Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 | All Info We Know So Far 2021

Wise man’s grandchild season 2
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Wise man’s grandchild anime, also known as Kenja no Mago, it has been adapted from the same-named manga.

It was aired for the first time on April 10th, 2019.

The anime is taken from 2015 released, the most popular light novel series (written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka) that was full of martial arts and magic.

The series had a total of 12 episodes running between 10th April 2019- 26th June 2019.

2 years have already passed since the previous season, and now the fans, they are anxious about the future.

They want to know whether or not there will be a wise man’s grandchild season 2.

The anime has impressed otakus continuously around the world, but even after such a commendable performance, the green light is still waiting from Studio Silver Link for the awaited sequel.

This makes a lot under question for the fanbase if Will there be kenja no Mago season 2? A lot more questions exist in the minds of fans.

Some of which have been answered through the below-mentioned content within the article, read to know more.

Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2: Plot

Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 source material

The anime’s story, it completely revolves around a Japanese salaryman who lost his life in a car accident and was reborn as a child.

The child later is shown to be picked up by Merlin Wolford, a known patriot hero, who named him Shin. Well, this was not it.

Shin It was the world full of magic/sorcery when Shin was born, and with the eventual movement of the story, Shin became the wise man’s grandchild.

He also learned a lot from the teachings of Merlin, the knowledge which proved to be useful later.

Season 1 on the wise man’s grandchild manga was premiered in 2019 April on the AT-X, and then it was picked by BS11, Tokyo MX, and many other Japanese Tv networks and channels.

It is a story that brings forward a lot about the world from the time of sorcery, and with the wise man’s grandchild season 2, a lot more is expected to be unveiled.

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What to Expect from Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2?

Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 Plot

None would have much information about the wise man’s grandchild anime 2nd season.

But it is definitely known that the magical beach volleyball scene was covered by the 1st season and that the manga chapter 26 has some additional scenes to be brought ahead including, breast suffocations, sunscreen shenanigans and also the delinquent grandpa fishing.

All of the said is hoped to be covered by the upcoming wise man’s grandchild season 2.

When it comes to the return of the wise man’s grandchild anime series, one must note that anime series get a lot less chance.

This is one reason why Asterisk War season 3, a release date for it, is still pending. Sequels are just released for completing the story.

This does happen a lot and talking of Silver Link, a lot of such movies have been produced by it before.

So, even if the sequel of the anime is not coming as series, there does exist a slight chance that the studio will be producing the movie adaptation of canceled kenja no Mago season 2.

It will help wrap the plot and give a better closure for the fanbase.

Will there be wise man’s grandchild season 2?

Renewal of the second season has still not been made by makers. For another season, if there will be any, the announcement will be made.

One must not jump to the conclusion that the wise man’s grandchild season 2 would not be there.

Sometimes, the producers do take a lot of time before they announce another season, just like in another world with my smartphone season 2, the confirmation for renewal of which has still not been received.

However, if a wise man’s grandchild season 2 is coming, one can expect to see it by mid-2022 (as it takes almost one year to complete the production).

Is there enough source material for wise man’s grandchild season 2?

As said above, the season of the wise man’s grandchild anime has just covered the magical beach volleyball scene, and there are many other scenes to be captured yet.

One must note that there are many factors like sales, popularity, etc.

on which the sequel depends. One of them is the source material available for content.

Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 expectations

Sometimes the seasons get canceled because of it.

Talking of wise man’s grandchild manga, it is still running, and 12 volumes have already been released, and the recent one was released in 2020 March.

Another volume of it is expected to be released in mid-2021.

So, there’s a lot of material left to be covered by the wise man’s grandchild season 2.

Just do not lose hope.

Anime like No Game No Life Season 2 sometimes take a lot of time for their official announcement.

The reason is that the anime series takes more time for its sequel than the normal television shows.

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Wise man’s grandchild season 2 release date

In the list of projects lined up with Silver Link, the name of kenja no Mago season 2 is still not there.

So, it can be expected that the anime’s new episodes would take a lot of time to hit the screen.

Even if the renewal is announced in the current year, the production will take at least one year.

So, the release date for the anime will be either in late 2022 or early 2023.

Hopefully, the release date will be announced soon, and we assure to update the same as soon as the same is received.

Main characters of “wise man’s grandchild season 2”

Shin Wolford

Shin Wolford Wise Man's Grandchild Season 2

The main character of the anime or the wise man’s grandchild manga.

His death is shown to be because of some unknown reasons.

He also gets reincarnated in the totally unknown world.

Here, he was born with a memory of his previous world life.

However, the same was very vague. In his new life, he got the position of a leader at the ultimate magic research society.

Further, he got ranked 1 in the very first year of his S-class.

SiCily von Claude

SiCily von Claude

She is the 3rd daughter and also the 4th child of the well-known Viscount Claude.

She is a very beautiful soul who is soft-spoken and was a very timid blue-haired girl, also known as a saint.

Talking about the healing magic, she is excellent therein, and definitely, Shin did tutor her well, making her 2nd best to him.

She received the Holy Maiden (the title was given as for the Swedes Kingdome civilians, she was a savior) and has the 4th S-rank.

In the wise man’s grandchild season 2, she did get engaged to Shin, and for the world, she became his weakness.

Melinda Bowen

Melinda Bowen

Melinda is the adopted grandmother of Shin, who was the famous guru known for creating the magical gear with the powerful enchantments.

She was married to Merlin, but due to some reasons, it didn’t work, and they got divorced.

He is a young salaryman in the anime. He died in the accident and gets reborn in a world full of demons & sorcery.

As a kid, he got picked up by Merlin Wolford, the patriot hero, who named him Shin.

He who was raised as Merlin’s grandson and was also soaked with the teachings of Merlin, which made him have the powers which were irresistible.

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Q.1 Is Wise Man’s grandchild anime over?

No, the story of the anime has not yet ended, and it is expected that there will be wise man’s grandchild season 2. It was on March 30th, 2021, that the writer/author Tsuyoshi Yoshioka released the anime’s latest volume.

Q.2 Is Wise Man’s grandchild worth watching?

If one is looking for something entertaining, go for the wise man’s grandchild anime. It is highly recommended due to the serious plot and amazing storyline.

Q.3 Who is the strongest in wise man’s grandchild?

Shin Walford is the strongest in the wise man’s grandchild manga.

Q.4 Is there romance in wise man’s grandchild?

It is an action anime with funny, serious, and brutal scenes amidst all couples of the anime. Talking about the romantic moments, there are very few in most episodes, but these moments have been well-used in the series.

Q.5 Is Wise Man’s grandchild on Netflix?

Yes, the wise man’s grandchild anime season 1 is available on Netflix.

Final Words

Hope you got all the relevant information about the wise man’s grandchild season 2.

The article was prepared considering all relevant questions that have been received in regards to this anime and talking about the next season of it; we are still in a hope to get it.

Although not assured, it is the availability of the source material and the popularity of this anime that the production can give the green light to the series. Keep waiting.

We assure you, as soon as any relevant information is received, the same will be updated. Till then, enjoy the first season of the anime.

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