15 Sad Anime Movies: Saddest Anime Movies to Watch Now

Sad Anime Movies
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It is known that animated movies do not hold much power or effect in comparison to real-life movies, especially in cases of emotional scenes.

The on-screen cartoon characters bring a fictional line that separates them from the real world.

They have even taken over the world with the amazing Japanese art form, which painted the storylines vividly with some wonderful settings.

Well, this is what inspired some big companies to set up and embracing the culture of anime films so that they can bring forward the joy, laughter, and anime movies that can make you cry.

The animated flair, along with some real-life issues, tackling through it, just prepare for some tissues as this article will provide a list of 15 sad anime movies which will guarantee to make one cry.

Sad Anime Movies To Watch In August 2022

Below I have mentioned some amazing sad anime movies which are full of emotion, if you want to cry really bad then you can give these movies a shot.

I have also mentioned some shorts sad anime movies which you can watch if you have time issue, these are around 60 to 70 minutes long, have a look:-

1. Colorful (2010)

Colorful sad anime movies

Well, I might have watched sports anime a lot, but a movie like Colorful is what attracted me to the world of anime.

Talking about the movie, colorful is a long one that clocks around 2 hours and 7 minutes.

This drama movie is kind of supernatural which wouldn’t just make one emotional but will make the heart move with the self-realization and the 2nd chances.

Colorful brings forward the life of a sad and depressed person who reached the station to die.

Even when the protagonist here doesn’t will to live, he did have to comply, and this is how his soul got driven to the suicide victim, a 14-year-old named Makoto.

The soul has to find here what made him commit the sin and get kicked out of the reincarnation cycle.

So, now the question is, will he be able to do that in the allotted 6-months? Watch to get the answers.

2. Your Name (2016)

Your Name

In the list of sad anime movies, Your Name ( あなたの名前 ) does stand tall.

It is one of the famous movies which brings forward the life of a man trapped in another person’s body and who is required to not just adapt but also to find one another, so as to get what exactly happened therein.

The movie will make one feel like the rollercoaster ride with being funny, sweet, and even sad to make one cry.

In here, 2 strangers kind of become related in a very unusual manner.

Not just this.

It also brings forward the amazing landscapes, the beautiful film scenery, and the slow-moving story, which will make one leave behind all and simply sit to watch the movie ahead.

3. Weathering with You (2019)

Weathering with You

This movie is on the list of saddest anime movies; well, it is animated beautifully and is very engaging.

It brings forward the story of the young boy who ran away and went to Tokyo and therein befriends the girl who seems to be having the capacity for weather manipulation.

The genre of this movie puts it into the anime filled with drama & fantasy, which makes it one of the anime movies that make you cry.

But guess what, this anime movie is not just sad or emotional but is also having some charm, romance, and power that not anime fantasies are able to bring ahead. So, do not wait.

4. Plastic Memories (2015)

Plastic Memories sad anime movies

This is a romance anime that is quite strong with the teachings of coping up with some tragic unavoidable endings which can be seen in our day-to-day lives.

Just like the other sad anime movies, the plot of this one is quite amazing, and it brings forward the life of the 18-year-old named Tsukasa Mizugaki, who failed the entrance exams for college but with his father’s connection, got hired in Sion Artificial Intelligence corporation responsible for Giftias technological development.

Well, well, he then fell in love with Giftia who’s name was Isla, and this is where the series, it takes a very dramatic turn.

So, what the end would be is a mystery for ones’ who still haven’t watched the same.

5. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Grave of the Fireflies

In the list of the sad anime movies, for sure, this one will get you to shed the tear.

The movie is semi-autobiographical, an anti-war one that was designed for breaking the viewers.

It is the short story by the writer Akiyuki Nosaka.

Talking of the plot, the story follows a young brother and sister life who got separated from their parents due to world war II American firebombing.

According to a few critics, the movie is quite depressing and stunning in a way that it changed the anime and the scenes of animation forever.

So, watch it and experience the breaking human spirit after the tragedies and the cruelty.

