Production of ‘Kick-Ass 2′ Gains Momentum + New Director On Board

Sarah Jakubowski June 25, 2012 0
Production of ‘Kick-Ass 2′ Gains Momentum + New Director On Board

They’re Back to Kick Your Ass!

The world’s most awkward and well-meaning superhero team is back with Kick-Ass 2. Rumors of a sequel have been circulating since the release of the first Kick-Ass in 2010 and it looks like those plans are finally starting to solidify. Of the original cast we know Aaron Johnson as Dave Lizweski/Kick-Ass, Chloe Moretz as foul-mouthed Hit Girl and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as nemesis Chris D’Amico/ Red Mist will all be back. We’ll have to bid adieu to director Matthew Vaughn and welcome aboard his replacement, Jeff Wadlow. Vaughn’s going to have his hands full working on the X-Men franchise; the talented director has enough superheroes on his plate right now without adding Kick-Ass & Co. Which is a shame — most people are already wary of any movie with a number after its title and doubly so when there’s a new director as well.

‘Kick-Ass 2′ Plot Details

As far as plot, this one will have a big focus on Hit Girl both in and out of costume. Her adoptive father Marcus Williams (Omari Hardwick), who was her biological father’s friend and former NYPD partner, wants her to put away the mask for good. We’ll see her struggling through this forced retirement as well as what everyday school trials she’ll have to face. Kick-Ass 2 will also focus on the usual hero shenanigans with Red Mist.

Other plot details are pretty fuzzy. It will combine the Marvel comic Kick-Ass 2 (written by Mark Millar,illustrated by John Romita, Jr.) and a spin-off comic about Hit Girl (scheduled to be released June 27) but no word on how Wadlow plans on combining or deviating from these comics. We do know we can expect some violence and the usual amount of Hit Girl’s cursing. Personally, I absolutely adore Hit Girl and think her tough manner and sharp tongue just add to her awesomeness, but there’s always the danger of crossing a line. The book also had some pretty graphic content, most notably a gang rape scene which is purported to be in the movie. Wadlow will have to make some important decisions about how to portray all of that. On the one hand, it’s important to be true to the story and its characters, but on the other hand you don’t want to resort to shock value. Here’s hoping Kick-Ass 2 will be as fun, well-made and memorable as the first!

Kick-Ass 2 is scheduled to hit theaters in 2013.