Re Zero Season 3: All Updated Info About Season 3 October 2021

Re Zero Season 3
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Re Zero or Ri: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu is a successful Japanese light novel that was published for the first time in 2014.

Based on it has been made the Re Zero anime that brings forward the elements of psychological time travel that was loved by people all around the world.

This light novel series was written by a known writer named Tappei Nagatsuki, and the illustration of it has been done by Shin’ichirō Ōtsuka.

The story of the Sanam follows the life story of a hikikomori gamer named Natsuki Subaru who had the ability to call return by death which allows him to go back within the time after he dies.

He definitely got called into the other world, but he has no idea about who summoned him or the reason behind why he has been called to that world.

The story moves forward to provide him with a lot of knowledge which can only be known after watching the Anime.

As of now, there are two seasons of this anime that has been directed by Masaharu Watanabe, and the studio White Fox animated it.

Currently, there has been no confirmation received from the studio or the director in respect to Re Zero Season 3 release date.

However, the fans have been waiting to get any information about the upcoming project.

Considering the same, this article has been prepared to provide complete information about Re Zero Season 3.

Give a read to know more.

Will There Be Re Zero Season 3?

Will There Be Re Zero Season 3

There is a very high probability that there will be Re Zero Season 3, and the release of it will be announced soon by the end of this year or in the next year.

The reason behind it is that, 

  • First of all, the anime series has been highly profitable. Per Blu-ray, around 12000 copies for 1st season and for 2nd around 5000 copies have been sold. From the light selling novels to the merchandise, the figurines, and the mobile games, all of it are doing quite well.
  • There exists a lot of content that can be adapted for the upcoming season. So there does not exist any reason why Re Zero Season 3 will not happen.

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What To Expect From The New Season of Re Zero Anime?

Expectation from New Season of Re Zero

A lot of questions arise in regards to what will be the story for Re:Zero Season 3, etc.

For anyone who has already watched the previous two seasons know that the ending of the series seemed quite acceptable, but it did not provide much of the definition for it being considered as the absolute climax.

So in simple terms, for the series, there exists room for quite an expansion of the storyline.

The story can move places, including the building of the world and the character relationships.

Anyone would love to see Beatrice and Subaru’s interactions with other characters more and more.

As the story can move in multiple directions, one of the most plausible things is the royal selection (expected plot); after all, Emilia is yet to win the royal selection for fulfilling her promise that was made to Roswaal.

The next season is also likely to follow the journey of the girl who was trying her best for outperforming every single contender during the royal selection.

Even the relationships between Subaru and Rem and Subaru and Beatrice can be expected to be explored further. 

Re Zero Season 3: Plot

Re Zero Season 3 Plot

The story of this anime revolves around a teenage boy named Subaru and Emelia, who is a half-elf that wishes to be Legnica’s the Dragon Kingdom 42nd King.

Now, if we go to season 2, Re Zero is covered with original light novels arc 4.

Recent Arc is seen following Emilia and Subaru while the attempt to rescue the sanctuary inhabitants who got trapped because of The mysterious magical barrier.

As of now, Arc 5 has not yet been picked up, and it is all set for the same wherein will be followed by Subaru along with his allies while they continue to fight for uniting in the Watergate City.

The royal election camps so that they can defeat Cultists, the witch who took over control.

It might be possible that the anime adapt this Arc or can continue a lot further within the series, the details of which are unavailable at the moment.

Apart from the same, the story will definitely continue with the tradition of psychological torture and brutality.

If you are still looking for any further details, just wait for Re Zero Season 3 to release.

Release Date of Re Zero Season 3

Release Date of Re Zero S3

Around the world, this anime has been watched by many people, and they all love it.

However, after the end of the second season, the fans have been craving to know when well Season 3 of the anime will be released.

In regards to their has no official announcements or dates been provided.

Even the creators have been trying to keep the funds within the dark, and they have made sure not to upload any kind of teaser or trailer.

As per some of the websites, Re Zero Season 3 release date can be announced either during Anime Japan 2022, with the release date being April 1st, 2023.

The point is, it can be anytime soon when the release date for Season 3 gets announced, and as soon as the same is provided, it will be updated within the article.

Till then, enjoy the light novel and the Anime that has covered 1 to 15 volumes to date.

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Is There Any Re Zero Season 3 Trailer Exist?

As of now, there is no trailer available for Re Zero Season 3.

However, as soon as the same get available, the content will be posted on the website.

Till then, one can enjoy the other anime that have been released previously, or one can even enjoy the previous two seasons of Re zero.

Why Does Echidna not like Emilia?

Why Does Echidna not like Emilia

As per the claims made by Echidna, she hated Emilia from the very minute she saw her.

Echidna also made varied derogatory remarks about the half-elf, trying to mock her for the dependence she had over Subaru.

She also has little knowledge about the parents of Emilia, and she claims Emilia is just as stubborn as her mother.

Echidna further added that she knew Emilia’s real mother personally, and it is one of the most important reasons for her hatred towards Emilia. 

During one of the outbursts of Echidna, while she cried, she said Emilia disgusts her, and it has been assumed that this was said out of jealousy.

Is There Enough Source Material For Re Zero Season 3?

Source Material For Re Zero Season 3

The source material availability becomes an important reason to predict whether or not there will be another season or a sequel for a given anime.

There is much anime that did not have another season because of the non-availability of content.

Considering Season 3 of the anime does not exist any such concern because there is the availability of the source material, i.e., light novels 27 volumes.

So there does not exist any reason why there won’t be the new sequel for the Anime.

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Q.1 Is Re zero Cancelled?


It is very unlikely that the anime will be ended just after 2 seasons when enough source material is available.

Q.2 Is Emilia, the Witch?


She was called the descendant of the witch as she was born from the same cursed blood as that of the witch.

Q.3 Does Subaru end up with Emilia?

Both the characters do cherish each other’s company, but no clarity exists for whether or not they ended up together.

Re Zero Season 3 will build much more relationships for sure.

Q.4 Does Subaru end up with Rem?

No, but Subaru did agree to take Rem as his second wife if Emilia agreed to the same.

Q.5 Is PUCK Emilia’s father?


PUCK isn’t the father of Emilia even when their bond seems as such. 

Final Words

Many of the Anime fans have been thrilled about the release of Re Zero Season 3, which has not yet been announced.

However, it is expected that the announcement can be made in the next year.

It is a very high probability of having the sequel.

So, the fans need not worry, and all they need to do is have some patience for seeing their favorite girl back onto the screen. 

Hopefully, this article was able to cover all the information which was required about the release of the Re zero sequel.

If not, reach out to us, and we will be sure to clear any doubts or queries on time.

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