Reel Movie Nation – Warner Bros. Prepares for ‘Clash of the Titans 3′

If it’s up to Warner Bros. Pictures the Titans will clash for a third time. Did we need to see them clash for a second time? Well, I’ll leave that to you all.

The studio, which is currently in post-production stage of the second film, titled Wrath of the Titans, is already in the developing stages for the third installment inspired by the popular Greek mythology. Lets keep in mind that Wrath of the Titans doesn’t hit theaters till March 30th, 2012.

Dan Mazeau, David Leslie Johnson, Steven Knight and Greg Berlanti, who all had some part in the writing process for Wrath, have been hired on to develop and write the treatment for the third film, which will in fact continue the adventures of Perseus with Sam Worthington and much of the original cast still attached.

Clash of the Titans, directed by Louis Leterrier raked in $163 million domestically and $330 million worldwide. Looks like the money was enough to keep the studio satisfied, despite the film being slammed by both theater goers and movie critics.

To begin working on the third film before Wrath of the Titans‘ opening weekend is a bold move by the studio. If Warner Bros. has enough faith in their production team despite the damage done to the franchise by first film, then I say go with it. However, because of Clash of the Titans poor performance, it may take a little more than just word of mouth to get people back in the theater.