6. The Wind Rises (2013)

The Wind Rises

The movie has been called a tragic and magical part of historical fiction.

The story takes us to show a strong love between Naoko and Jiro which is destined towards the tragedy, hence making the anime to be a romance anime and sad at the same time.

The movie was Oscar-nominated, and the anime was definitely heart-breaking.

It discusses a lot of topics from the time of the war.

It shows the story of a protagonist who was fascinated to be in the aviation sector, but his sights were not as supportive as his ideas.

It was later a piece of advice from his role model, an aircraft designer named Giovanni Battista Caproni, that he received a valuable piece of advice.

This is where the challenges and a lot of studies came in, and the protagonist was seen to be working again with hope.

A lot more can be seen within the movie.

So, do not miss on to it.

7. Your Lie in April (2016)

Your Lie in April

Sad anime movies really make us feel emotional, but they have some beautiful storylines which become a favorite of many.

Therein the visuals are amazing, and the story unique; what to say about it.

Herein the movie, Kousei, the protagonist, loses his ability to play.

It happened after a traumatic event but guess what? He got forced into the spotlight once again by the character named Kaori, who was the eccentric girl inspiring him to play music once again.

So, what now? Will he do? will he not do? A lot of questions pop, but the answer of suspense can be known watching the movie.

8. I want to eat your pancreas (2018)

I want to eat your pancreas

It is one of the saddest anime movies with beautiful stories.

It was successful and loved by all.

The plot herein brings forward the story of the boy who fell in love with the classmate who had pancreatic cancer, and she was dying of it.

The best came in when he started supporting her to live her life completely, positively.

This, for sure, is a heartbreaking story, especially for the harem anime lover that brings ahead the beauty of death and life with visuals and melodies and making the story to be one of the most emotional anime movies.

9. A Silent Voice (2016)

A Silent Voice Sad anime movies

Well, apart from being one of the sad anime movies, it also has the darkest themes.

It brings forward the story of the Shoya, a bully, and the Shoko, who was the victim at school.

With Shoko being transferred to the new school, she got bullied by the known Shoya along with his friends.

The reason was simply the hearing disabilities she had.

But guess what, after a few years, tables turn but can those childhood scars heal? The movies have a lot to show in that aspect. I hope you don’t miss it.

10. How Do You Live (2021)

How Do You Live

In the sad anime movies available, this is one anticipated one.

It has been directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

The movie is full of visuals and the heartfelt story, of course, which brings forward a young boy’s psychological growth.

With the interactions with characters in the movie, which are generally his family members, one can know how he perceived and dealt with all the hardships, including poverty.

Even after this, he did follow the spiritual growth like the human being, and this, of course, is one to consider.

So, if one is ready for some tears, go watch this recently released movie.

11. In this Corner of the World (2016)

In this Corner of the World

Well, this is in the list of sad anime movies that is a winner of the Japan Academy prize for animation of the year.

The plot of the anime brings forward the story of an 18-year-old spirited woman who gets married to the man who she knew barely.

The story shows her complete struggles and how she tried to cope up with it all living during world war II in Hiroshima.

As per our advice, do not try to miss on to this great plot.

It for sure wouldn’t disappoint.

12. Wolf Children (2012)

Wolf Children Sad Anime Movies

It is a film with the story of a struggling mother whose name was Hana.

She is seen raising her two kids, who are actually half-wolf and half-human.

Well, this was definitely dangerous for their neighbors as the children didn’t have control over the change.

It is here in the totally new residence where the mother’s patience gets tested while handling the 2-wold children.

This is one amidst an interesting emotional anime that will bring forward interesting ways and ideas and, of course, the story.

13. Violet Evergarden (2019)

Violet Evergarden Sad Anime Movies

It is melancholic, and for sure, the visuals are stunning in the anime.

The art used here is enough to bring tears, even when one decides to watch it without any subtitles or sound.

The plot of the anime follows the character Violet during the great war aftermath wherein she was serving as the soldier even when she was so young.

She is seen to have got a job at an agency wherein she had the assignments to make sure that the letters are created for the people to connect.

