Piranha 3DD: New Trailer! Blood, Sex, and David Hasselhoff? | Reel Movie Nation

The first new trailer for Piranha 3DD has debuted online.  From the look of the trailer, they are taking the over-the-top ridiculousness of the last film and pushing it to the max.  It also appears like the third installment will keep the hard R-rating elements of the last film. Violence, babes, celebrities, and hungry fish of all sizes are all over the place.

I’m really liking the over the top, B-movie style they are going with here. I can already tell that the movie will have some pretty memorable kills just from the trailer. It almost reminds me of the Final Destination movies, but with a much less serious tone.  The trailer is basically telling you “Yeah, everyone is going to die, but it is going to be a crazy ride along the way”. This looks like a mindless B-slasher/fish horror movie that I could enjoy off of pure entertainment and shock value.

Piranha 3DD is directed by John Gulager, and stars Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, Chris Zylka, Meagan Tandy, Katrina Bowden, and David Koechner. There are also quick cameos of David Hasselhoff, Christopher Lloyd, and Paul Scheer throughout the trailer.  Also, some badass cameos from Gary Busey and Ving Rhames. Who knows how big of a role each cameo-star will make but either way, it looks like they were given some awesome scenes. The studio had yet to announce a release date for Piranha 3DD.

Trailer for ‘Piranha 3DD’: