Two New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Clips: Gwen & Peter Get Intimate | Reel Movie Nation

Yesterday and this morning, Sony Entertainment released two new clips from Marc Webb’s anticipated summer flick, The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans. At the rate Sony keeps releasing these new TV spots, featurettes, 4 minute previews and clips, by next week we’ll be able to piece together the entire movie. Nonetheless, releasing more and more footage seems to be a trend nowadays; it certainly didn’t hurt The Avengers or Snow White & the Huntsman. In fact Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is the only film that has yet to  succumb to the trend.

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Peter Parker VS Flash Thompson

I‘m a fan of basketball, and I’m also a fan of superheroes. However, the two together in the same scene has been done before (e.g., Catwoman, X-men, etc.) Overkill. The first clip, released yesterday, features Peter Parker boldly challenging basketball jock Flash Thompson. Known for his fast moves on the court, Thompson can’t seem to take the ball away from Parker, who’s having one hell of a time making a fool of the jock with his newly discovered powers. It’s a fun scene showcasing what any normal high schooler would do if given the chance. And to those who believe the scene’s bit cheesy: Spider-Man has always been a bit cheesy and comical. Sure the film will try to paint a darker story than Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man flicks, but Webb appears to understand how to balance comedy and drama. Check out the clip below and let us know your thoughts.