Top 10 Occult Movies List for Horror Movies Lover 2021

Top 10 Occult Movies List in 2021
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An impossible task, a discussion over Occult, seems as such. For any attempt which is being made either to analyze, trying to figure out the hidden context, nature and the secret are at their worst.

Even though there have been some amazing Friday nights with the local television broadcasting the horror movies endless parade, there still there exists an idea in head, “it isn’t occultic or might be they represent it partially. But guess the recent movies have worked out the magic through it, more than the old ones.

The new movies have given the context and dark music a line to run parallel and to create that mysterious realm better than before.

So, based on it, this article discusses a list of Occultism movies that have made their way and stand on the top of the list to have a horror show for the next Friday. Grab some popcorns and a seat. Let the classics have a chance to cast the spell and get you stunned.

Top 10 Best Occult Movies, You Can Watch

Believe it or not, but sometimes it is the horror that comforts us with the answers about the unknown. It might be somewhat representative, but for an occultist, it has another level of meaning. Based on the idea, to get the authenticity from the films of occult horror, the compiled list below will resonate the truth; even if it is imagery, it will reflect upon the art quite well.

1. Virgin Witch

Virgin Witch Movie
Virgin Witch Movie

This British movie from 1972 brings forward a tale of the young model who gets tempted by the country estate. All seems fine until it comes up the witches’ coven, intending to use her as a part of their virgin sacrifice. This film, like any other film, is completely filled with sex and nudity.

However, there is something that sets it apart, and it is the story according to which awakens up a titular witch into her power. The aspects are different from the story of The Witch, but it does bring out the tale of female empowerment combined with the occult and its thrill.

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2. The Devil Rides Out

The Devil Rides Out movie
The Devil Rides Out movie

Fighting the evil forces, Christopher Lee herein this movie plays the role of Duc de Richleau, a role totally different from his usual ones played in other ones, i.e., a villain. He brings forward the same kind of relish as he moves ahead to keep the show going.

Lee here gets to know about the women who fall under satanic cult clutches, who plan to execute her soon, but the hero here is all set and completely determined to stop this from happening.

The movie, it’s a show of ritual magic that is used for fighting evil and working evil. Lee knows well to deal and to fight with the satanic cult on the same level with the spells uncovered.

Believe it or not, but this horror is one classic from the occult cinema and still stands on the list of one of a kind.

3. Incubus

incubus movie 1966
incubus movie 1966

It is a movie from 1966 that holds an extraordinary legacy and a history. Starring Williams Shatner, it was filmed in the Esperanto language, and as the rumor says, the movie and the crew had a curse, and for many years, its existence of the movie was totally lost.

Set in one of the remote villages, Incubus depicts a well and its water with healing properties. It is when the wounded young soldier enters the town to seek help when he got to know that the village was also teemed up with evil forces and demons.

Then what, he got himself into a battle which was upon his life and his soul. The terror moments, due to the otherworldly atmosphere, are completely abound, and definitely, this movie is a great watch from history.

4. Eye of the Devil

Eye of the Devil movie
Eye of the Devil movie

In the history of the occult, the Eye of the Devil is known to have the best cast and a quality script. It has one of the best stories and some dynamic performances, which won’t let one hold out of their interest.

The movie depicts a wealthy landowner, a role played by David Niven, who is called to the estates, where he owned a vineyard, that seemed to be a failure with time.

The mystery continues as the viewers get to know that his whole trip is completely secretive and neither does he have any discussions with his wife about the family heritage, from where the estate was acquired by him.

This movie is quite a shocker, and it starts when the landowner’s wife and children, in spite of his wishes, arrive at the place and find the atmosphere and hosts, i.e., a witch and her brother, quite unwelcoming.

The hosts make sure to do everything in power to drive them away by ruining their entire experience. But what happens next is something much to look forward to.

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5. The Craft

The Craft movie
The Craft movie

As a mainstream film, this movie would be called a big success. The script centers around complete true-to-life witchcraft. It is a story about the 4 students from high school who used to practice Wicca, and as the story continues, one would find themselves getting a touch of teenage drama, horror and moral fable partly for the young witches.

The Craft is a movie that would provide not even a bit of enjoyment only to a true curmudgeon. The movie might not provide everything accurately, but it definitely has some great material, which is enough for resonating up with the practicing witches (Wiccans in particular).

6. Vampyr

Vampyr movie 1932
Vampyr movie 1932

In the history of cinema, this movie is known as a classic masterpiece, based on vampiric literature. It is known to be one of the earliest in the list of vampire films that examines a young man experiences who is seen playing the character of the occult student.

