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Yona of the dawn season 2
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Yona of the Dawn, it is one of the most known and appreciated fictional manga series. The writing and illustration part of it was handled by a talented artist named Mizuho Kusanagi.

The serialization of the anime, it began in August 2009, and since then, it has been run. Constant support and love have also been provided to the series in the last decade, and it is its popularity that got the story to be picked up for the anime adaptation.

Once the show was publicized, many ideas were provided by Studio Pierrot for bringing in modification in this fictional TV show.

With efforts put in, season one was finally brought to the screen in 2014. The success was instantaneous when it comes to Manga show enthusiasts and also for the new viewers.

It is because of the love they have for the series that they got anxious while they waited to hear some good news about Yona of the dawn season 2.

A lot of question exists in this regard just like it did for knowing about No Game No Life Season 2. So, considering it, this article has been prepared to provide information about your favourite anime.

Yona of the dawn season 2: Plot

yona of the dawn season 2 plot

This anime, it is the series that has been fixed in the fictional area, which is a perfect blend of Korean and Japanese experiences.

The series of Yona of the dawn season 2, it follows the Yona (Kouka kingdom single queen) exploits, bringing forward a story of salvation and vengeance.

Since the beginning of the play, Yona seems to be determined for experiencing a very peaceful and calm life as queen at Hiryuu castle.

It is after her 16th birthday when the story takes a twist with Su-won (teen mate and also the love), he starts to praise her, and this is where Yona approaches her dad to tell him how much she likes Su-Won.

Well, while she enters the office, she gets terrified after she notices that it is her love who killed her dad for his throne and then, later on, took on the leadership of Kouka.

Yona gets saved by Hak, and the story continues. Now what will be presented as a part of the second season will be a continuation of this ongoing story. A lot more thrill can be expected to be seen.

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What to expect from Yona of the dawn season 2?

As part of yona of the dawn season 2, one can anticipate Yona to get back with the realm of the Kouka for delivering retribution.

Some extraordinary force is also expected talking about Zena, the mythical beast fighter, and this definitely will be a very significant part of the story at its peak. One can not exactly be fitting to what is going to happen in Yona of the dawn season 2.

However, inevitably, a meeting is seen with Ik-Soo, one of the prophets who informed Yuna in regards to the legend of 4 mythical beasts that were engaged in the production and education of Kouka to make her discover, 4-winged serpents relatives.

A lot more is expected to be seen in the Yona of the dawn season 2. Just don’t lose hope about it being aired. Be excited.

Will there be Yona of the dawn season 2?

There are many famous anime, including Chivalry of a failed knight season 2, Ouran highschool host club season 2 and our favourite Yona of the dawn season 2, along with others, the plot of which people have been dying to know about.

There does not exist much hope, but still, people have been waiting to hear something positive about the same.

Talking about what has been threatening the Akatsuki no Yona season 2 is the source material, but there has still been left a lot for adaptation, and in regards to it, one should feel secure as there are a total of 33 tankobon volumes available even now.

The producers have not provided any substantial information about the show, and the major reason behind it was the earthquake of 2016 in Kumamoto, wherein mangaka Mizuho Kusanagi was also injured.

However, one will be relieved to know that the author definitely recovered soon and has been publishing the manga volumes. Her recent works have also received a lot of appreciation.

One can be hopeful to watch Yona of the dawn season 2 as from the sale of merchandise to the sale of the next editions of anime story; everything has gained popularity.

The absence of it might have made us think otherwise but then again, why stop successful money-making anime production in between.

Is there enough source material for Yona of the dawn season 2?

source material

The presence of source material is very important as most of the animal has been adopted from the same. Talking of Akatsuki no yona season 2, manga is the source material for it.

One important thing will be, checking if the associated manga, it’s still ongoing and how many volumes of it has been released by the author.

One also needs to keep track of how many volumes of Manga were used in the first season as sometimes, there is not sufficient source material available for continuing ahead to the next season of the anime.

Well, as for the author of this anime, further publications are being made by her. So, hopefully, we can expect the continuation of the anime ahead.

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Yona of the dawn season 2 release date

No official announcement has been made for the renewal of Yona of the dawn season 2, but it has been suspected that the same will be announced soon enough. If an official announcement is made in 2021, hopefully, the sequel will be released in early-mid 2022.

It has been 6 years since the first season was aired, and even after this, viewers and lovers of anime have not lost hope. So wait for it. A lot more is expected to be heard, and hopefully, it will be positive.

Main characters of “Yona Of The Dawn Season 2”

There are many beloved characters of the viewers from the anime. Some of the well-known include,

Son Hak

Son Hak Yona Of The Dawn Season 2

He is the chief male lead within the series and the teen buddy as well as the bodyguard of Yona. He was also the previous leader and the wind tribe officer.



She is the female lead of anime. She is the princess and the one and only successor of Kouka king. After Yona turns up, she is seen to be beginning a very safe life, and this is why she gets corrupted.


Yoon Yona Of The Dawn Season 2

Yoon is the representative of Ik-Su and the 3rd character who was a part of a team of Princess Yona. Yoon was also a proven genius.



A very headstrong and straightforward character from the anime known for polite personality. He knew about the dragon deities legend, and he is seen to be cherishing the power possessed.

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Q.1 Did Yona of dawn end?

The original manga, it has the run of 33 tankobon volumes, and as of today, the concerned series, it is still in the run and is not expected to end anytime sooner.

Q.2 Is Yona the Red Dragon?

Red hair with violet eyes, it is a rare combination and Yona for sure is the Crimson Dragon King reincarnation.

Q.3 Do Hak and Yona get together in the anime?

Since childhood, both these characters were displayed to be playfully bickering with one another. However, even after the fights, they got close and are loyal friends. Hak also began developing romantic feelings as for Yona with time, and eventually, the love deepened, making him fall for her.

Q.4 Do Yona and Hak kiss?

Yes, the characters shared a kiss.

Q.5 Does Soo-won love Yona?

It was his kindness and gentle disposition that made Yona fall in love with him, but he, on another hand, is shown to be protecting her as a younger sister, which makes him oblivious to such feelings (until ten years).

Final words

Even though there exists the slightest chance for Yona of the dawn season 2, it is still being expected that the story will be continued.

One can even continue the concerned story by giving a read to the Manga. Even though the first season was not that big a hit, with time, it captured the eyes of viewers.

Social media does not seem to be promoting this series, and there is a high chance that one might not see a continuation of it but do not lose hope.

Any update in regards to your curiosity will get updated within the article. Keep an eye and enjoy watching the first season, if you haven’t.

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