Xerxes Returns for Next ’300′ Installment | Reel Movie Nation

News has come out that Rodrigo Santoro will be returning for a sequel to 300. Rumors of Santoro’s return hit the net after a recent interview, but it is now confirmed that the actor will reprise his role as the Persian leader Xerxes.  As of now the movie is being called 300: Battle of Artemisia.

In the interview, Santoro said that the sequel is not really a sequel, nor is it a prequel.  It is a much longer spanning story following Xerxes throughout his life and his constant quest for godhood. It will cover several years but the main focus of the story will be the battle of Artemisium and Thermopylae, which was the battle in the original 300.  This will be a movie showcasing the story of Xerxes, not as a hero, but just his point of view.

Eva Green also stars as Artemisia, the gold covered goddess who works with Xerxes and persuades him to build his army for battle. Noam Murro is directing, and the movie will start production in the next few months.  Warner Bros. has not yet set a release date.

I think it should be interesting to see a movie from the point of view of the villain.  Many movies give you a good understanding of the psyche of the villain, but to see the movie alongside Xerxes, and to see his thoughts and plans for battle, and how they coincide with the events of the first movie should be very interesting.