‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ Moving Forward?!

Stephen Branson October 5, 2012 0
‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ Moving Forward?!

When a little movie called Transformers hit the big screen back in 2007, the notion of turning popular toys and board games into feature length films became increasingly popular. While the billion dollar franchise has been a success for Paramount, Universal experienced quite an expensive flop with this year’s Battleship. Add Paramount’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra to the mix, and it looks like Hasbro has had its share of ups and downs with their properties. And with sequels for Transformers and G.I. Joe on the way, as well as plans for Candyland at Sony, Ouija at Universal, and Stretch Armstrong at Relativity Media, it doesn’t look like Hasbro has plans to stop any time soon.

Especially since it was reported by The LA Times that Hasbro recently called upon Randall Emmett and George Furla (End of Watch) to co-produce films based on other Hasbro titles: Monopoly, Action Man (the British version of G.I. Joe), and Hungry Hungry Hippos. Emmet is reported saying that the plan is to make all three properties into family movies with broad appeal.

You may remember that Monopoly (based on the real estate board game, of course) was originally picked up by Universal in 2008 with Ridley Scott producing. The LA Times reports that Scott still has plans to produce along with Emmett and Furla.

While details for the films are scarce, it’s not hard to let your imagination run wild. Will Monopoly be about a greedy old man who buys properties just to take his friend’s money whenever they come to visit? I just hope the film is shorter than the game itself. Will Action Man be a remake of G.I. Joe with an all British cast? Will Hungry Hungry Hippos be about marble-addicted hippos roaming the jungle? Or perhaps something with a little more Jumanji feel? Right now it’s anyone’s guess.

I want to know what you think. Are these films good ideas? I also want to hear your craziest plot synopses for them. Comment in the usual place!