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If you say that space travel isn’t the least bit intriguing, you’re only lying to yourself. There’s just no way that black holes, galaxies, the life and death of stars, and Planet of the Apes doesn’t, at the very least, make you wonder.

With little knowledge of the vastness of our solar system and beyond, we meager humans are left to wonder in our own imaginations down here on the 3rd rock from the sun. For this reason alone pretty much any movie that incorporates space exploration is going to raise some eyebrows.

A Plot Under Wraps

Enter the new science fiction film from Ecuadorian director Sebastian Cordero, The Europa Report, featuring Sharlto Copley (District 9) alongside Michael Nyqvist (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), Daniel Wu (The Man With the Iron Fists), Anamaria Marinca (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days), Christian Camargo (The Hurt Locker), and Karolina Wydra (Crazy, Stupid, Love).

Little information has been released on the film since its first appearance in the public eye about a year ago. But it has been revealed that the film will tell the story of several astronauts traveling to Europa, one of Jupiter’s 60+ moons, on a hunt for extraterrestrial life.

Judging by the trailer, The Europa Report looks like a found footage film; it even has its own “corporate website” featured at the end of the trailer: EuropaVenturesllc.com. Although the website requires logins to get to any of the liked pages, marketing tactics like this definitely help gain extra attention to these “true story” films.

The Found Footage “Phenomenon”

Unfortunately, The Europa Report looks to have all of the same elements of the boring science fiction horror film released September 2011, Apollo 18. The found footage, the mission gone awry… it just seems like we’ve seen the formula before. After mistakingly sitting through the full 86 minutes of Apollo 18, and after watching other found footage films like Cloverfield and The Fourth Kind, I had sort of hoped this filming “style” was put to rest.

Fortunately, the new teaser trailer for The Europa Report shows so little that there isn’t really much to go off of. I’m sure the astronauts get to Europa and naturally find something they didn’t expect; it’s definitely the mystery that will attract people to the theaters.

There is currently no official release date for The Europa Report, but make sure to check back with RMN for any new updates.

‘The Europa Report’ Teaser Trailer