Why did Omni Man Kill the Guardians?- Invincible Ending Explained

Why did Omni Man Kill the Guardians
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Invincible is the R-rated animated series of superhero that became a hit as soon as it was aired. It brought ahead a lot of graphical content with ideas at cores. The story revolves around the life of Mark Grayson. It shows his life after he manifested all his power and then struggled to become a full-fledged superhero.

Mark is the son of Debbie and Nolan, former doubling as the strongest hero of Earth, Omni-man. However, all of it was just an intro, and the major question within this series that started from episode 1 but the explanation of wasn’t received till episode 8 was- Why did omni man kill the Guardians

Well, considering the query and fans looking for the answer, this article has been prepared to provide complete information about the same. Give a read ahead to know more. 

Why did Omni Man Kill the Guardians?

Why did Omni Man Kill the Guardians
Omni Man

The question itself is a big shock, especially after seeing the way Viltrumite got perceived as the hero and now villain for doing it. But the question here is- Why did omni man kill the Guardians? Well, the series will reveal the truth by 1st season episode 8, but the ones who checked out the comics are already aware of the reason for it. 

It was a little later that Nolan was seen saving the carnival from the monster, but then he was interrupted by an immortal who he had killed before. This immortal, he got revived by Mauler twins who wished to enslave but then failed in doing it and guess this immortal did attack Omni-man too questioning him- why did omni man kill the guardians? The inquiry, initially couldn’t find a guilty party, but Omni Man was the suspect.

The Omni man’s son, Mark, came to him and helped to fight the immortal. The fight ended when Nolan impaled immortal and then cut him in 1/2. Mark did witness it, and this is where Nolan revealed to him about his viltrumite origins and that this society was perfect before they started killing the weak.

A lot more information was revealed, and Mark was asked by Nolan to join in conquering the planet. He also added up that Mark will be living for 1000s’ of years and that of those who Mark loved, they will all die but then Mark refused for allowing him to take over this Earth. Then started the argument, fight and then Nolan killed 1000s’ while hitting Mark. He also claimed that Debbie didn’t mean anything to him. Mark then called Nolan a liar to the response of which Nolan says, it’s for 1st time he’s telling the truth.

A lot was revealed, and a lot of hits came in, and after a while, Nolan became convinced about killing Mark but then spared him. He flew to space and then cried at the revelation of Mark made to Nolan. He soon realized that he loved Mark so much, and therefore he decided to take over the other planet and hoped for lessening the sentence of him for deserting the empire of Viltrum.

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Who is Omni Man?

Omni Man belonged to the species of the Viltrumite and was originally from the planet named Viltrum. He came to Earth to help the civilization, but all of it, was it true?

It was revealed in the series that Nolan lied about his origin species. He lied that Viltrumites; were not benevolent people who were helping the civilizations, and this confession was made by Nolan to Mark/Invincible. He told him too that the viltrumite population battled amidst one another, and they weeded out weak, and this left them all with just half of the population with strongest warriors, and by the time of Omni man birth, viltrum became the strongest galaxy empire, and the planets were being conquered for fun.

When Omni man became old, he joined up with this cause and helped explore and conquer, and as a part of the strategy, Omni man got assigned to earth. He also killed Guardians of the Globe.

None were able to understand who murdered Guardians, but none could fathom that Omni man will get hurt to such an extent, and this is what brings this entire series to the question- Why did Omni Man kill the Guardians? The answer to this is revealed in the last episode.

But this is not it to the character of Omni man as he became a trainer for helping Mark awaken his power; he trained him right. Mark was also provided with his personal costume and the superhero name, i.e., Invincible.

On the one hand, wherein this loving father was helping his son, on the other hand, Omni man slaughtered all in cold blood, and he also lost his consciousness within this process. Even the end of it will only be known by the ending episode. So, watch and know more about the characters. 

Is Omni-Man a bad guy?

Omni-Man, also known as Nolan Grayson is a deuteragonist and central antagonist within the invincible comic book series. He was also the main antagonist in the animated adaptation of the comic, 1st season released in 2021.

If asked he is the bad guy, well, he is argued to be one of the best villains within the comic book. He did spend most of his story as Mark Grayson’s caring father, but his dark past eventually caught right at him. It prompted him to embark on the massive killing spree, and there it was, our bad guy doing rock and roll.

Where to watch omni man?

Omni Man season 1 is available for the fans to watch on Amazon Prime, and according to the additional information obtained, 2 more seasons of it will be available soon on this streaming platform. 

As of now, this series isn’t available on either Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple, HBO, Hulu, or any other VOD platform. In case if fans wish to watch and enjoy this show, well, the amazing story of it is just available for you all only on Amazon Prime Video.

However, for enjoying the show on amazon, one will be required to get a subscription to it, the amount of which will vary depending on the country you live in. But this one-time subscription works for a year, and therefore, it will be worth every penny as you will be able to enjoy many more shows through this application or the website.

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Final Words 

Hope the above article was able to provide complete information about the Invincible to get your attention and give a motivation to watch the show; in case you haven’t. This show is full of deceits, surprises, change of hearts, a lot more action, and fantasy.

The best is that the question that gets to you at the start of the season will get you hooked enough to continue till the last episode of it, just to receive the answer. So, there is no chance that once you watch episode 1, you will miss out on others.

Then why wait? Why not simply get to Amazon Prime and watch the show starting today? We assure it’s worth your time. Have a great watch.

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