Naruto Movies in Order: Where to Watch, Trailers, & More

Naruto Movies in Order
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Naruto, a 220-episode anime series that was aired between 2002-2007 with its 500-episode sequel premiered between 2007-2017, is one popular shounen anime.

It is a Japanese manga that is all set in the Ninja’s world, the story of which follows the life of Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto is a young aspiring ninja. He was determined to become the Hokage or the village’s leader. All he wanted was to be acknowledged and accepted by all, and amidst the journey of this powerful character, all one will see is friendship, kindness, love, and the other emotions, perfectly brought in to give a pleasant feeling.

So, what about all Naruto movies? What else is there? Well, first of all, know that the Naruto movies it is just as important as series.

Just in case if one is still not satisfied with the series, herein through this anime story, one will also find some great superpowers, a good storyline, and epic fighting scenes, making this awesome anime to be the best manga. Watch the Naruto movies in order to understand better and get the best of it.

Naruto Movies in Order Complete List

Even if one has watched the successful anime series, which is one longest continuing series on-screen, do not stop, there is more. Start to watch Naruto movies in order.

There are in total 11 of them. It might seem a bit tricky as one wouldn’t wish to watch it randomly. So, just follow the list below and have a great watch.

1. Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (2004)

  • IMDB Rating:- 6.7/10
  • Release Date:- 21 August 2004

To start Naruto movies chronological order, begin from the movie released in 2004, which takes place after 101 episodes of the series were already aired.

The director of this movie, Tensai Okamaru, and the writers Masashi Kishimoto and Katsuyuki Sumizawa, they did do a great job explaining the roles and story quite well.

A hide and seek with the known Konohamaru, it was quite exciting, but after this, Naruto, along with his team, moved towards another big mission.

Their job was to escort a beautiful actress, Fujimi Yukihime, during her shoot in a remote and snowy mountain.

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The main story begins when Naruto and his team arrive there, and there appear the ghosts, trying to scare all. The only question that comes after this is, who exactly was behind such fear?

Well, a lot of questions come up watching this movie revolving around the plot of scoundrel Dotokazahana, who wishes to take all the fortune of his sibling Sosetsu from the niece KoyukiKazahana, the princess from the Land of Snow island.

Considering the role of Naruto and his team, they battle trying to spare the princess so that she can take up the seat of her dad.

2. Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel (2005)

  • IMDB Rating:- 6.6/10
  • Release Date:- 6 August 2005

Rated 6 on IMDb, like all other Naruto movies in order, this too is available on Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, and Netflix.

The story herein spins around the mineral named Stone of Gelel. It was baffling and had some immense solid forces.

The Ninjas are sent by the expert Haido for locating the stone as it was to be used by him for making the world an ideal place, a place that was liberated from all sufferings and wars.

So, in the line of accomplishing the fantasy, he is even happy for murdering any of the individuals who, by any means, hinders the same.

So, the Ninjas team of 7, they battle with the devotee of the arrangement of Haido for sparing the universe from the insidious plans he had. Released in 2005, this movie follows after episode 160.

3. Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom (2006)

  • IMDB Rating:- 6.5/10
  • Release Date:- 5 August 2006

This movie shows Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, Rock Lee, and Sakura Haruno assigned with the B-level mission for protecting Prince Michiru (from Moon Land) while he is out on his trip.

There are also other escorts hired, but they did drop out because of the mistreatment they didn’t deserve.

Surely the land of the moon is a wealthy nation and Michiru, he brought all that he could with his view of the materialistic world.

Even his son, Hikaru Tsuki, did the same as he disturbed Naruto. Well, whatever they did and whatever views they carried, towatch Naruto movies is always filled with surprise and suspense and released after Naruto episode 196; in this one, the Director Toshiyuki Tsuru did create great work.

4. Naruto Shippuden: The Movie (2007)

  • IMDB Rating:- 6.9/10
  • Release Date:- 4 August 2007

Directed by Hajime Kamegaki, this movie amidst the Naruto movies in order has been rated 6.9 on IMDb, and it follows episode number 32 of the series.

The story revolves around the endeavor which is by reprobate Yomi for assuming control over this world.

He wishes to do so by resuscitating the evil soul of Moryou (he loaned his body to him, incidentally until the time he was able to find an appropriate body).

But the task is not easy, and the priestess Shion, known for sealing the deal with the devil, warns him about the danger of his plan.

She even forecasts the demise of Naruto and Naruto along with his companions; they battle for sparing the priestess, the world, and himself from that of the multitude of stones by Yomi.

5. Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Bonds (2008)

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.0/10
  • Release Date:- 2 August 2008

This movie rated 7.0 follows episode 71 and depicts the story quite well. It shows the sky land surviving members as sky land was destroyed by the Konoha (2nd ninja war) and its members now gaining and increasing their strength attack Konoha.

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Well, many of the injured during this war survived, and doctor Shinou is to be thanked for it.

She is a mysterious one but was there on time, and as the movie proceeds, one gets to know that now, Amaru’s (Shinou Disciple) village was in danger.

6. Naruto Shippuden: The Will of Fire (2009)

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.2/10
  • Release Date:- 1 August 2009

With a rating of 7.2, this one movie which follows episode 121 amidst the Naruto movies in order, rotates around the 4th great ninja world war and the competition which occurs for stopping it.

