Overlord Season 4: All Updated Info About Season 4 October 2021

Overlord Season 4
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Overlord, it is an Isekai dark fantasy series which in Japan is known as Ōbārōdo.

This series has been loved by people all around the world.

As of now, there are 3 seasons of this amazing series and 2 recap movies which were all directed by the amazing director Naoyuki Itō and Studio Madhouse animated the same.

Even Overlord Season 4 will get animated by the same studio.

The Overlord story is based upon the light novel written by Kugane Maruyama, which got published in the year 2012.

It follows the story of Momonga, a gamer who gets transported to one of the most popular games called YGGDRASIL after the servers of it got shut down.

It was on 8th May 2021 that a special announcement was made about the release of another season for the anime.

Considering the same, this article will provide complete information about it, including the trailer, release date, plotline, and much more.

So, give it a read to know more.

Will There Be Overlord Season 4?

Will There Be Overlord Season 4

For Overlord Season 4, the fans are eagerly waiting.

The good news is that the show has already got renewed for the 4th season.

An official announcement in regards to it was made on 8th May.

Well, the show ended in 2018 October, and another season was not expected from the end of the franchise, but here we are, after 2 years, finally the news has been shared.

Even the anime movie has got announced, and so, fans can carry the double joy for the overlord new season.

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What To Expect From The New Season Of Overlord?

Previously the story of the other 3 seasons of Overlord followed the life of the young man who got trapped in one of the most famous video games.

The show continued to build the character and the plot after this.

What To Expect From The New Season Of Overlord

Some fans even say that after watching 3-4 episodes initially, there was no turning back, and they got completely hooked to the same without being bored by it at all.

The show, by all means, has made sure has always made sure to bring forward to the episode’s continued adventure, thrill, and struggle, and fans for sure loved it all.

As of now, for the upcoming seasons, the popularity is still expected to grow, considering how the novel popularity continues to rise. 

In Overlord Season 4, it is anticipated that Ainz’s decision to build his own country heaven will be depicted.

As per the novel, the process got initiated from the ground up, development of new ones and also growing the crops.

However, there are monarchs who intend to take complete control over the country of Ainz, and this will be obstructing the idea route taken by Ainz.

There are also some officials of other countries who are seen planning against him and also the homeland which was located by him.

Well, definitely the plotline is quite fantastic, and with the release of Overlord Season 4, the results seen would be quite incredible.

Overlord Season 4: Plot

Overlord, it is a Japanese novel series that has been written by Kugane Maruyama.

After the release, 14 volumes got published, and there are 3 seasons to date that have been produced by the studio Madhouse.

2 volumes of the overlord have been covered by the franchise in 1 season.

Nine volumes got covered within the next seasons till 3rd, and right now, there are 5 volumes that still remain.

So, it is expected that Overlord Season 4 will be touching the volume 10-12, and the anime movie will be adapting the Holy Kingdom Arc covering volumes 12 and 13 of the light novel series.

The Rule of Conspiracy is the volume 10 series name.

Overlord has been following the storyline of Ainz; the series lead character who turned the place to be a complete paradise for all of the races.

He started heaven without any hurry and turned towards Empire for building Adventurer’s guild.

With the anime moving forward, other countries’ leaders were seen plotting for opposing Ainz and also the nation recently discovered by him.

Now what happens next is worth watching; after all, defending it all from so many conspirers, it wouldn’t have been easy at all.

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Release Date Of Overlord Season 4

Release Date Of Overlord Season 4

It has been 2 years since the anticipation for Overlord new season is being made.

However, Studio Madhouse has not yet released any date for the release of Overlord Season 4, even after the announcement made on 8th May 2021 about the anime 4th season.

As per the speculation of the fan, this might come out in 2022, early.

It can be seen that the movie will be adapting the season 4 after events story, and therefore the movie too would be released after the premiere of season 4 is made available.

So, all we can do for now is wait patiently.

Is There Any Overlord Season 4 Trailer Exist?

Overlord Season 4, it is quite the talk of today, but due to the pandemic, all is being delayed.

As of now, there is no trailer available for overlord S4.

However, we do assure you that as soon as the same is made available for the desperately waiting fans, we will provide the details of it and post it surely.

Till then, watch season 3 and have a great time.

Overlord Anime Movie

Overlord Anime Movie

With the renewal of Overlord anime season 4, even the anime movie got a confirmation from the end of the franchise.

As of now, there doesn’t exist any update in regards to its storyline, release date, characters, etc., but it is for sure that the movie will soon be out.

No premiere date set, but it is guaranteed that the anime movie herein will be depicting Holy Kingdom Arc.

Is There Enough Source Material For Overlord Season 4?

Source materials, they play a key role in the anime series.

There are many animes that have been adapted from manga or light novels.

Overlord, it too has been adapted from the light novel that is under the same name.

Source Material For Season 4

As of now, there are 14 light novels of Overlord that have been released in Japan.

There is also a manga that is based on light novels.

To date, there are 14 books published for the manga series and the light novels; they are still in progress.

The last one was released in 2020, March and the plan of the author, Kugane Maruyama, is to finish the series of the anime by book 17.

So, yes, there is enough source material for the Overlord new season.

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Q.1 Who betrays AINZ OOAL gown?

Albedo is the most likely choice who betrayed AINZ OOAL gown.

Q.2 Why was Overlord Cancelled?

It is due to the pandemic situation that the production has slowed down or, better to say, discontinued, or else as per the announcement of producers, the anime was about to be released in July 2020.

Q.3 Is AINZ the only player in Overlord?

Yes. AINZ is the only player in Overlord. 

Q.4 Is Albedo, a traitor?

Albedo did betray AINZ and, therefore, can be considered as a traitor.

Q.5 Does Albedo marry AINZ?

Even though Albedo was completely infatuated with AINZ, AINZ didn’t marry Albedo.

It was in the 11th light novel revealed that AINZ and Enri got married.

Final Words

Considering the current scenario in not just Japan but also around the world due to pandemic, there are many anime series that have been delayed.

Even after this, it is being hoped that the Overlord Season 4 production by Madhouse gets started soon and doesn’t get affected anymore.

So, taking into account that no current date is available for the release of Overlord S4, we assure you that the article will get updated as soon as any information is made available for the fans.

Till then, check the other anime or continue to watch the 3 seasons of Overlord.

In case of any doubt or query, reach out to us, and we assure the clarity over the doubt will be provided on time.

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