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In scale, World War Z looks like an epic thrill ride full of raging zombies. Unfortunately, for both Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster (Moster’s Ball, Kite Runner), their experience behind the scenes proved less than satisfactory, as the two have dealt with release date delays, third act rewrites by Damon Lindelof, re-shoots, and most recently, a rumored falling out which left the star and the director on non-speaking terms. Despite all the mayhem, the two were able to move forward, and Paramount has finally released the first trailer for World War Z!

Based on the best-selling zombpocalyptic novel by Max Brooks, World War Z tells the story of a UN worker (Pitt), who must save both his family and the rest of humanity from the zombie pandemic. In his path stands millions of zombies which cover the ground like ants on the forest floor of Brazil — they’re rapid, deadly and persistent. Forget trying to save one city, Pitt will have to save the world.

Rated PG-13 & CGI Zombies?

For Zombie fans, at this point World War Z offers nothing to gawk over as it looks like a mix between 28 Days Later and I Am Legend. The first trailer, though somewhat suspenseful (mainly due to the music), gives audiences a view of the worldwide destruction, but the point of interest is misdirected; the trailer simply sells itself on Pitt’s stardom, which may carry the film along way, but if the film sucks, then it just sucks. And the CGI zombies aren’t helping one bit.

Another point of concern, for fans of the novel at least, remains that the film has ignored several important details from Brooks’ work. Apparently, the zombies are supposed to be slow walkers; this builds an ongoing suspense throughout, which simply won’t work with the fast-moving zombies that Forster has provided. To this day, controversy continues to surround the film due to the many changes from Brooks’ novel. Why buy rights to a popular title, if you’re going to change what made it popular to begin with?

Check out the trailer and be sure to leave a comment below. World War Z slams into theaters June 21st, 2013.

‘World War Z’ Trailer