The Road Movie – A Film Made from Dash Cam Footage

The Road movie, a film made with some interesting devices like dashcams & security cameras, is a documentary film, first released in 2016. Dmitry Kalashnikov is the one who put together this Russian film, which comes with the subject to show the actuality of Russians, who are subject to the world’s highest accident rates. The movie is a creepily ominous one, in which even when people do not understand what’s being talked amidst the characters, and the noticeable emotions provide a complete context as to the happenings.

Definitely dash cams and the other security cameras, which are world-famous today, interesting devices that can project HD image, showing everything under focus. These devices capture the thrills which occur in our society and are termed as unmemorable. It includes any action, or activity, or even disaster, which leaves an imprint and are helpful for people who have unrealistic memories. All these incidents and accidents, which are riveting and a thrilling experience holder is what gets offered by these cameras’ spontaneity. Indeed, these cameras are to be explored a lot by the Indie movies, as for the opportunity they hold in filmmaking.

Getting back to the movie, it’s raw, and most importantly, it feels real. It holds a thrill and that increasing tension, which regular movies fail to achieve.

road movie

The road film or the documentary it starts providing a structure and context and then provides a series of recordings, like the videos compiled on YouTube does. As to the soundscape, the roadway’s constant hum and the inhabitants are enough to provide it, between those snow-covered trees and the country’s road line.

Small bumps, avoiding cows, fire cuts with brutal overturns, real ends which are hard-hitting, those head-on collisions and the drives which through the wildfires are panic-induced, by all means, on every step, on every next moment, the heart skips a beat faster than the last one.

Even without any additional content of music (apart from ones playing through driver’s radio), any kind of voice-overs or the text, visual effects, editing apart from simple and little bit cuts, this movie will care thrill and a creepy feel with skipping heart, with every minute of it moving ahead. To be precise, it’s the driver’s voice that would get one out of the scene and back to a feeling of humanity that does exist in the movie.

Emotions remain heightened, and one can feel the extreme nervousness of the woman who watches her husband make a drive-through that smoke-filled path that was surrounded by the wildfire. She says, “Stay in the middle!” Her insisting power can be seen when a husband avoids the fallen tree, which was flame engulfed, avoids it, and tries to move ahead without being affected.

Dmitry in the road movie has done an amazing editing job. Every single head collision here seems to be fatal, but the best part is, none dies. The best of compilation around accidents, the everyday tasks, and the roads, which are dangerous enough to cause serious accidents in Russia, has been showcased in a very realistic way, which the viewers can watch, sitting within the home’s comfort. Now that doesn’t mean they do not feel as while watching; the heart stays at a place where the comfort is lost, and the mind gets deeply focused on what’s coming next.

A fully-featured road film for a “No Miss”

The worst of traits of mankind through the camera recorded footage has been shown within the road film. Even though it is something that is sick and unnatural, this movie is a perfect compilation of footage from the dash camera. Russia, this is where the complete recording took place because this is the place where the accident takes place in the majority.

Dashcams became popular in the US, and all of the rage, arrogance, downright ineptitude, fear, all of it can be captured through these cameras and have been perfectly shown in the road film. One will be panicked, just like the people who are part of those videos, and all we can watch and wait and pray is for their well-being, for their safe drive, and for their lives to be saved. Well, this is the extent of reality one gets to see here without the superheroes to save the people, as for here, these people are the ones who can truly save themselves.

Russia, as we know, has the high accident rates, but the best part is, they can even afford the technology available like the dash cams. These dashcams comes under $100 price range and at the same time, they are equipped with advanced security features to maintain safety of your car. It helps make insurance claims easy and put forward strongly. It is the roads that are covered with ice, the slippery place, and the thick smog, which makes driving conditions difficult. For those who are not aware of such important things, they might get caught on roads and get into difficult situations. This is what has been depicted through the road film, which is a clear indication of interesting but mystery-filled driving experiences.

The movie can be frustrating at places due to some open ends like the women following the taxi in which she forgets her belongings, but the end, we don’t know the end. Even after some loose ends, the compilation of the road movie, it’s an entertainment package, full of some controversies and that spark for one to watch the happening, without warning of the next.

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