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monster anime where to watch
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Monster Anime is a Japanese Manga that is quite a captivating psychological thriller. The manga has been illustrated and written by the known writer Naoki Urasawa. The best part of this manga is that you will also find herein mysteries uncovered and the development of the character themes. Within the anime, there are in total 74 episodes which at first might seem a drag, but with the story picking up the pace does captivate the audience. But an important question to ask herein is, where to watch monster anime?

Where there are a lot of legal ways to watch anime. The anime has also been streaming on Amazon Prime and Netflix in Japan and North America. In some of the countries, anime is also available on Viz Media. The catch herein is, one needs to be a part of the countries which have been approved to watch the given series legally. So, it might become questionable about where to watch it, if you do not belong to either of these countries.

Well, considering the above, this article will provide complete information about monster anime where to watch. Just give a read further to know more.

Is Monster Anime on Amazon Prime

If you are wondering where to watch monster the anime and whether or not it is available on Amazon, the answer to it is that the anime is available on Amazon Prime. However, it is just available for the United States (English audio) and Japanese fans who can stream all of the 5 seasons available therein.

As per the reviews, the series is quite well, and the videos too are of quality. Amazon also has the DVD version- Series part 1. For some of the viewers, it can seem to be a little pricey, but for anyone watching the anime outside the United States, they might find it a suitable option as the anime is not accessible outside it. However, as per the specifications of the DVD, they might not work in all DVD formats. So, one needs to check specifications properly before purchasing the same.

If in case this option doesn’t seem to be working for you, you can try the other available choices too. We have made sure to discuss all other choices to watch monster anime in the below-mentioned sub-heads. All you need to do is, download the app or visit the official website and binge-watch the amazing show.

Is Monster Anime on Netflix

Netflix is a known streaming service provider. It has been published by Viz Media for the viewers of North America, including Canada, to watch (it produces only for the market of North America). All the 74 episodes are available for the fans to watch in North America, legally. Initially, only 15 episodes were released by Viz Media but seeing the demand; all the episodes are now made available on streaming devices since 2011, June 20th.

The anime has received a very good reception within the market of the United States, and with the fans based in North America, the anime was also nominated for Eisner Award. So, for anyone looking forward to watching monster anime, look at T+ for the teens on Netflix.

One will be able to get the uncut series which is based upon the graphic novel manga. It has a TV-MA rating, and for the watchers of non-Japanese countries, there are subtitles provided on the screen. The best part of watching this anime on one of the most popular movies and web series streaming service providers is that the quality is much better than any other platform, including Hulu. Probably this is why Viz Media made a decision to go with this streaming platform.

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Is Monster Anime on Crunchyroll?

For anyone wondering about monster anime where to watch, well, the anime is not available on Crunchyroll. This website is known for offering many anime series, but they do not have the series/videos available on the website. There are fans of the show who keep talking about the anime therein. It is like different series of scenes discussion forums, where anyone can join and be a part of this.

Viz Media is known for distributing series, but just like some other websites, they haven’t been able to get to Crunchyroll yet. A lot of speculation also has been there considering that the series would be available therein soon enough after the website merges with the Sony pictures Funimation.

Herein on the website, one will be able to find the specific library which is meant for discussion of the anime. There is also a library wherein the pictures have been posted displaying the scenes and characters. Well, within this active forum, as of now, there are in total 175 posts and more than 400 fans.

The website has also had around 1000 comments wherein the fans discuss not just the original book but also the show. There are also some blog posts and articles available therein for the Monster anime, but as of now, there are no uploads made of the series videos on the website. However, we can hope to see it soon with the merger of it with Sony Pictures Funimation.

Is Monster Anime on Funimation

Funimation is also one of the biggest anime streaming platforms. Anyone looking to watch monster anime might soon get to watch it in here after the platform merges with Crunchyroll. However, this was just speculation, and as of now, even after the merger, the anime is still not available on the website.

The Monster Anime isn’t available on the online platform of Funimation, but the channel did show this series through Sony pictures on television. 

