New ‘Prometheus’ Trailer Puts All the Speculation to Rest…. NOT

Michele March 20, 2012 0
New ‘Prometheus’ Trailer Puts All the Speculation to Rest…. NOT

I suppose I’m being a little unfair to the latest trailer. It certainly does show fans some new scenes and images that peak our interest. Unfortunately it does nothing to stem the intense discussion on whether this movie is a prequel or not. And frankly, I’m just tired of talking about it. I give up Ridley Scott, from now on I will simply refer to Prometheus as the movie that looks absolutely nothing like Alien. Except of course for the images of the downed spacecraft on LV-426 (the same planet from Alien), the fact that there is an android, the Space Jockey, and the incredibly similar trailers. I mean, all that adds up to two completely different movies in my mind.

At this point it really doesn’t matter. Fans like me will simply make our own minds up when we see the movie. Whether or not we can call this new movie a prequel/sequel/seperate movie doesn’t really do a lot to ease the suspense. I suppose that’s a good thing with a film like this that relies on the element of mystery. While we can all bitch about how no one will actually answer the question of the connection between the two films, the latest trailer does give us some other pieces of the story. The description of the movie has been available for a while, but in this new video we can actually see the team discover this “invitation” to another world to figure out the beginnings of mankind. Here’s the trailer so you can see for yourself:

Whatever you call it, that looks like a great movie. Action, horror, sci-fi, suspense, hot people – it all adds up to cinematic gold. Or at least that is what everyone is hoping for. There was also a very cool viral video that was released about David (played by the very hot Michael Fassbender) the artificial person on board the Prometheus. I’m a huge fan of Fassbender’s work in X-Men: First Class and Inglourious Basterds, so I expect him to do great as a robot. How cool would it be to order an anatomically correct Michael Fassbender doll off the internet with customizable personality traits? I know I would be excited about that package (pun intended, especially after all the fuss that was made about his full frontal in Shame). Here’s the video:

It’s a crying shame that we have to wait another 2 months in order to enjoy this movie on the big screen (it premieres June 8). Hopefully Ridley Scott and company will keep releasing these little teasers and other info to keep the audience on their toes and begging for more. I certainly hold my breath every time I watch the trailer, tension and excitement coursing through me. It’s the same feeling I had when I watched the original Alien movie with my dad when I was a kid. I couldn’t sleep for a week after sitting through it in the dark, my hands clenched in tight fists near my eyes. My hope is to have that same feeling again, and Ridley Scott along with the stellar cast are certainly the people to do it.

What do you guys think of the trailer? Do you think it’s a prequel/sequel/something else? Do you have faith that Ridley Scott can deliver an amazing movie regardless of what it’s classified as?

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