Puyo Puyo RPG kinako 2021: Characters, Defeat Bosses, & More

Puyo Puyo RPG kinako
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Video games, they are not just entertainment, as sometimes they create memories we don’t expect.

Some of those games played during childhood, it instantly takes us back to the best of times of ones’ life.

When it comes to the video games like the Puyo Puyo RPG kinako was one amazing game the 90s’ kids would surely remember.

During that time, there didn’t exist any battle royale video game and the players; it was on the Sega’s Genesis and the Nintendo SNES wherein they enjoyed video games as no PlayStation/Xbox consoles existed at that point in time.

It was in 1991, the famous video game Puyo Puyo RPG kinako was released that was based upon the concept of matching the title.

However, the same was different because there existed no titles for matching.

Herein it is not the titles that but instead it is the characters that ones’ plays with. 

With the release of the game, it got popular wildly because of the unique concept that brought the round and the cute characters instead of the titles.

Considering it all, this guide has been prepared to provide complete details about Puyo Puyo RPG kinako, covering some important points in respect to the same.

Puyo Puyo RPG kinako 2021

Puyo Puyo RPG kinako 2021

The 1st game of Puyo Puyo RPG kinako was developed by Compile and released in 1991.

It was meant for the gaming consoles, including the Microsoft MSX2 and Nintendo Famicom Disk System.

The characters of the Madō Monogatari 1-2-3, the game of role-playing, it is Compile developed that got released in 1990, but Puyo Puyo RPG kinako did prove out to be the better game.

Once the initial traction is received with the players’ response, Compile made a decision of collaboration with Sega, and is aimed for the creation of the game’s arcade version by taking into account the competitive play.

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The companies worked and released its version in 1992.

It was developed and then released for the hardware of Sega system C2.

It had two modes wherein 1st is single-player (player against the component-generated opponents) and the 2nd is multiplayer (player against the human opponents).

Either way, the game has been a success, and of course, in order to understand it better, giving an eye to its amazing characters would be helpful to understand it better.

Puyo Puyo RPG Kinako Characters

Puyo Puyo Characters


An innocent woman willing to be one of the great sorceresses.

She is the protagonist seen hunting the flying cane of Ms Accord.

She is also shown as the three characters who are playable in-game.

Her most spells would be similar to the Arle Nadja, the previous protagonist and Amitie; she uses flame, Boayoeen, Blizzard, fairy fair and the lightning bolt.

On the 20th anniversary, she also uses the flame and cyclo-whirl in additional.

Arle Nadja

She is RPG series and Puyo Puyo RPG kinako early titles, Madou Monogatari protagonist.

She is a known sorceress known for wielding elemental magic, and her enemy are many like Schezo Weget and Rulue, but satan is the main.

In Fever 2 and Puyo Pop Fever, she is a minor character, but in Puyo Puyo 7’s story, she has the major role.

The first title of her, it was taken from L’Arlésienne, the classic play, and the last name got removed in book Nadja protagonist.

Draco Centauros

He is considered to be Arle rival.

He is one another best playable character in the game.

The character also has varied names like Draco-Centaur and Doraco, and it depends on the game.

If one wishes to know an interesting and important fact about this character, well, it does breathe fire.


He is main antagonist of Puyo Puyo rpg kinako 7.

He is like a mysterious and dark creature who is known for the types of evil deeds.

He gets unlocked after the story mode of Puyo Puyo 7 is completed, and with the story moving ahead within the game, one would know that Ecolo did pose as the Dark Arle inside the body of Arle.

He made two attempts of creating trouble which gets foiled, and this is where he makes the decision that the suffering would now be faced by all of the worlds.


She is Puyo Puyo RPG kinako, yet another mysterious character.

One major behind the same is that at many times, nobody was able to understand what exactly was she trying to speak in the Puyo Puyo fever 2.

When questioned, she said that she is performing the magic and the same shouldn’t be witnessed by anyone.

About the magic talk, she is a student of the magic school too.

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Klug, he is on the list of the next entry who is the member of the Primp Town.

If his attitude is looked upon, well, undoubtedly, he is quite stuck up and also rude.

The Puyo Puyo Fever is the debut game herein for him and about his clothes, he is seen to be wearing the clothes in the color of purple.

Klug has brown hair too.


He is the character who Klug envyed and Feli liked.

He is the male sorcerer who is also known by one of the titles, Comet Warlock.

About his appearance, he is seen wearing green, orange/yellow clothes.

He also used to carry the broom along with him, which could be easily used for the purpose of attack and also for the purpose of magic.

Maguro Sasaki

He is the fashionable character in the game Puyo Puyo RPG kinako. In Puyo Puyo 7, Maguro Sasaki is seem to be studying at the school.

If his background is considered, his father is the known fishmonger, and if the meaning of the name is asked for, it literally means Tuna.

Ringo Ando

Ringo Ando is on the list of the characters, another protagonist.

She is known as the main protagonist of the Puyo Puyo 7 and also the same for the Puyo Puyo Tetris.

She lives in Japan’s district Suzuran, and her life is a part of the real world in actuality.


With the face of the teddy bear, Risukuma is one former member of the science club and also the upperclassmen at his school in Puyo Puyo 7 game.

If the story is followed, the science club room, just a few months before, it blew up because of the experiment.

About his experience, well, it has already been mentioned about this teddy-faced personality.


She is Puyo Puyo RPG kinako playable character.

Her character is the top rival of the Arle as she is seen to be very jealous of the magical powers of Arle.

Well, it is not just the rival side of her; with the game proceeding, one would also see that she also has the loveable side, and she loved Satan and is ready to do anything for Satan.