One can find a lot of animated movies and web series herein on Funimation. They also have some other anime series that have been offered by Viz Media, including Death Note, but this streaming platform service is not available out there in all of the countries. So, if one is living outside the places including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Ireland, New Zealand, Brazil, you will not be able to get the services of Funimation, even if they start streaming the Monster Anime here.

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Where to Watch Monster Anime Legally?

For anyone questioning where to watch monster anime legally, Amazon Prime and Netflix are the 2 popular and legal platforms where one can stream and watch the anime online. Viewers can even use the services of the licensed distributor for watching monster anime through the approved platform, including Viz Media Online. 

This anime is very rarely uploaded on the online platform, but at times, it is shown through television networks. You can watch it on Nippon Television. Apart from this, there are some other networks, too, including Chiller, Funimation Channel, and Syfy.

If by any chance you are living in the country of the local release, you can even get the book or the DVD of it. 

The 74 episodes of the anime are also available on YouTube with English Subtitles, and some claims say that the upload has been made by the channels that belong to a licensed distributor.

It is very difficult to find one place where you can watch monster anime in good quality. Many of the websites have uploaded the anime, but the quality of it is very poor. You will be quite lucky to get a 1080p resolution. One another issue is that the anime is uploaded in Japanese, and it doesn’t have English audio or subtitles.

About Monster Anime

Even though there are no monsters within this anime, there does exist one which is much deadlier than the nightmares. This monster was created because of the different perceptions of what is seen within society. 

These are the ones who are normal human beings, but they are able to see the difference that exists between bad and good, darkness and light, death and life, in a very clear manner, and they by no means seem to agree with this society.

Talking about the story, the Monster Anime is about the young and talented neurosurgeon Dr. Kenzo Tenma who was living his life and working in one of Germany’s hospitals. 

He was well-respected for the skills he had and envied by peers. Furthermore, he was also engaged to the daughter of the director of the hospital. Everything was fine until that one day when a very little boy was brought into the hospital with a serious head injury together with his sister (twin), and it was an aftermath of the family massacre. 

Now Kenzo was under a dilemma when the superiors in the hospital asked him to abort the surgery of the boy and do the surgery of the mayor, who was brought in quite later. 

Moving through the tough decision, considering how for him, all lives were equal, he saved the life of the little boy. 

As a result of this, his career gets ruined, and even his engagement breaks. The downward spiral, began the night when he was out in the cold, all drunk, and the twins, they vanished from the hospital, and the superiors were dead. Now what happens next is a must to watch ahead. So, do not wait. Go ahead.

Is Monster Anime worth watching?

Is monster anime worth watching
Is monster anime worth watching

Without a doubt, the answer is Yes. Go watch Monster Anime. This is an amazing watch that has been rooted in realism. It is one true artwork wherein the animation style might seem a bit old, but the direction has well-taken care of it all. 

The complete set of it is amazing, and the architecture and culture style has been depicted right with some background reflection of the reality in detail, showing the history of the real world. 

Even the soundtracks herein at places will give you a shiver, considering how the episodes have been full of twists and unexpected turns. Just do not skip anything and enjoy the amazing storytelling with the best character development within the dark and realism of the scenes, which makes it all nothing but extraordinary.

Why is Monster Anime underrated?

There can be many reasons for the underrating received by the anime. First can be the animation style, due to which many viewers avoid the anime totally. Secondly, it can also be it being slow-paced anime which anyone watching Code Geass or Death Note, the 2 fast-paced anime, wouldn’t prefer to watch it at all and will drop the anime. 

Next, the anime is also self-explanatory, finding small details and much more. But whatever may be the reason for you to skip this anime for the first time, do not skip it anymore. Go for it and see what change of perspective you get through the same.

Final Words

Hope this article was able to provide complete information about the “monster anime where to watch” topic. We have discussed above all the legal means to watch the anime. If you have found out any more websites/applications wherein the legal uploads have been made, do reach out to us with the information. 

We will love to share it around so that the fans of the monster anime can watch all the episodes therein without any trouble. But if not, just refer to the above-said websites/applications and enjoy.

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