Joseph Gordon-Levitt Directs, Writes, & Stars in ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’

Tj Weaver December 5, 2012 0
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Directs, Writes, & Stars in ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt… I think I just felt the energy from the legions of JGL fans vibrating my bedroom floor. Nope, just the 2 and/or 3 train passing under my apartment building.

The actor who once starred as George in the hit TV sitcom Roseanne and Roger Bomman in Angels in the Outfield has become one of the most sought after talents in Hollywood. His performance in recent sci-fis, such as Christopher Nolan’s Inception and The Dark Knight Rises and Rian Johnson’s Looperhas stapled him as America’s next big action hero, while his involvement in the recent coming-of-age dramas — 50/50, Hesher, (500 Days of Summer) — continues to propel the now 31-year-old actor.

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JGL the Director, Writer & Actor

When you’re a true fan of any artist, musician or athlete, the best moments occur when he or she does something that completely shocks your central nervous system, whether it be putting out an unexpected new album, scoring four goals in one soccer game, or landing the role of a lifetime.

While there’ve been plenty of actor-turned-directors/writers in Hollywood, Gordon-Levitt aims to leave his footprint on the weathered beaten path of Ben Affleck, Jon Favreau, Clint Eastwood, Sofia Coppola, Gene Kelly, Woody Allen, and Angelina Jolie with his directorial-debut Don Jon’s Addiction, which just received a slot in Park City’s 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Since the announcement, JGL has been busy promoting the film and congratulating his filmmaking team on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. He told Yahoo! Movies that he’s “super proud” of his dark comedy, which he not only directed but also penned and starred in.

A Man & His Porn

The story follows the everyday habits and rituals of a young man, today’s version of Don Juan. As Kelly Clarkson likes to belt, “everyone has a dark side,” and the main character, played by Gordon-Levitt, isn’t without his: an addiction to porn and the habit of objectifying women has his life in chains. However, one woman (Scarlett Johannson), much older than he, sets Don Jon on a new path as she flips his world upside down and all around.

The cast not only includes Johansson and Gordon-Levitt, but also Julianne Moore and Taxi star Tony Danza, who is rumored to play Jon Sr. Here’s what JGL had to say about this talented cast:

“I wrote the part for Scarlett Johansson and she liked the script enough to do it. She’s fantastic in it. Julianne Moore is in it, she’s also really fantastic…”

Looks like everyone is just “fantastic,” but would you expect anything less? Here’s a new photo which hit the net just yesterday. Looks to me like Gordon-Levitt re-used his outfit from his Magic Mike performance on SNL several months back. Take a look at the face Johansson’s giving him. That’s right, straighten out that porn addict, ScarJo.

Gordon-Levitt’s Inspiration

Who’s the source of Gordon-Levitt’s inspiration when it comes to writing and directing? As you can imagine, the motivation behind his work stems from the great minds who directed him in several films:

“The good directors I’ve worked with have that balance between really having done their homework but also being flexible enough to change on the day [...] Rian is a director who comes at it with a well-thought through vision but at the same time, he’s really open to spontaneity and collaboration. In that way, he’s quite similar to Chris Nolan and Steven Spielberg, I found.”

I’m a huge fan of people who step outside of their comfort zone to complete a project. Not only is it courageous, but it’s also a testament to the power of collaboration. Sure, you can say that JGL had all the connections to make this happen, but it’s connections he built, experiences he witnessed that led him to the making of Don Jon’s Addiction.

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