‘Red Dawn’ Trailer Invades the Internet | Reel Movie Nation

Wolverines! The remake of the 80′s movie Red Dawn has finally released a trailer. The movie was made way back in 2009, shelved when MGM went bankrupt, and finally taken to completion by Film District after some alterations. Now that we have the preview for it, we can start to form an opinion about whether or not this movie should have stayed hidden. It features two stars that have become huge box office draws with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games), which will undoubtedly make the studio some money. But while it was perfectly okay to kill a bunch of Russians back in 1984 (what with the Cold War still going on), the decision to have the Chinese invade Washington made for a movie that would not make money in foreign markets (China’s box office numbers for American movies are a big portion of profits). So the Chinese were digitally changed into Koreans, in order to make every body happy. But when a movie (especially a remake) has been delayed for so long and tinkered with in post-production for something as silly as completely removing the enemy, it certainly makes me worried. Here’s the long awaited trailer: