10 Amazing Mind Bending Movies To Watch In September 2021

Top 10 Mind-Bending Movies
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Targeting the brain of the audience, the mind-bending movies get one along with the abstract mysteries.

Sometimes, during the final moments, it even pulls up the rug below the audience or takes them into a journey that is totally spiraling dream-like.

Not all films can do so, and the mysteries brought forward here, through mind-bending movies, they do have the capability to get up and down, creating a scene like no other.

Based upon how these thriller scenes continue along, this article has been prepared to examine best from the sub-genre, that holds an exclusive position.

Be prepared for what you are about to read, as for these are above and beyond interesting, taking one into an amazing journey of thrill

Top 10 Mind-Bending Movies to Watch in 2021

Everyone loves a psychological thriller movie until it creates suspense and maintains the amount of interest it is required to hold from the end of the viewers.

These movies, they generally do not appear to be what they claim for but for the ones which do, they get the audience to go wow.

This is why the below picks of the mind-bending movies, we assure one would love to watch (Netflix binge or even host a party) without a doubt.

1. Mind Game

Mind Game, Mind Bending Movies

Fascination with confusion as a combo in the movies is like the tradition of Anime.

In the mid-2000’s effort that has been brought out, definitely, it is one serious one to manifest the category and to provide what seems appropriate to the same.

The movie here is about Nishi, an aspiring manga artist.

He was dorky and his infatuation with the high school crush, leads him towards a totally crazy journey, bringing him ending up in varied spaces, like a gangster’s car, a whale belly, and alike.

By all means, herein the director tries to shed some worth over the thematics and concepts altogether and it all feels much more schizophrenic due to the flippant animations style (hand-drawn floaty to the CGI) continuously.

It is great to see that he did manage to be hilarious and maintains the adventure touch, which definitely was weird but interesting.

2. Primer

Primer movie 2004

In the Sci-fi genre, refreshingly mature take or unnecessary complication and boring direct, different viewers have different opinions here.

All can be true but the Primer movie does bring up a totally gripping mind puzzle shedding light upon the subject’s high concept gloss in the bare examination (stripped), of how one would build the time machine realistically and what dire repercussions one can have.

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Well, the plot here by Shane Carruth was difficult to be followed.

Not to comment whether or not the plot was dense unnecessarily but the work got satisfying for the audience with the third act taking over power and unraveling the plot which was amazingly whip-smart especially for the time travel mechanics.

3. A Cure for Wellness

A Cure for Wellness movie Mind Bending Movies

The Magic Mountain, by Thomas Mann, this is what this a cure for wellness movie is based on.

It is one of the psychological horrors that revolves around a rehabilitation center which seems to be quite mysterious.

This center was located in the Swiss Alps for the wealthy and this is where Lockhart, the Financial Executive is sent for retrieving the CEO who made a decision to stay there.

But the story takes a turn when Lockhart gets into the car accident and that makes him the patient at the same rehabilitation center, where he finds a lot of mystery as well as some questionable practices going around.

4. The Invitation

The Invitation movie

This movie doesn’t seem to scare the person away.

The end though might definitely make someone think again before going to the dinner party they get invited to Eden, ex-wife of Will invites him and his girlfriend to the dinner party.

Eden’s husband David was also there.

The plot shows that it was because of the death of Eden and Will’s young son, the grief of which Eden wasn’t able to cope with and it all caused their marriage to fall apart.

It gets complicated when Will finds out about his wife having found one of the support groups to help her with her grief but then he also sees some signs which cause him to suspect the plans of the group.

What happens next is the one thing to look forward to.

5. Inception

Inception movie Mind Bending Movies

The movie has many traits which are common in the Christopher Nolan films.

It also will get one confused as to what exactly is really in there and what isn’t.

Oh wait, so is it just in the head?

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Inception is an action film falling under the science fiction genre and is one amazing mind-bender.

In here stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Dominick Cobb and he is seen to be extracting information from the subconscious of people (through dreams) performing some kind of corporate espionage.

He receives opportunities and to do it, he has to work through the right team.

It is totally interesting to watch his role in there.

6. Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch movie

This movie received some mixed reviews and has more than what the people have just connected the same with (i.e., Violence and gratuitous sex).

Zack Snyder has made sure to paint one dreary picture herein, where the stepfather, he frames the girl for her sister’s death and declares her mentally insane.

But then as she seems to be in her last few days, she just makes sure to escape from reality and gets into a world of imagination.

Starring Emily Browning, this movie is totally filled with adventure and fantasies and the quest of a girl towards the asylum escape.

7. Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game movie

A movie inspired by Stephen king 1992 Novel is one mind-bending film.

This movie shows the descent of a woman into madness.

Well, what we see ahead is she being tied up all alone in the lake house, which is completely isolated.

She faces the worst of her demons, which actually plague her life.

In this movie, Jessie and Gerald both try to rekindle their boring sex life.

They were meant to spend a weekend in the forest in that isolated house.

What comes next is a start for sexual pleasure but an end to fear and death where Jessie remains trapped on the bed all tied up, and she starts to have some hallucinations.

Demons, worst of it, she did face worst of it next in this amazing watch.

8. Circle

Circle movie 2017

This movie is totally different from the one released in 2017.

Here one would find 50 unknown actors cast within the film, and the movie is meant to help them with their feeling of randomness and realism.

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It is one of the psychological horror-thriller films that takes place in one room and brings forward a lot of conflicts where every single one of the 50 people tries to survive.

A lot of social dilemmas come up, but then every single one of the participants realizes they deserve the right to be alive.

9. Lost Highway

Lost Highway movie

This movie is a crime thriller, and one can even connect it as one of the closest works of David Lynch of straight horror, Twin Peaks.

There is this one saxophonist severely depressed trying to save the crumbling marriage, but then things get wild once the murder plot comes in.

Wound up to a twisty road; this film brings forward frustration and fascination with Lynch, who is trying to dive into his obsessions of tragic love, doom-ladened fate, and alike.

The movie has a very sensible plot at first, but then things changed as the movie moves towards like a dream or a nightmare operating with its own logic and rules and making the movie one of the strangest ones.

10. Enemy

Enemy movie

The plot of this movie is quite confusing and full of surreal twists. The professor gets to discover the doppelganger who tries to take his life and then bed his wife.

It sounds a bit rhyming, and this one movie is full of weird sex, the giant spiders, and some car crashes, providing the view was a completely dumbfounding experience.

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Some of the viewers might not be able to make the head and tail of the movie in just one view.

Believe it when it is said, this movie has quite an unpredictable narrative, but it’s good for the viewers that there are a better direction and performance of characters.

Final Words

Hope the above list was enough to get through the craze of watching mind-bending movies.

It is not just interesting, but the way the directors work towards bringing out the plot is again one great thing to note herein.

These movies, they are love and for one who has a sense of thrill in the head, go start today without a wait.

Watch them and lookout for more.

The world is full of surprises, after all.

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