Video of the Day: Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend

katieholland December 17, 2012 0
Video of the Day: Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 6.27.42 PMHave you ever wondered what your pets would be like if they were humans? What if some of their more annoying traits were being acted out by one of your friends instead of an animal? Would you still think of them as a friend?

Well the people of have thrown together a few clips to demonstrate this very idea. Included are some hilariously true demonstrations of dog loyalty and cat pride. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud, just as I did, at the weirdly realistic take on our furry friends.

While it’s clear that this was made by dog lovers, the portrayal of the feline friend is an exaggerated take on the reality of owning one and the tribulations one must go through in order to please a cat. Sometimes your friends might question the attraction of a feline based on their somewhat off-putting behaviors, but come on, look how entertaining they are!

Cat-Friend VS Dog-Friend