All Lightsaber Color Meanings with Explaination

Lightsaber Color Meanings
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Star Wars, since the start, has won hearts and made many fans around the world. Be it movies, television series, comic books, or theme parks; it was all welcomed with open hearts. 

However, even if you are not a Star Wars fan, well, at any point of time in life, you must have seen the lightsaber, that sword with the laser or the intense light beam that look blade, which is quite iconic in the Star Wars movie and for sure you might have the thought to swing it around, or you might still be daydreaming about it. 

But are you aware that there are different colors to it and there are lightsaber color meanings to it too?

Well, the Lightsabers vary in their color, and each of them has a different meaning to it, describing warriors (Jedi Knights) wielding it. All you need to do is pay a little bit of attention, and you will understand about all colored lightsabers that have become well-known Star Wars universe symbols.

It was also voted in movie history as one of the most popular weapons by the 2000 movie enthusiasts poll in the year 2008. So, if you are interested in this popularity and you are unsure of what these colors mean, this article is for you. Continue to read ahead to know further about the lightsaber color meanings.

What are Lightsabers in Star Wars?

The Lightsabers are a very important asset in the Star Wars fictional world of George Lucas’. These are weapons that have been used predominantly by force users (Jedi or Sith). There are also some of the variations which have been properly used by the characters. 

One fact about these lightsabers is that they are used by force users, and it is very difficult to be controlled by people not having a strong force connection. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that these lightsabers are heavy but instead the control over it; it requires skills, a lot of it. This is the reason why the regular characters in the movies and the series have been seen to be avoiding it. 

However, there have been instances within the expanded universe wherein the non-force users used lightsabers in combat.

Apart from the above, there is a lot to know about these important assets, and herein this article has been covered the 8  lightsaber color meanings. Go ahead to know more.

8 Lightsaber Color Meanings Explained

Currently, there are a total of 8 lightsaber colors, which are the main colors and have been identified within the franchise of Star Wars. Some of these colors also have specific subtypes. However, the majority just exist in their base form. You can know more in detail about these colors by reading the brief overview that has been continued further ahead.

1. Blue Lightsaber

This lightsaber is the most commonly recognized and utilized one. It is generally seen to be used by the Jedi Guardians (experienced and skilled duelists who receive extensive training in the techniques of Jedi Martials) or anyone who strives for protecting any of the order that is coming from the external forces, seeking to cause damage to it. 

A few renowned force users carrying the blue lightsabers are Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Master) and Ezra Bridger. The blue color of the lightsabers herein represents the qualities these warriors had in them.

In modern times, these colors do not have the same weight as the ancient times and even the lightsaber color meanings/interpretations; they are based on the historical importance it carries, instead of the modern significance held by them. 

However, Lucas, along with other authors, made sure to keep this symbolism within the modern characters. 

2. Red Lightsaber

The Jedi Knights never used the red lightsabers. As per history, one can know that the Kyber crystals had a strong connection with the forces, which are sentient objects practically. It is the users of the dark side who cased the crystals bleeding from the pain they had, and this is what resulted in the red color of it. 

The villainous dark helmets of the Star Wars lore, the Sith, are known for using the red lightsaber crystals.

Even though these red kyber crystals don’t embody anything evil, but they do represent suffering and pain, which are the characteristics of the force’s dark side. If history is considered, all of the Sith Lords have been associated with the red lightsaber in which some did have more of the exotic designs (Darth Maul, Kylo Ren, etc.).

3. Green Lightsaber

The green lightsaber is wielded traditionally by the most powerful and high-ranked Jedi Knights. Amidst the different lightsaber color meanings, the green color represents wisdom, competence, and knowledge symbols. 

It has also been linked with the Jedi, who had a strong force affinity. These owners are experienced, wise, and they do have a very deep and quite essential force comprehension. 

They also have a very fundamental understanding of force, and they rank high in the Jedi knights, considering they have been seen valuing harmony and relying more upon mental skills instead of fighting skills.

