15+ Manhwa/Manhua/Manga Like Solo Leveling To Check Out In 2021

Manga Like Solo Leveling
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In the webtoon community, Solo leveling manga is the top-tier webtoon that is known for creating huge waves. However, even after this wild spread, some people remain unaware of what exactly Manhwa is.

Well, Manhwa is a Korean term that is used for print cartoons or comics. It is exactly like the manga, which is black and white but remember the fact that some of the manhwas are also in color, which is what seems so attractive to the people.

For the extraordinary comics, one wouldn’t be able to get enough out of it and would want more of what they prefer.

The best part is to find a manga that has an amazing storyline with an adventure theme; it wouldn’t be that difficult.

So, considering it all, herein presented below is a list of 15+ best manhwa/manhua manga like solo leveling. Have a look.

1. The Ranker who Lives Twice

The Ranker who Lives Twice

In here presented is the story of twin brother, one of who disappeared 5years ago. Now, it is just Yeon-woo who one day all of a sudden gets possession of his brother’s pocket watch, which had a hidden diary inside, with a message.

It talked about his brother becoming the victim of the betrayal and learning all truth; Yeon-woo finally made a decision to climb the same tower as his brother did with the same diary.

So, herein the story, what is common with the solo leveling is that the main character is favored by the otherworldly circumstances, as he gets into an unknown mess.

Apart from this, Yeon-woo’s brother left him a cheat book that helps him to get a hand over others, and it also shows how the rebirthing occurs with the chosen one who grew strong ahead.

2. Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King manga like solo leveling

This is a great manga like solo leveling wherein one would see the journey of the character named Soo Jeo-Heon. The concept used herein will definitely make the viewers fall in love with it, and one must know that Tomb Raider King, he has an artwork that is identical to this solo leveling.

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Talking about this one, it has many funny characters, and the same is well-drawn. The important aspect within this manga is how the characters, along with the protagonist, are used to make the story fabulous. In here, the tombs, weapons, and alike would also remind one of the solo leveling.

3. Legend of the Northern Blade

Legend of the Northern Blade

For some people, this is a boring story but is this manga like solo leveling actually boring? Well, talking about it and making a comparison of it to the solo leveling, this one manga’s storyline has a slower pace, and this is definitely a great thing as it helps in the story development, the one which one would be waiting for.

4. Tower of God

Tower of God manga like solo leveling

If one is willing to spend time on solo leveling manhwa, try this. Herein shown is a tower that summons some of the chosen people who are called Regulars. A promise is made to them that they would be granted the deepest desires they own if they reach the tower’s top.

This is where the story begins and moves ahead for Bam, the young boy who wasn’t the choice of the boy but even after that, he opened the gates.

He was an irregular being which was seen to have shaken the tower multiple times. Now, how this story moves ahead is a must-watch, with MC becoming strongest with losses and endurance, and there are also some unexplained circumstances herein, which one would love to get through.

5. That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime

Herein the solo leveling manga shows that a robber stabs a man, who, when lying in his own pool of blood, hears his own voice, which is strange.

The voice also interprets his regret while he was dying as of being a virgin, and this voice gives him the great sage unique skill. Well, the question here was, did it make fun of him, or was it just so obvious?

The MC here gets strong with his skills, and there is also a dedicated system that appears in front that helps the MC. A lot of similarities it carries with that of the solo leveling.

6. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Talking of this manga similar to solo leveling, one will get a lot of fantastic artwork here and also an excellent story.

It is only after watching this and concentrating over the scenes that one would know the amount of effort and time that has been spent on this manga.

Even where there is some cliché, it is for sure that stopping oneself from appreciating the artist, it is not possible. So, do not wait. Go on the enjoyable ride.

7. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

In order to describe the solo leveling manga, unique is one correct word. In every single arc, one would find the story of the manga moving right well, and when it comes to this, a returner’s magic should be special; it is one special one that spoils with some amazing battles one would wish to see.

Appreciating the artwork in this comic is amazing. With the story starting to change within this manga like solo leveling, every bit of the relationships, the humor, all of it will start making sense, and the precious concept of it will be the best aspect to be added to the list.

8. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

The story herein has been set in the past where the novel named Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse, it becomes a reality. For the evolving scene, an extraordinary position is preferred herein.

