Rocket League Codes: ( Updated ) RL Codes For September 2021

Rocket League Codes 2021
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Rocket league codes, they are like some special treats which give the users for free some of the items of in-game cosmetic.

This helps to make the car look special and snazzy.

The important thing about rocket league is how customizable cars in the game are.

Rocket league brings up the popcorn kernels that fly all around just after the goal explosion or the black-market decals that help with many things, etc.

There are many free-to-play games that hide codes in a different manner, and like the same, the Rocket league codes are hidden herein within the products or the broadcasts, or even the announcement trailers.

If one can catch the code, they will be able to unlock the antennas, banners, decals or wheels, and much more.

So, in case one is stuck within the game and tired of looking at the rubbish blueprints in the garage and the empty wallet, well, one has an easy way to get it all.

It is in this regard that this article has been prepared to provide complete details about the Rocket league codes, how to redeem them and what are some of the active and expired ones.

Rocket League Codes 2021 – Complete list

There are many rocket league redeem codes, and herein will be provided a list of some new active/valid codes which are available to one, free of cost.

So, do not wait. Get the right code and get the rewards after the code has been redeemed.

Currently Active Codes




It will help get the Popcorn limited rocket boost, which is almost similar to Bolts and the Nuts boost.

Expired Codes

There is also a list of Rocket league codes that have already expired. The list includes,




Helped unlock Antenna, circus decal, and Breakout Nitro


Helped unlock VCR limited topper


Helped unlock the SARPBC logo, antenna, the song, and even the car


Helped unlock title of potato player


Helped unlock for octane, the goonies decal


Helped unlock the wheels, antennas, and the WWE banners


Helped unlock for octane shazam decal and the shazam wheels


Helped unlock 2 WWE banners, wheels, and antennas


Helped unlock 2 WWE banners, wheels, and antennas


Helped unlock 2 WWE banners, wheels, and antennas

Now if you want to activate the SARPBC code, then follow the below mentioned process:-

  • PC – up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A (Letters B, A (EN) on the keyboard)
  • XBOX – up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A
  • PS4 – up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, X, O

Note that the new codes get added to the list as they are available, and we assure to provide it updated within the article as we get to know about it.

One can even find the rocket league Xbox one code or some other new codes through the Psyonix announcement/promotional partner or through the rocket league trailers or rocket league products.

How To Redeem Rocket League Codes? (Complete steps)

How To Redeem Rocket League Codes

Well, in order to rocket league redeem codes, one can follow the below-mentioned step-by-step process to do so.

  • Start with loading up the Rocket league (self-explanatory).
  • Then look for the extras, wherein one would find the option called Redeem code.
  • Select the option and therein the box that appears, enter the code for redeeming it.
  • Once done, the shiny items, all of it will be waiting for one in the garage for use.
  • With every single code which is to be redeemed, make sure to repeat all the steps that have been given above.

After the process is completed, the items will get added to the garage instant.

This is done so that one can equip themselves with the next match.



Q.1 What are all the codes for Arsenal 2021?

Some of the codes for Arsenal 2021 are-Anna (Anna skin), Bandites (announcer voice of Bandites), Bloxy (free bucks), CBROX (phoenix skin), Eprika (announcer voice of Eprika), Foolish (Jackeryz skin), Flamingo (announcer voice of Flamingo), Garcello (skin, killing effect and Emote of Garcello), John (announcer voice of John), Kitten (announcer voice of Koneko), Pet (announcer voice or PetrifyTV), Pog (free bucks), Poke (Poke skin), Rolve (fanboy skin), Trollface (free bucks).

Q.2 What is the most famous cheat code?

Konami code is the most famous cheat code.

Q.3 What’s the rarest rocket League item?

Gold Nugget, it is the rarest rocket league item. Last it was awarded to the players who did participate in the Rocket league beta, 2014.

Q.4 Are there any cheats for Rocket League?

No. In actuality, there are no cheat codes for the rocket league, but herein one will be required to understand the laws of the physical universe for knowing how to cheat.

Q.5 Can you get free RL credits?

Well, there is no official way of earning the RL credits. However, one can trade their way within the in-game currency by the simple use of the external marketplace.

Final Words

Hope the article was enough to provide some relevant information about the rocket league codes and how the same can be redeemed.

Just note, do not try to get completely used to the unlimited boosts as one will have to do a lot more things within the actual match.

So, use it but limited, and if more of the codes are known, the article will be updated timely.

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