Twilight Movies in Order: Correct Order to Watch

Twilight Movies in Order
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Twilight is one of the best movies ever made, based on vampires. Starring Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson, the storyline herein follows the romance evolution between Edward Cullen, the vampire, and Bella Swan, the teenager. 

The movie also shows how Edward’s family makes their best attempt from keeping Bella completely safe from the malevolent coven of the vampire. In short and simple words, the entire series is amazing, and there are in total 5 twilight movies in order for you to watch. 

There have been some concerns regarding the movies of Twilight, but people have found their way for reconnecting back to the series with a completely new and fresh perspective. 

So, if in case you are one of such persons and you are willing to follow the twilight movie order, follow this guide and get all the information from here. Give a read further to know more.

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Twilight Movies in Order to Watch

If you wish to have the best of the best, just make sure to follow the sequence and leave the rest to time. We have ensured to provide some important details about the Twilight series in the below-mentioned sub-topics. 

Just makes sure to follow it, and we assure you your fun will be much more, and you will not miss any bit of the storyline. Hopefully, the article will help in understanding the complete movie concept.

Even though the movie received a lot of negativities when it was on-screen in 2008, it was regarded to be one of the popular media pieces, which might not be the artwork, but for sure, it is worth the watch. In order to get more information about the series future, ensure to keep reading ahead.

1. Twilight (2008)

Twilight movie order
Twilight movie 2008

Released in the year 2008, the movie provides an understanding of the story and how Edward and Bella met, and how the other ends of the story developed. From friendship to love, from fights to a beautiful prom, unfortunate events to intriguing stories. Everything is covered within this movie, which will keep you connected to the content.

The movie has quite an amazing way to disclose to Bella that Edward is a vampire. But the question is how well she took the news and what happens next? Of course, how can we forget her friend Jacob who first talked to her about the cold beings? 

The story development is great, and so, if you planning to skip on to the movie, you will be puzzled about a lot of things.

2. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

The Twilight Saga New Moon (2009)
The Twilight Saga New Moon (2009)

Endangering your beloved’s life, well, who would want the same? None for sure, and neither did Edward. So, instead of doing something otherwise, he simply forsakes her and then departs. 

This was the time when Jacob came out to be the comfort for Bella. Believe us when we say that this part of the Twilight series will stay with you forever. 

With Bella being left alone with Jacob, who for sure was there the whole time. Considering it, the upcoming story development can show a lot of insecurity & fear of being affected because of the liability that arises to the vampires; all of it for sure will be fun to watch. Not planning on giving the spoilers, so it is best if we move on to the next within the twilight series in order.

3. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

The Twilight Saga Eclipse (2010)
The Twilight Saga Eclipse (2010)

Of course, Twilight is about love and vampires, but there is also a lot of haunting and fear within. In this movie, amidst the Twilight movies in order, Victoria, a furious vampire, was seen haunting Bella. 

In amidst all of it, Bella was also compelled for dealing with the graduation and also the critical decision that comes between friendship and love.

This movie will help in exploring the plot point, which was a part of the 1st movie’s end. All of the events herein will bring forward a lot to deal with in the life of Bella, like the group finding out that Victoria was assembling the newborn vampires’ army. In finding out all of this, visions of Alice did prove out to be useful.

So, in case if one is willing to skip on to every other movie of the franchise and is just willing to watch this particular one, well, surely it will be worth watching. The best part is that you will be greeted with the pleasant surprises that are a part of this movie. 

Apart from this, in between the actual fight and the prep, one will be able to explore a lot of themes that were set in 2nd movie while getting to know a bit about the past of Rosalie and the story behind her becoming a vampire. In simple words, go ahead and take a watch over this one and do not skip.

4. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (2011)

Twilight movies in order
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

When the hearts unite, and they get with one another together, well, Breaking Dawn- Part 1 in the Twilight movie series is about the same. The movie also shows Bella to be pregnant with the baby, who is half-human and a half-vampire. 

Further, this unborn infant has got a lot of threats from the world outside as for them, the child was probably the danger, and they weren’t willing to risk their lives for and Bella alongside Edward, they fought hard to ensure the safety of the baby.

In this movie, even Jacob returns while Bella still remains to be human. When Jacob gets to know about the plans of the outsiders trying to kill the baby, he does become furious after all the act as such would kill Bella. 

Furthermore, with the storyline going ahead, Bella is also seen refusing to terminate the pregnancy. So, now what happens next with the deteriorating health of Bella and her ongoing pregnancy, the movie is truly an amazing watch.

5. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012)

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn – Part 2
The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn – Part 2

The last within the Twilight movie order is this. Believe it when we say, it will be real-difficult to forget the end. As per the fans, part 2 is one of the best movies the franchise could get. It was a perfect combination of heartbreaks startling, and it was completely filled up with a wide emotional range.

It is in this movie that one gets to know that the daughter of Bella, Renesmee is in great shape and is happily living her life. Further, one will also see that herein, Volturi got misinformed about the fact that Renesmee was immortal, and this is where they planned to kill the culprit as well as the child altogether. The movie shows a lot of conflict within the series, and the end of it is quite emotional wherein Alice’s vision points towards a beautiful future which all of them are going to have together. 

How many Twilight movies are there?

Twilight Saga- film series consists of in total 5 vampire-themed movies which are fantasy films. These movies are based upon a novel by a famous writer named Stephenie Meyer. 

The movie starring some best cast did make a lot of billions worldwide, and people were happy to accept it as a part of their lives and entertainment. Starting in 2008, the Twilight movies continued to release till 2012, and be it cinematography or the music or the editing, all of it has been perfectly done here to give the feeling of cold and romance and the drama which gets built up with the series working just as it was meant to be. Till now the makers have released 5 Twilight movies in order for viewers to watch.  In simple terms, it is a perfect entertainment package which for sure one should not miss on to at all.

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Where to watch Twilight movies in order?

Considering the worldwide recognition the Twilight Saga got, the movie is supposed to be on every single available platform, but we all know that isn’t possible. But there are some of the platforms which can be used by you to watch twilight movies in order.

The movies are available on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney, YouTube, Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, Tubi, IMDb TV, and Peacock. 

The series is for sure available on the above-mentioned platforms; however, note that there are restrictions on these platforms. So, if you are able to watch a certain movie in America, the same might not be available in India. However, this issue can be sorted out by using a VPN for fixing it. 

If you are considering watching the entire series, and do not wish to have any concerns in between, check out the platforms as said above to see if they are available for use on your laptop or phone in the given region of your stay. If not, use the VPN and have a great watch.

Final Words

Hope the information provided above was useful for you and you were able to find a reason to watch the entire series (if not watched yet) again. 

Just figure out the best way to watch it and go on a nice weekend with some popcorn and snacks in your room. 

Do not miss out on either of the movies as the stories are connected, and leaving one behind will risk you not being able to understand the others. 

So, take your time, watch these amazing Twilight movies in order, and till then, we will come up with some more interesting movies article in the line. Happy Binging!

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