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A lot of controversies come to life when moving ahead with the reader of the novel becoming the hero and trying to save the world and discovering the motivation to find reasons as to why the world is full of such situations.

Well, the merit it gets is that it becomes the manga like solo leveling. Even when not the best, it is worth reading.

9. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

The complete script is seen spinning around the lucid dreams, a game wherein the player, Hardcore Leveling warrior, is quite eminent as the popular player.

Moving ahead, his level sees a fall from 1 to 99 with the unidentified player executing him, and now leveling fighter is to compensate for the name so as to gain back the position and also the unknown player location. How it proceeds ahead with this solo leveling manhwa is quite engaging and entertaining.

10. Versatile Mage

Versatile Mage manga like solo leveling

Here the story is about the magic necklace, which is inherited by the protagonist here (Mo Fan), and the very next, as she wakes up, her life was changed totally.

The high school teaches the magic now, and the students, they are given a lot of encouragement for trying and becoming accomplished wizards. From science to magic, in this manga like solo leveling, one would enjoy giving time.

11. The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End

For people who are still obsessed with the isekai storyline that had the solo leveling manga, this one manga is a must to have right now.

Herein, the artwork visuals are great all throughout the entire action scenes. It will not just entertain with funny moments but will also help maintain an amazing pace. It is for sure that one wouldn’t get bored reading it.

12. So I’m a Spider, So What?

So I’m a Spider, So What?

Magical world, rebirth, I mean, this story is amazing. This will definitely make one think as to how this is supposed to go ahead with every step.

A lot of questions will come up like, how to survive in the big scary dungeon being the weakest monster? This is where the story takes a turn with the determination to figuring out the rules quickly before kissing the second life a total goodbye.

This manga like solo leveling, gives more sense and information for leveling up ahead and faster. With special items/armors, it is all system favored for sure.

13. Metropolitan System

Metropolitan System manga like solo leveling

In here is the story of Jiang Bai, who dies in a truck accident, and his soul, it gets transported to the parallel world. It was called Aquamarine.

It was similar to earth, and this is where the character meets the mad God, who did give him the ability of the powerful BUG in the totally new world.

Well, for sure, with a second chance at life, thismanga like solo leveling will be a great one to get through.

14. The Gamer

The Gamer manga like solo leveling

The story of Jihan Han is just like any other student of the typical high school but what’s different is his ability to see the world as a video game.

Soon after he discovers this, he is stumbled into the hidden world, which was filled up with people like him.

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Well, this, as it goes ahead, makes him juggle through the homework and the quest completion, and it becomes necessary for Jihan to do the navigation for his newfound power so that he can level up in life within this manga like solo leveling.

15. Dungeon Reset

Dungeon Reset manga like solo leveling

One another manga similar to solo leveling is the dungeon reset. It has Jung Dawun as MC, and he is shown to have been pulled in the dungeon game from where he needs to survive.

In comparison to other players’ skills, Dawun just had Purify for cleaning up all of the dirty things therein, and this was definitely a very useful power.

Well, talking ahead, one, when starting to read this manga like solo leveling, would feel that it is copying the Solo leveling, but what one cannot ignore here is the funny and the stunning storyline together with the special trick of Dawun for outsmarting the system error.

16. I am the Sorcerer King

I am the Sorcerer King

Well, this manga, it is also known as the Naneun Madowangida, wherein the main character is Lee Sung Hoon, who is a very high-level magician. He gets reborn as the bait in the monster hunter.

Make sure you keep reading this solo leveling manhwa and see how all of the awakened hunters gained all of the power. It definitely was a level-up one wouldn’t wish to miss.

17. Overgeared

Overgeared ,manga like solo leveling

In here, the character development plan is like perfect. The complete plan is seen to be focusing on the negative aspects which are owned by the MC of the manga and once known, it does a proper justice according to the plot.

A lot of realism will be seen here with the characters having turns and the trials.

This manga like solo leveling is based on RPG game. It follows the MC journey and as a part of uniqueness, the story herein doesn’t start after the character is seen receiving that one luck chance which the readers get a chance to be the part of. Do not miss this incredible manga for sure.

Final words

If one is willing to watch the solo leveling with much better character development along with some added humor, the above list is where one should start reading.

Try out the recommendations one by one, and for sure, the journey towards manga like solo leveling will get better. Hope you found the above list totally worth it. Add it to your list, and stay tuned.

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