Captain America 2: Anna Kendrick May Join Cast + Anthony Mackie Talks Falcon

Tj Weaver September 18, 2012 0

The focus for Marvel’s Phase Two currently lies in the hands of Iron Man 3 and Captain America : The Winter Soldier. After filming several locations around North Carolina for Iron Man 3, director Shane Black will move production to Fort Lauderdale, FL. The last location shoot in NC took place Labor Day weekend in Port of Wilmington. Marvel Entertainment seems thoroughly pleased with the southern state as Captain America: The Winter Soldier will begin shooting in Wilmington and surrounding areas starting March 2013.

Anna Kendrick Steps Into Marvel Territory

In the most recent Captain America 2 news, it appears that Pitch Perfect actress, Anna Kendrick, could star in her first Marvel film. The guys over at Ain’t It Cool News caught wind of Kendrick’s possible casting as Sharon Carter. If this is strictly a rumor, we can at least suspect that Kendrick is in talks for the role. The young indie actress was among several others whose name appeared on Marvel’s short list for a female lead. When addressed about the latest news, Kendrick couldn’t offer too much information. And instead of saying, “No,” she replied with:

All I know is that I can’t really say anything. Sorry, man.”

Sounds to me like she’s already accepted the role or Marvel is seriously considering her. Known for her quirky and often relatable characters, if Kendrick is indeed Sharon Carter, she’ll have several contracts thrown her way. Sharon Carter is the niece of Peggy Carter, played by Hayley Atwell in Captain America. She takes on the alias “Agent 13″ and becomes an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. As you’ve probably suspected, she becomes a love interest for Captain America. At any rate, whoever is cast as Sharon Carter can expect to fill a slot in Avengers 2.

Anthony Mackie Gets Ready for Falcon

Anthony Mackie is one of Hollywood’s rising African-American male actors. Besides Captain America 2, he can be seen opposite Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad which hits theaters January 11th, 2013. Standing at 5’10”, Mackie will have to hit the gym daily to get in shape for Falcon — a Marvel character with one hell of a frame:

“He’s known for his physique. He’s described as 6’3″, 245 pounds, so starting Monday, for the next five months until we start shooting, I’m going back to high-school workouts and start doing two-a-days, so I get up to 230 pounds. I’m going to try not to get a job between now and then, so I can really focus on this. Because Chris Evans is in such good shape! I’m just a dude he dragged into the lab that he injected with some shit, but I got to stand next to him. So we shall see!” – Anthony Mackie (Screenrant)

He may have to hit up Tom Hardy, Chris Hemsworth, or fellow cast mate Chris Evans for some workouts and protein heavy recipes. More than likely, he’ll have the same trainer as Evans, who put on an impressive amount of muscle for Captain America back in 2011. I’m looking forward to Anthony Mackie as Falcon; he’s full of talent and definitely deserves the role. He’ll have the responsibility of playing the first African-American character in comic book history.

Directed by The Russo Brothers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4th, 2014.