VOD: Breton’s Guide To Life (In 10 easy steps) | Reel Movie Nation

On a daily basis I think to myself how awesome being a cat would be. This is partially due to the two very lazy kitties I have; all their responsibilities include, sleeping, eating, and purring. So when I came across “Breton’s Guide to Life” it seemed as though my cats took part in making this video, and now I’m starting to question my career choice as a human being.

In this video we have Breton, a very handsome ginger cat, just catting around and doing cat stuff. From waking up to cleaning and eating to drinking out of the faucet, we get to see how this kitty lives his life and how he thinks you should be living yours. Featuring some cute things I’ve never been able to get on camera, Breton is a natural born actor and I look forward to his future endeavors.

It can be very challenging working with an animal as they tend to do the opposite of what you want as soon as you draw someone’s attention to what they are doing. This is especially true with felines. Capturing their strange ways can be tough and creator Ariel Belziti somehow managed to nail it and bring you this spectacular clip.

Belziti is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and has multiple other fantastic videos worth checking out. His Vimeo can be found here so be sure to give him a shout if you enjoy this VOD as much as I do.