Mangold Promises More Rage in ‘The Wolverine’ + a New Poster

Tj Weaver October 30, 2012 0
Mangold Promises More Rage in ‘The Wolverine’ + a New Poster

Over the years, 20th Century Fox has refused to give fans the Wolverine they’ve come to know and love from the comics of the past and present. It was clear when writer Len Wein & artists Herb Trimpe first introduced the character back in ’74 & ’75 that Wolverine was a man with a troubled past, which the films have explored repeatedly. However, the films have failed to capture the character’s true rage and hunger. Thankfully, director James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma) is looking to change that.

Both Hugh Jackman and Mangold sat down in a live chat with Marvel’s Ryan Penagos to talk about The Wolverine, which you should know is not a prequel, but will instead take place after X-men: The Last Stand making it a sequel. Let’s hope this film doesn’t screw up the X-men timeline even further as it’s a problematic point that X-men: Days of Future Past will have to work around.

‘The Wolverine’  Takes Place After X-3

Why set the film after the events of X-3? Mangold aims to bring us a Logan we’ve yet to see — a man ravaged and haunted by his past, the death of Jean Grey and Professor X. It’s a move that will push Wolverine into the light of the anti-hero:

“The X-Men” are gone, Jean Grey is gone, a lot of his ties to the world are gone,” he said. “Almost every intimate connection to the world is either gone or broken.” 

The Wolverine will explore Logan’s life in Japan — a storyline by Frank Miller & Chris Claremont that’s become one of the character’s most iconic adventures. We will not see Logan in search for his past and who he is, as X 1-3 & X-men Origins: Wolverine have already fleshed out that storyline. Instead, we’ll discover a Logan who now has to deal with the questions, “‘How do I live with myself? How do I live with all the knowledge I have and [every thing that's] happened?’”

Welcome the Rage!

Mangold explains that we’ll see a lot more rage and less humor. He hopes to bring The Wolverine into a realm of reality and away from the playfulness of the comic books, which we saw a lot of in X-men 1.

 ”I think the other thing that I wanted to see, for those that of us that are fans of the comics, one of the aspects that is so huge in Logan’s character is his rage. His anger. For me there was a lot of thinking and research about how to find that, tap into it. The simmering rage, the bezerker rage, we explore anger in all its forms.”

It all sounds splendid, but I don’t think there’s any amount of words that’ll convince X-fans that they’ll finally get the Wolverine they’ve been waiting for. Mangold, we’ll need to see some footage first, and then maybe, maybe you’ll convince us. Until then, I’m left unconvinced.

Check out the interview in full below, and be sure to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment. The film’s first poster is also pictured above. It’s one the best X-posters I’ve seen in a while; a huge improvement from that promo crap from X-men: First Class.