Iron Patriot spotted at AIM: ‘Iron Man 3′ filming in Cary, NC – Day 2

Iron Patriot spotted at AIM
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There are spoilers in this article! Turn back now if you don’t want to know! Also, if you haven’t read about my experiences on Day One of Iron Man 3 filming in Cary, you can read it here. Remember to click on the photos for larger versions.

Day 2

After all the excitement I experienced on Day One, I was ready to go back out for another day of Iron Man 3 filming. The day started off a little slow. The first thing I noticed when arriving at the location was that the AIM sign from yesterday was now gone and crew members were removing the landscaping they had planted yesterday.

There was more interior filming so we couldn’t really see or hear anything. Our good friend “Bob” was back controlling the crowd and trying his best to convince us that we were watching the filming of a toothpaste commercial for cats. We weren’t buying it.

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More Star Sightings?

There were more rumored star sightings throughout the day. I was able to catch a glimpse of Robert Downey Jr.‘s body double again (or just a guy who looks a lot like RDJ), and NBC17 was reporting sightings of Don Cheadle (James “Rhodey” Rhodes AKA War Machine) on set. One star who may or may not have been sighted was Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts), who confirmed her presence in the area with her tweet:


Towards the late afternoon the action started to pick up when crew members and extras in military uniforms came outside to shoot in front of the building. Crew members with large umbrellas tried to block our view, but from what I could see, it appeared there was only still photography and no actual filming.

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Some, if not all, of the extras had weapons, and appeared to be kneeling and posing with weapons drawn. During the outside shoot I heard what sounded like muffled gun-fire, but it could have also been the sound of the camera’s shutter, or possible a sound effect to get the extras in “combat mood.”

Iron Patriot Sighting!

Shortly after shooting outside, crew members began moving upstairs for another scene, and I saw a very familiar figure through the window. That’s right. Iron Patriot was at AIM! What he was doing there is anybody’s guess. Is he a body guard for Tony Stark or Dr. Aldrich Killian? Could it turn out that Iron Patriot is just another bad guy? Let the speculations begin!

Tomorrow’s Shoot

Tomorrow, Iron Man 3 wraps its Cary shoot with a driving scene on Weston Parkway and some filming on the SAS campus. The Facebook page for Caged Heat Casting put out a casting call for “a Caucasian male Stand In -Brown Hair, Slender build, 6’2, 20 -30… Must be available to work on Wednesday.” Whose body double will this be?

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What do you think?

Why is Iron Patriot at AIM? Who is the military shooting at? Where should Gwyneth Paltrow eat? Let’s hear what you have to say in the comments below, and if you were at the Iron Man 3 filming I would love to hear about what you saw. Please email me at

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