Schezo Wegey

He is one immortal and the dark wizard who wields Dark Sword.

According to many of the women’s thoughts, Schezo is the pervert.

However, in the words of those who do understand him, he is just a different personality, and he is not the same.

The reason behind this is that he does twists many times; his own words and right words don’t just come to him or, better to say, he is not good with words enough to put it in the right manner.


In the list of the characters, Sig is quite an interesting one, even by his looks.

Considering his role, he got first introduced in Puyo Puyo Fever 2.

Well, it might not be easy at all for understanding the emotions he has, as he seems to be showing very little of the same.

About his look, well, the left eye of his and the left hand he has, it is of the red color.


He is one of the most interesting character from Puyo Puyo rpg kinako.

Apart from the same, there is also something interesting about the character, which is that he has the body of the fish.

But his legs and hands, they are quite similar to that of the humans. 

Suketoudara is quite a bold character, and according to him, he always is the best amidst all.

He is seen to be getting everyone’s attention, no matter where he goes.

Not just this, he always greets all of the people he meets with the word “Fiiish!”.


In Puyo Puyo RPG kinako, well, as the name says, the witch is the known witch herein.

She is shown herein to belong from a very early era.

She also has some great magical powers.

However, she does aspire for attaining the best of the magical powers in the future someday.

Well, the aspirations she carries within the game of Puyo Puyo RPG kinako, it makes her a big rival of the Arle.

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He is the character who is surfaced in the creature, which is rabbit-like and that is Satan belonged, originally.

However, he follows Arle and does so following to the finish of the Madou Monogatari II.

He also served as a mascot of Puyo Puyo RPG kinako, Madou Monogatari, and then itself.

In the early match series of Puyo Puyo RPG kinako, Carbuncle is seen dancing, but then he begins to be battling, and the beginning was made with Puyo Puyo Sun.

He is one who is along with the Arle.

He is kept in the mean bean machine of Dr Robotnik.

It was a reskinned version of the Puyo Puyo RPG kinako the first match, and the title of it changed, and it was known as Has Bean.

He is also described as Beanville, one of Jollier beans who Robotnik roboticized.

Dark Prince

Modou Monogatari II final boss, Dark Prince, is the same.

He is also the antagonist of the Puyo Puyo RPG kinako final series.

It is known to be stopping at nothing for getting Carbuncle and Arle Nadja, who were often seen to be disguised to be someone else.

Madou Monogatari

Considering the Madou Monogatari original, herein this case, the Dark Prince is the character who is willing to marry Arle.

However, Arle doesn’t agree to the same.

She instead beats him in the battle and then leaves with the faithful pet (Carby Amulet) he had.

Puyo Puyo 1

Of the games that have been made by Compile, the villain was Dark Prince, and the same is the case in every single game made by them.

About the series, it plays with him with his own humorous traits. 

In Fever 2 and Puyo Puyo Fever, he is not present, but in the game’s 15th-anniversary edition, the character becomes the recurring one for the players so as to compete against.

The backstory he has, it is not consistent, and he is also known as the Puyo Hell founder.

The definition of it, it keeps changing and depending upon who is asked about it.

Just for example, within the 1st game, it was an obstacle for Arle and Draco. 

How To Defeat The Bosses at The End of Each Chapter?

Within the Puyo Puyo RPG kinako world’s journey, one would be going totally head-to-head as against not one but instead more than 50 of the different characters for saving the princess and the kingdom she owned.

This is for sure not at all the RPG crossover.

Herein, from the food to references for music, it all ties back to the puzzle game franchise, which is quite beloved.

Within the game, there are five valheim bosses.

Each of these bosses are required to be summoned at a particular location, which is procedure-wise generated even before these bosses appear in this world.

So, one wouldn’t by any way stumble across them while trying to hunt or explore.

All one needs is to ensure that they are ready for summoning them all, as they are quite powerful.

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Defeating all of these five bosses would be quite fun and will be worth the total effort put in the same.

Each one of them has its own unique materials, which would be dropped by their death, and this is what would help one to progress ahead to the game’s next chapter.

Even trophies would be drooped in the form of the dead boss’s head.

All the player needs to do here is take each one of the heads and then hang the same on the correlating stone at the spawn’s back.

This would help in unlocking the forsaken power from each of the bosses who fell.

Ways To Get More Points and Items During The Game

Ways To Get More Points

In order to get more points and the items during Puyo Puyo RPG kinako, puyo swirl.

Start with poking the dough in the shape of the load, then place it on the cookie sheet, which is greased and finally bake it in the oven for around 25 minutes.

Allow it to cool slightly before the same gets sliced with the use of the cake slicer or the broken knife so as to get it in the even slices.

Finally, brush each of the single slices using the melted butter, and then on the top, sprinkle the sugar.

The crust of it would be a bit hard in the first, but the same gets soften up after it gest stored overnight.

Just make sure to eat the same when it is completely warm and enjoyable.

One great tip here would be for cooking eggless polo swirls batch is that one can substitute the cup of milk with the water and then add 2 tablespoons more of the flour.

It would help ensure that the batter doesn’t get too thick while the baking process is ongoing.

Final Words

The game, well, it is quite addictive and, to be precise, quite fun too.

All one needs is to ensure that they do get a good understanding of the working of the game before trying to expect that the things within the game would go very well for oneself.

One can even watch out for the Kinako Mochi Items as it will provide the stats with a great boost if the same gets consumed at the right time.

Hope the guide above for Puyo Puyo RPG kinako was helpful.

It has been made sure that all the important information can be included within the article.

However, if one still has any doubts, clear the same, and one can reach out to us for any clarification.

Till then, give a read to the above and have a fun game time.

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