Video of the Day: Boys Will Be Girls

Tj Weaver October 15, 2012 0
Video of the Day: Boys Will Be Girls

“We’re Besties with Testies!”

How I missed this brilliant video when it was first posted on Youtube back in March of 2010, I do not know. Thanks to some friends of mine from East Carolina University, Amber S. & Sarah R., the video titled “Boys Will Be Girls” was brought to my attention and now is your Video of the Day!

The guys of The Harvard Sailing Team — Clayton Early, Adam Lustick, Billy Scafuri, and Chris Smith — got together and filmed “Boys Will Be Girls.” The concept is simple: What if males had the mindset of a woman? Go!

The guys capture every woman’s cliche actions and emotions known to man. From the “say ‘I love you’s” and the endless questions to the strict diets and the fro-yo obsession, nothing’s missed. I really enjoy that they didn’t feminize their voices and characteristics too much, but just enough for us to say to ourselves, “my best friend/girlfriend/sister says that all time!”

My Top 5 Favorite Lines

  • “Please, just tell me.”
  • “I’m excited… date!”
  • “… and they’re watching foot-game… foot”
  • “We’re ‘Besties with Testies’”
  • “… and I’m sure God takes Poops everywhere”

If you guys want more from The Harvard Sailing Team, be sure to check out their website here. I’m actually really upset I missed their show in NYC two days ago at PIT’s NYC Sketch Festival. But no matter how awesome you think they are remember, they have ” no affiliation with Harvard University or its sailing program.”

What are your favorite lines from “Boys Will Be Girls”? Let us know in the comment box below!

Boys Will Be Girls