It is seen within this movie that some of the ninjas from the Iwagakure, KekkeiGenkai, Kumogakure, kirigakure, and the Sunagakure vanish, all doubts come to Konohagakure (the main town which is not influenced due to any of the occasions).

Herein, the other countries are also seen gathering their troops so that they can attack the land of fire, and this is where the skills and endurance of Naruto and friends are to be tested for locating the guilty party and for making the war stop.

7. Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower (2010)

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.0/10
  • Release Date:- 31 July 2010

This movie follows episode 143, and herein the team seven has been assigned for capturing Mukade, the missing ninja.

This movie is completely about discovering and catching this Ninja who made the trip to the past for assuming control on the Five Great Shinobi countries by utilizing the intensity of Ryukyu.

It is found that the ninja has gone too far, and he did harm a lot. Seeing this, Naruto and his companions head out, finding the ideal opportunity for discovering and stopping him before history is changed until the time’s end.

8. Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Blood Prison (2011)

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.3/10
  • Release Date:- 27 July 2011

As one moves ahead with the Naruto movies in order, herein this movie, the work of the director, Masahiko Murata, will definitely seem to be an extraordinary one.

It is the hard work of the director and the writers that is why the movie has been rated 7.3 on IMDb. It was released in 2011, and it follows episode 196.

The complete narrative of this film spins around endeavors of Naruto for having an escape from that of the criminal restriction office, wherein he got detained due to the fraudulent allegations of the death of Raikage of Hidden Cloud Village and also due to the homicide joins from towns (2 different ones).

It is herein this jail that he meets the female ninja from Hidden Grass village. Her name was Ryuzetsu, who, as per her words, was outlined by some of the individuals of her own village.

9. Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Road to Ninja (2012)

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.7/10
  • Release Date:- 28 July 2012

Released in 2012, this movie follows episode 251. Herein within the movie is shown how Naruto, along with his friends, gets trapped in the Genjutsu.

This trap was created by a very mysterious masked Shinobi, and as the movie proceeds, one would see that all the personality of different characters keeps changing apart from that of Sakura and Naruto.

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Even the dead characters are getting alive, and the roles, well, their roles get reversed.

It is, therefore, necessary for both Naruto and Sakura to find a way so that they can reach out to Genjutsu and get everything back to normal.

10. Naruto The Movie: The Last (2014)

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.6/10
  • Release Date:- 6 December 2014

This one movie has been rated 7.6, considering all other Naruto movies in order. It follows episode 493.

Herein the story, Naruto, along with his companions, is required to stop Kaguya Otsutsuki relative from sanctioning the arrangement which was to impact the moon with Earth.

This movie has been set with the 4th incredible Shinobi war, and its highlight is team 7 (and companions) in their grown life.

11. Naruto The Movie: Boruto (2015)

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.9/10
  • Release Date:- 28 July 2015

This movie is the last of Naruto movies in order which has been released in 2015 and has been rated the max at 7.9 on IMDb. This movie was released just before Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generation, the Naruto sequel series.

It is within the story of this movie that finally, Boruto will convince himself that he would do it all for passing 7th Hokage but then with all the turbulence; he realized soon that the path ahead is not that easy, and he does need assistance to move ahead.

Where To Watch All Naruto Movies in Order

To watch Naruto movies in order, there are many ways that you can use. To make thing easier for you, I have given a full list of platforms which are perfect to give you the Naruto movie experience you want. Some platform requires a subscription and some are free, just have a look:-

Movie 1:- Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow





Movie 2:- Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel




Apple TV

Movie 3:- Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom




Apple TV

Movie 4:- Naruto Shippuden: The Movie





Movie 5:- Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Bonds




Apple TV

Movie 6:- Naruto Shippuden: The Will of Fire




Apple TV

Movie 7:- Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower





Movie 8:- Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Blood Prison




Play Store

Movie 9:- Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Road to Ninja





Movie 10:- Naruto The Movie: The Last





Movie 11:- Naruto The Movie: Boruto







Q.1 When to watch Naruto movies?

Once the series gets completed, one can watch Naruto movies in order and thereafter the Shippuden movies as such. However, the last Naruto the Movie, it doesn’t contribute towards the main plot. So, one can watch it as they want.

Q.2 Where do the Naruto movies fit in?

The original series timeline is followed by 1st 3 Naruto movies and the last 8; it continues with the continuation of Naruto: Shippuden.

Q.3 Does Naruto Die?

No, he doesn’t, but his fate was way worse. Sadistic Isshiki wishes Naruto to suffer not physically but mentally as he derailed his plans. The physical suffering of Naruto is due to the fight he lost while fighting Isshiki in the hidden dimension of the villain.

Q.4 What does Shippuden mean?

The term Shippuden means Hurricane in Japanese.

Q.5 Who is Naruto’s brother?

Itachi Uchiha is the brother of Naruto.

Final Words

Naruto, a great Ninja and his journey that moves towards the next generation, as the whole series, it is one amazing story to know and to watch.

From Writers to Directors, all have given their best herein, and they have made sure that every character’s character can be well-explained.

It is only through that, every rising action is answered right, and different personalities get a proper reflection upon their paths.

So, why waste time? Why not begin today to watch this amazing journey of personalities and a series full of lessons and emotions? Just grab some popcorn and begin.

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