Top 8 Best Thought-Provoking Movies to Watch In September 2021

Thought Provoking Movies
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Movies, there are a few that make space in our mind and heart and stay there a bit longer than expected.

They not just provide a different perspective but also get the viewers to question a topic and think upon it from a totally new angle for hours. 

From script to the direction, every bit of it captures the eye and makes one think about the interesting theme that has been used therein the classics.

Even after the challenges that exist and are being faced, the directors are coming up with new ideas and concepts which can break the barriers and work upon by bringing the true essence that has been expected.

When it comes to thought-provoking movies, Indie movies are quite relatable ones.

Here one would find the social pressure, solitude, imagination with a touch of reality, and most importantly, the human reactions which are needed at the time.

Every bit of it gets reflected with evaluation and re-evaluation and the interpretation that can be related well.

So, based on such thought-provoking ideas and aspects, herein presented is the list of 8 such movies which one shouldn’t miss watching.

Give a read to know more.

Thought-Provoking Movies To Add In Your Favourite Movies List

  • Life of Pi
  • Mulholland Drive
  • No Country For Old Men
  • Force Majeure
  • Being There
  • Leviathan
  • Okja
  • Mr.Nobody

1. Life of Pi

Well, released in 2012, Life of Pi, is first on the list of thought-provoking movies that make one think and re-think the cryptic ending with the animals who were on the boat.

One would not just be forced to think but will also be forced for interpreting every bit of the scenes covered differently.

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The movie brings forward the emotional touch, faith, friendship, some powerful visuals, provoking thoughts, and much more.

Either way, from production to achievement of every scene, it will force one to extract something out of the miraculous thought process that has been presented herein.

2. Mulholland Drive

Released in 2001, this one movie is definitely the one which the viewers will have a hard time getting out of their heads.

The movie Mulholland Drive has been divided into two parts, and the critics cannot stop arguing over both of them.

From trying to know the director’s intention to understanding whether the first part of the movie is just a dream or an imagination, there is a lot to interpret and to fill the space which the director has created for giving the best cinematic herein. 

It also depicts the toxic end of the dream factory (so-called).

It has also been stated by the critics that any person who claims to understand this movie for the first time is basically lying, and they have definitely not understood this thought-provoking movie of the 21st century.

3. No Country for Old Men

A movie by Joel and Ethan and Coen, this movie was released in 2007.

The movie is based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy and is a crime thriller with an amazing cast who have made to bring this movie to the top 8 list presented.

The movie is about the hunter who himself becomes the victim later.

While on a hunt in the desert, two million dollars is found, which was an aftermath of the drug deal, which went wrong.

Either way, the hunter knows the money is in danger, and still, due to his temptation, he is unable to resist it and thus becomes the brutal killer’s victim.

In short, the movie is brutal, and the environment is a neo-western genre, which is full of characters who are quite meaningful with the role.

4. Force Majeure

In here depicted is a totally different world and its problems, by Ruben Ostlund.

The movie was released in 2014, and it brings forward or to the forefront of a universal subject about how even a minute is responsible for changing the attitude of people towards one another.

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So, it can be said that the movie has been stunningly crafted and definitely depicts a sarcastic filmed psychodrama and a sardonic comedy which allows one to go deep and think about the character’s emotions.

Everything seems façade and the director was quite tough to mock the characters and create intellectual humor and perfect grim entertainment.

5. Being There

This movie was released in 1979 and is not known around much by the people but believe it; it is one clever movie to watch.

It shows how a character who was spending his life completely away from people, in complete isolation, found a way and navigated the world in a way that was not at all expected by the viewers.

One important thing to watch here was at the end that showed the Jesus metaphor and made the movie quite thought-provoking.

6. Leviathan

This movie has been made by a well-known Russian Director named Andrey Zvyagintsev.

In the category of Best Foreign Language Film, the movie received a Golden Glove for being one of the most thought-provoking movies of the century.

Here, within the movie, one would find the life of the main characters quite reminiscent of Job, the biblical character, and the story of the Naboth Vineyard.

The movie is about the life of ordinary who struggles has been depicted in terms of corruption around, the money, the corrupted officials who are church empowered, the government, etc.

during contemporary Russia, and by all means, the director didn’t fail to show the audience, the despair in the corruption synthesis. 

7. Okja

A movie by Bong Joo-ho (an award-winning Director), Okja, was released in 2017 and was premiered at the Cannes film festival.

The story herein is about the little girl and the giant pet mutant pig (created in a lab) she owned.

It is a movie about animal rights activists who are always trying to defend the pet mutant pig against huge corporations (meat companies).

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Full of comedy, drama, science fiction, well, it will be very difficult to make a pick here and say exactly in which genre the film should fall.

However, it is different enough to be on the top 8 best thought-provoking movies list of 2021, which has been shot brilliantly and also has an amazing cast.

8. Mr. Nobody

The movie was released in 2009 but depicts the characters to be a part of 2092, where mankind finds a way to reach immortality using cell renewal.

It also brings forward the character Nemo, Nobody who is aged 118 and is the earth’s last mortal.

Full of choices, complex characters, identities, life narratives, this movie is like a fairy tale about how parallel lives and life choices move together.

It also brings forward the chaos theory, butterfly effect, and string theory quite closely and, with the amazing music, special effects, and editing captures the eyes, mind, and heart of the viewers who will love to have this movie on the list of the exciting watch.



Q.1 Which is the best Thought-Provoking Movie of all time?

Donnie Darko is said to be the best Thought-Provoking Movie of all time.

Q.2 Upcoming Thought-Provoking Movies In 2021?

Nobody, Coming 2, Quiet Place Part-II, etc., are some upcoming thought-provoking movies in 2021.

Q.3 Which is the worst Thought-Provoking Movie of all time?

Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 is the worst Thought-Provoking Movie of all time.

Q.4 What is the meaning of Thought-Provoking Movies?

Thought-provoking movies mean the script, the ideas, the story that can get people to think seriously and keep thinking on it with different perspectives and angles, which may be totally different from what the Director tries to present at times.

Q.5 Best 5 Thought-Provoking Movies in 2020?

Soul, Aviva, Hamilton, Nomadland & Kajillionaire are the five thought-provoking movies in 2020.

Final Word

Hope the above article was helpful enough to make a pick for Friday night.

Just remember, do not watch these thought-provoking movies just for the sake of watching.

Make sure to think, discuss, interpret and evaluate, re-evaluate the complete scenario, and become a part of the script completely and in a totally different manner. As for the rest, have a fun watch.

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