The student continues his studies but later is found to wade a little way more into the study and fall under the supernatural entity spell.

An important fact about this movie is, one would find it difficult to shake away the other feelings of the world that haunts.

Even though this movie has some vagueness feels like a documentary, and there is difficulty with audio (techniques for it were still in progress to be perfected), the end result is a total miracle.

7. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me movie
Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me movie

This series by David Lynch and Mark Frost might not be that familiar with the witchcraft, devil worship and spells version, but it did bring out the hidden laws and some of the supernatural realities which do shape our daily events. Here, in the Twin Peaks town, every character had their own occult side to the personal lives that get exposed to the narrative’s progress.

The series on the effects of evil gives an unflinching look and provides a better explanation of nature and the origin of it. Herein, the evil gets personified and is presented as having a powerful influence that lurks on society’s outskirts and can also find a way amidst our loved ones, giving them a grotesquely change.

In simple terms, the movie is like a movie that can help the viewers recognize the importance of purity of heart and also the importance of respecting the power of the dark force surrounding the world. 


The VVitch movie
The VVitch movie

Released in 2016, this movie is said to have a transformative satanic experience. Undoubtedly one would get a transcendental rush at the final sequences here.

The story was set in New England in the 17th century; the movie has clearly portrayed a puritan family’s disintegration. The family was banished from the village as they disagreed over the Gospels’ faithful and pure dispensation. They wish to create a new life in the new world, but slowly things change when the dark forces slide in slow.

The movie reflects a painstaking detail and brings the viewers to give a closer look into the godforsaken world, where the spirits come up with games, the crops get spoiled, and the family goat is seen to be the adversary.

The VVITCH is a 93 minutes package of superstition, religious oppression, the devil, patriarchy and traditional witchcraft that combinedly brings up an oppressive horror and darkness.

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9. Haxan

haxan movie
haxan movie

A watch from 1922, this movie delivers the promises of its title. The movie teaches lessons by showing the relation of historical facts with the hysteria & superstition examinations, which relates to witchcraft.

Haxan might give a feel of the documentary, but at places, it intends to terrify its viewers. It helps tackle through the mental illness as an issue and also from religious excess, that contributed towards the bygone ages witch hunts.

The movie’s production quality is second to none. The movie is not just known to give a freshness of ideas but also brings forward educational and some relevant stuff.

10. The Blood On Satan’s Claw

The Blood On Satan’s Claw movie
The Blood On Satan’s Claw movie

The movie was made in 1971 and has been set in the 18th century. It shows rural England and tries to examine an intersection as well as the collision of paganism, reasons, Christianity and superstitions. 

Herein the movie, the village gets imposed by the evil forces. The children of the village were seen to be much more susceptible to being allured as the evil forces; they were providing freedom from the church and community oppressiveness.

Even the atmosphere of the movie gives a total edge and leaves the views stunned with the Devil roaming around the land and the witches grooving secretly and trying to attend the services of day church.



Q.1 What is Occult?

The occult is known as the supernatural belief and practices category. It brings forward spirituality. Mysticism, magic, all as a part of the other world. Some also believe it to be non-religious ideas of the supernatural, like having parapsychology, extra-sensory and perception.

Q.2 When did the first occult movie release?

The depictions of the supernatural were seen in the late 1890s, and Le Manoir du Diable (The Haunted Castle) from 1896 is said to be the earliest supernatural work of 2 ½ minutes.

Q.3 Top 5 upcoming occult movies?

Morbius, the new mutants, Antlers, Relic, Amulet, are the top 5 upcoming occult movies.

Q.4 Best Occult Movie of all time?

From 1922 to Haxan, a movie directed by Benjamin Christensen about the witchcraft evolution is known to be the best occult movie of all time. It portrayed the most occult elements on the screen.

Q.5 Most watched Occult movies of all time?

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, based on popularity, is known as the most-watched occult movie of all time. The list also includes the above-mentioned, which one can choose to have a great watch.

Final Words

Hope the above-mentioned movies will thrill, surprise, and give a pinch of horror and thoughtfulness at the same time. The list has been designed based on the watch and the reviews received from people who did experience total goosebumps after watching the movies, as said.

However, if you still unsure and believe that the one you watched is the real horror, give it a try to the list, and surely, regret wouldn’t be the word of choice. Just make sure not to watch alone if you have a weak heart. Have a great weekend full of amazing surprises of what next might come up from the supernatural category.

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