Was the Academy In On Sacha Baron Cohen’s Prank on Ryan Seacrest | Reel Movie Nation

Would any award show be complete without Sacha Baron Cohen’s outrageous characters? After several days of dispute on whether or not Cohen would receive entry into Hollywood’s biggest night, the jokester himself pulled a prank only few could get away with.

The prank began as Cohen took to the red carpet as his title character of his upcoming film, The Dictator. And despite the recent news surrounding the possibility of Cohen’s absence from this year’s Academy Awards, according to the Chicago Tribune, his appearance was planned in advance and Sacha was granted permission from the Academy to attend. So how in the hell did Sacha get away with having an urn which contained the “ashes” of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il? You’d think that’d be the first thing security would check before allowing Sacha on the red carpet.

Nevertheless, he made his way with two beautiful ladies attached to his side and a huge golden urn in his hands. During an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Sacha took advantage of the opportunity and dumped ‘ashes’ all over Seacrest’s suit for the night. Within seconds Academy COO Ric Robertson and a security guard were on Sacha like ants on laffy-taffy. Taking a look back on the clip, it’s funny how everything timed out. It’s as if they knew Sacha was up to something.