 2009 winners follow the same approach as the winning video, using elegant simplicity that captures their quirky self-made roots. They are branching into a different type of music video, and I think it’s pretty interesting. I’m not sure if every artist would be able to pull of something similar, I would be interested to see some attempts at it though. Here is the fun new video for their latest single, “Let’s Go”

Matt and Kim’s ‘Let’s Go’ Music Video