The Jedi Grandmaster Yoda, the most skilled of the Jedi in history was the bearer of the green-colored lightsaber. The general grievous and Qui-Gon Jinn, the Jedi Master, also had pair of green sabers. In later life, even Luke Skywalker had a pair of green sabers.

4. Black Lightsaber

Or Darksaber, it is, in the typical instance, unique and one of a kind. The darksaber (ancient and the distinctive lightsaber, which is black-bladed) was designed by 1st Mandalorian, Tarre Vizsla, who was admitted to the Jedi Order. This weapon is known to represent Mandalorians’ fight against the Jedi, and it was also there in the battle, one of the most powerful tools. 

The lightsaber also represents Mandalorians’ emotions (avoided by Jedi) and the murderous rivalry they have with Jedi’s.

The black dark saber is a standard Jedi weapon. It has the black-energy blade, which has been bordered with the sparking white one. This white border functions like leadership’s potent symbol for Mandalorians. The lightsaber has been shaped like the traditional sword, and it is a bit short than the actual lightsabers.

The Darksaber owner has also claimed the Mandalorian’s ruler title, and the way (only one) which is to get the legitimate ownership over the same is by defeating in the combat (which means to kill them), the former owner. 

5. Yellow Lightsaber

The color yellow has been used as the identification for the Jedi Sentinel. It is this Jedi who refined their talents in the academic and martial interests’ combination. The yellow crystals were also used by the temple guards for igniting the lightsabers.

In all other blades, the yellow lightsabers are amidst the coveted ones in the arsenal of Jedi order. As for the lightsaber color meanings, none know what the hue herein signifies or what it means. 

Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress, both of these powerful people, were seen at one point using the yellow lightsaber.

The yellow lightsaber is quite rare in the galaxy. It has also been seen that the red kyber crystal turned yellow on one occasion. It is quite interesting because the purified color was then changed to white. Not much is revealed about the symbolism and origins of this rare lightsaber color.

6. White Lightsaber

It is yet another rarest lightsaber in the galaxy, but it is not completely unique. It has been usually linked with a single character, like, Ahsoka Tano, who is known for appearing in canon like the young student (Padawan) of Jedi, during clone wars under Anakin Skywalker. 

Even the Imperial Knights, the force users faction in the legends of Star Wars, were also seen employing the white-blade lightsabers.

The white lightsaber, as said, is rare, and it is the neutral color for the blade of the lightsaber. The neutrality and the autonomy represented by it have also been associated with the force’s light side, which represents the individuals who completely cut ties with Jedi, even when they remained on to the side of light, and the individual who had no connection with the force’s dark side.

One interesting fact about the white kyber crystal is that it is not natural. It was created while the process was reversed for the creation of the red kyber crystals by the Sith. The purification form herein has the symbolic value, which depicts one amidst the lightsaber color meanings.

7. Orange Lightsaber

This is one of the extremely rare blades in the Star Wars canon. Not much information is known about this lightsaber because of its rareness. However, it was the canon at first in the Disney Purge, and then it was shown in the video game of the Star Wars Jedi. 

About the lightsaber color meanings, the orange color herein doesn’t represent anything, and neither does exist any precise theory about the origin of it.

As per one of the theories, this blade is quite rare as the people owning the same rarely use it. This rare usage is because they promised not to use the weapons until the time it became absolutely important. 

Another theory related to it is that it was used in the early days by the Sith, but now that practice has completely been abandoned. 

As per this theory, this orange lightsaber also contains the red kyber crystal, which is partially purified, and it also has some traces of the original redness.

This lightsaber represents pacifism, and the orange lightsaber was only featured once as the color possibility of the blade within the video game of Star War Jedi: Fallen Order in 2019. As per the guidelines of the game, this orange lightsaber is known to represent the character having the void in them, and they are doomed to have never filled it.