The story here is quite unique and beautiful.

Even the past of the character makes the story touching and gives the story a title as one of the sad anime movies available.

Watch to know more.

14. Anohana: The Flower we saw that day (2013)

Anohana Sad Anime Movies

It was one of the successful sad anime movies to date.

In the same name, there is also a series that is heartbreaking but has a beautiful story of friendship that helps one to process the loss of losing one’s beloved at a young age.

The story talks about a friend group living the life of adventure until the tragedy strike, and Menma, a cute character from the group, dies.

It was definitely a very unfortunate accident, but the guilt and the pain that came to the left four friends, it make it hard to take it all ahead.

In the story, one will also see the ghost of Menma, that came in to help the friends to pursue their journey and peace for moving on.

15. Clannad (2017)

Clannad Sad Anime Movies

The story is a sequel to Clannad (animated), which got broadcasted previously.

The story brings forward the life of the delinquent teen named Tomoya, who was living with his dad.

As the story progressing, one sees Tomoya meeting Nagisa, and they both falling in love.

But was that it? No. after that came many life obstacles, which one gets to see in this romantic drama which brings forward the love story and the story of the family.

For sure, one should not miss this, one of the sad anime movies, which would help a lot to get to know a great story.

Other Recommended Sad Anime Movies

The above list brings forward a list of amazing stories.

However, it is just 15 but some of the best collections from the anime world.

But the above list doesn’t mean that the list is limited as there are many more in the list of the sad anime movies which one must watch and get a chance to experience the wonderful stories to feel the emotions and feelings of the characters.

Considering the above, the other recommended sad anime movies are named below.

Get through the list and start picking ahead.

List Of Movies

Mirai (2018)

When Marnie Was There (2014)

Perfect Blue (1998)

Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade (2000)

The Place Promised In Our Early Days (2004)

Millennium Actress (2001)

Whisper of the Heart (1995)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006)

Air (2005)

Barefoot Gen (1983)

From Up On Poppy Hill (2011)

Spirited Away ( 2001 )

Flavors of Youth ( 2018 )

Short Sad Anime Movies List

Short Sad Anime Movies List

There are many sad anime movies, but clocking them, takes a lot of time.

So, one can even try the list of the short sad anime movies which will take one to the journey of feelings and emotions, including sadness, happiness, relief, frustration, and whatnot.

But note that, even when they are short and would take a little time, they do not compromise with the storyline or presenting the characters perfectly.

Go ahead, make a pick from the below-mentioned list and enjoy.

List Of Movies

Doukyuusei ( 2016 )

Garden of the Words ( 2013 )

Orange: Future ( 2016 )

To the Forest of Firefly Lights (2011)

5 Centimeters Per Second ( 2007 ) 



Q.1 Is a silent voice sad?


The silent voice is sad.

It is not all about depression, social anxiety, suicide, etc., as it also has some parts that it completely family-friendly.

So, it isn’t even that depressing in comparison to others.

Q.2 Is given sad anime?

We cannot exactly say that Given is a sad anime as it brings forward a trauma about the afterlife of Mafuyu.

It is a romance story of a young boy who was in love.

The way the grief is handled herein makes it quite a story that details a lot about the genre.

Q.3 Is Violet Evergarden a sad anime?

Violet Evergarden, it is definitely a sad anime and one of the best one.

Q.4 Is your name sad?


Your name is a sad anime.

It might have a happy ending and funny moments, but of course, this is one of the sad movies.

Q.5 Is Orange a sad anime?


It is one of the saddest anime as it focuses a lot on the real issues, including suicidal thoughts, depression, regretful decisions, the pain of losing one’s mom, etc.

Final Words

Of course, the anime is full of cartoon characters but note that they too are an invention of humans, and if one can bring in fiction, they can also bring in emotions.

So, we hope the above sad anime movies list was enough to make you realize that these animated characters too can express and make one feel the best of emotions.

It is just about how well the presentation is, and guess what? The team did work well to express it all out in the above-mentioned list for sure.

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