‘Oblivion’ Trailer: Tom Cruise is a Man Named Jack… Again

Michele December 9, 2012 2
‘Oblivion’ Trailer: Tom Cruise is a Man Named Jack… Again

Despite the fact that the man is 50 years old, Tom Cruise can still pull off an action movie. It’s a little bit incredible that his ass kicking has spanned four decades, and will probably continue well into the future. When you’ve played such iconic characters as Maverick (from Top Gun), Ethan Hunt (from Mission Impossible), and Les Grossman (from Tropic Thunder) there’s no denying that TC (as he’s called by Kanye West) has staying power. He may be short in stature but he’s big in our hearts, especially since you can see him in theaters twice this year. First it was as Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages. And on December 21st he will play the title role in Jack Reacher. His next film, to come out in 2013, Cruise will take the role of Jack Harper. Are we seeing a pattern here?

Way back in 1985, Tom Cruise played the young man in a fairy tale land who had to fight Tim Curry/The Lord of Darkness in Legend. If you’ve seen the movie, then you might remember that his name is Jack. I assume that the fact that he’s played characters with the name Jack in 4 films is just a coincidence. All of the roles are pretty different (I’m not even sure that Stacee Jaxx counts – though it sounds sort of similar), and all are (and sure to be) awesome. While Jack Reacher is facing some controversy (no one who has read the books thinks that the 5’7″ Cruise should play the 6’3″ Reacher), the latest Jack seems perfectly sized to fly little spaceships above a post apocalyptic Earth.

Oblivion follows the few living people still present on our world after it was attacked by a mysterious force. The war was won by humanity, but the Earth we know and love was destroyed. Jack Harper (Cruise) represents the clean up crew, a man who fixes the drones that are rehabilitating the surface. After a mysterious space pod lands, Harper is confronted by his past and has to fight for mankind’s future. The trailer has just premiered, so you can see the action for yourself here:

‘Oblivion’ Trailer

While Tom Cruise may be the main character, it’s really Morgan Freeman that has me excited. It looks like that instead of the wise old good guy, Freeman’s actually playing the enemy who waxes philosophical. Hopefully he can explain a few things in a helpful monologue as well as leaving riddles of truth for Jack Harper to figure out. There’s also an appearance by that girl from Quantum of Solace (Bond Girl Camille aka Olga Kurylenko) who may or may not be Cruise’s love interest. The film is directed by Joseph Kosinski, who is popular for his work with Tron: Legacy. With that pedigree, the movie is sure to look good on the screen. The question is whether or not another story of a man named Jack can resonate with audiences. I suppose we’ll have to wait until April 19, 2013 for the answer. Unless Morgan Freeman decides to get chatty.

What do you think of the trailer for Oblivion? Cool sci-fi adventure or pretty pictures with no point?

    • http://www.facebook.com/dylan.napier.10 Dylan Napier

      And don’t forget Jack from Legend!

    • Tommy

      For a second I thought the Mission Impossible lead was called Jack too…
      But alas he is called Ethan…