8. Purple Lightsaber

If one is looking forward to knowing about one-in-a-kind, well, the purple lightsaber is the one. These lightsabers have the most enigmatic colors within the universe of Star Wars. 

Herein, the purple color alludes to the reconstruction, moral ambiguity, and rehabilitation. This is the reason why who wielded this lightsaber had a very strong connection with force’s both dark and light elements. In amidst the wielder, the Jedi Master Mace Windu is the most famous.

Talking about the lightsaber color meanings and the origin, for the purple lightsaber, the story is quite interesting. 

The origins of it can be found easily off the screen. Lucas was also never intended for introducing this color lightsaber to canon, but it was Samuel L. Jackson, playing Mace Windu within the prequel trilogy, who wished it to be purple as this color was his favorite. 

This is where Lucas agreed, and the color got introduced within the franchise, and so, talking of its meaning, there doesn’t exist anything absolutely.

However, the authors of the expanded universe retroactively provided the meaning to the color and stated that this color represents uncertainty, ambiguity, and reconstruction. 

It was because of the color purple; it is a perfect combination of blue and red. Mace Windu is one of the famous owners of this purple lightsaber, and he is known for holding the Jedi order high values in its regard. One another famous owner of the purple lightsaber was Rodian Jedi Knight Huulik.

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What are the main Lightsabers?

As you are already aware of different lightsaber color meanings, let’s move ahead to know the main lightsabers within Star Wars. Well, there are 3 very common and main lightsaber colors that can be seen within the universe of Star Wars. 

These colors are blue, red and green. It, when seen within the movies, helps to give an instant distinction between good and bad guys.

  • Red lightsabers

These are exclusive lightsabers that have been wielded exclusively by the Siths and the evil forces. The glow of it is obtained by the powerful synthetic crystals, unlike the blue and green crystals, which are naturally formed and that were preferred highly by Jedi’s. 

These are artificial kyber crystals but are highly capable of producing much more powerful lightsabers, which hold the potential for deactivating the lightsabers of their opponents by ensuring to overload them with energy.

This unnatural crystal is also believed to be completely powered by an evil force and the power lust. The red color also signifies or reflects the nature of the corrupt sinister of its holder.

  • Green lightsabers

Knights of the Old Republic, the roleplaying game indicated that this lightsaber reflects highly on the transformation of the Jedi to the consular. These consular have a very diplomatic approach in comparison to the combat-oriented (which is the same as the wielders of the orange lightsaber).

Considering the lightsaber color meanings, the green lightsaber, at the core is symbolic of the characters who have chosen for relying more upon the forces in order to find their problems, solutions which may arise. 

The holders of the green lightsabers are wise, calm and they also possess some of the powerful abilities of the force. But they can definitely resort to the achievement of peace using force if required.

  • Blue Lightsabers

These lightsabers are granted to ones who are not that strong like the ones in the force, but they are skilled enough to be in physical combat. The wielders of the blue lightsabers are very commonly known to be the Jedi Guardians. 

The individuals, as such are highly trained in a different manner of lightsaber combat, including telekinesis and leaping acrobatics.

The Guardians herein are known for the powerful lightsaber swings, and they also attack fiercely the opponents they have, head-on without showing any shyness in the battle. They always have fought on the light side too.

Final Words

Hope the above article was able to provide complete information about the lightsaber color meanings, and we were able to comprehend the colors considering what they represent in Star Wars. 

Note that there are some other hues and non-canon ones, like bronze and gold too, which occurred in the franchise, but not much idea is available about the same as to what they signify as the narratives, they never make any disclosure about it. 

One can even expect many more colors of the lightsaber with different lightsaber color meanings in the future as the same gets to be known about, with respect to its origin and meaning.

So, now as you already have a better understanding of the calculated meaning that exists behind every single lightsaber, just feel free to flaunt the serious Star Wars knowledge owned around. 

Just make a pick over the color which suits you best, then head to the galaxy, which is completely far away, and we really hope that the force is with all of you.

Keep spreading the knowledge owned!

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