Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Watch Order: Jojo Watch Order Full Guide

jojo's bizarre adventure watch order
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Every single anime fan they have one common problem of not being able to understand the Jojo watch order. It is understandable that now with the series getting back, the viewers are facing concerns as to where to start; after all, there exists a lot of OVA stuff for the series.

It can become confusing at times. Some of the fans even get mixed with new episodes and think they got to watch the older series for understanding it better and moving ahead further.

But in actuality, this isn’t the case. This is why in order to remove a hard time understanding, the below-mentioned guide will provide a complete idea of where to begin and where to end.

What is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

This is a Manga series that has been written and interestingly illustrated by a well-known name Hirohiko Araki. The complete series has been divided into 8 parts, and each of them follows an adventure that comes with the life of the protagonist, who bears the nickname JoJo.

If the first six parts of the saga get detailed, it included the supernatural conflicts that existed between the joestar family members and some of the other villains.

While the last two parts, they have been shown to be following the continuity reboot; and they take place in the alternate universe that has too many original parallels.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Watch Order

Like said above, it is not important to watch the previous part of the series in order to move ahead and to understand the other part of the series.

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However, if one wants to continue with the watching order, they can follow the below-mentioned guide, which discusses part by part the complete series.

Starting from the year 2012, one will move ahead to watch Jojo’s bizarre adventure part 5, golden wind. Follow the lead and have a great time watching this amazing anime.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)

Jojo's bizarre adventure watch order

This is where one should start, and know that this part of the adventure consists of two parts. Both the part 1 and 2 of Jojo’s bizarre adventure anime are in 2012 adaption. Viewers, for some reason, do not understand this and the move ahead skipping the part.

They simply take a step ahead to part 3 of the given series of anime. Kindly do not make a mistake and follow Jojo’s bizarre adventure watch order. Watch part 2 of 2012 before moving ahead to part 3.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 1: Phantom blood

Jojo's bizarre adventure part 1

This constitutes episodes one to nine. It is an adaptation five-volume arc original of popular Manga JoJo’s bizarre adventure covering the Phantom blood chapters.

In here, one would find Joestar, who is the aristocratic boy who has a complete upside down within his life because of the mysterious boy named Dio Brando who arrived.

Dio has been seen to have a connection to the father, and with time, when Dio starts becoming obsessed with the ancient mysterious, mystical stone mask that was in possession of his father, there forms a Rivalry.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2: The Battle Tendency

Jojo's bizarre adventure watch order part 2

Episode 10- 26 is a part of this, and here in described is the story in Mexico with Speedwagon arriving at straizo.  They both their aging friends to late Jonathan Joestar.

Speedwagon comes thereafter the report received as a part of new evidence related to stone mask, which did transform Dio (Jonathan’s adoptive brother) into an immortal vampire (half a century ago).

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Straizo in here kills the associates of Speedwagon and also enjoys the man himself. All of this was done because of the fascination Straizo had for youthfulness and also vigor that was given to Dio.

He even used the blood of his comrades for activating the mask and then trying to transform himself into a vampire. Straizo is also seen to be leaving Speedwagon for dying.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 3: Stardust Crusaders

Jojo's bizarre adventure watch order part 3

In here explained is about the years after the ancient evil got salvaged within sea depths. One can see Joutarou Kuujou sitting peacefully within the Japanese jail cell.

He didn’t commit any crime but yet he is not released because he is believed to be possessed by an evil spirit that was capable of harming the people around him.

Even when the grandson of Joseph asks to convince Joutarou to leave the prison, he is informed about the variety of deadly forms that the spirit can adopt and cause harm.

A lot is seen within this part wherein the Allies seek out and try to destroy The immortal vampire. The moon out on a mission, the failure of which will cause a grim fate over humanity.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders 2nd Season

Jojo's bizarre adventure part 3.1

Moving ahead in Jojo’s bizarre adventure watch order, in this season, one will find the allies in Egypt, wherein awaits Dio, the immortal. When they arrived, the group gets a new comrade named Iggy, the mutt who wielded the stand as the fool.

Definitely, it is not good news as in their path was standing Stand users new group who were serving Dio, and they also had a stand representative of the ancient Egyptian god.

With the final battle approaching, it was the least against the time for breaking free Joutarou’s mother from the curse and ending the terror reign of Dio on the joestar family for forever.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Jojo's bizarre adventure watch order part 4

This part of Jojo’s bizarre adventure anime order, it depicts the year 1999. It shows the completely peaceful and quiet town named Morioh that get recently hotbed for the strange activities. It is Joutarou Kuujou, the marine biologist, who heads toward the mysterious town to meet Jousuke Higashikata.

As a part of a teaser for this part of Jojo’s bizarre adventure watch order, one must know that even though Jousuke and Joutarou seem to be stranger at first, but in actual one will find out later that he is the illegitimate child of the grandfather of Joutarou (Joseph Joestar).

On meeting each other, they realize that they can have more in common than just the blood relation. Leader in this part one would see an investigation going on for the recent disappearance and also for the other suspicious activities going on.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan

Ova 4th episode, it takes place in between the events that are ongoing in the diamond is unbreakable and the Golden wind.

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Here is featured Rohan Kishibe, the stand using artist of manga, who is known for traveling around The World so that he can take real-life inspirations from people.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind

Jojo's bizarre adventure watch order part 5

This is shown in Naples, the coastal city where corruption was teaming up, and the police were conspiring with the outlaws.

They will also be conspiring for the drugs run rampant on going around the youth, and one will also see the Mafia governing the streets with his iron fist.

Different fateful encounters, one will find hereafter the 15-year-old boy named Giorno Giovanna enters the story with the eccentric connection that he carried with the joestar family.

He is also seen to be gifted with an unexplained stand ability for giving and creating life. Now with such ability of gold experience and fascination, how the story moves ahead in a mysterious way, it is amazing to watch.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: OVA

It is the OVA that introduced the watches of anime to the world of the Jojo. If the story is considered, the ova seem to be based upon the original Jojo saga, Stardust Crusaders, the third part. 



Q.1 Do you need to watch Jojo in order?

One must note that every single part has its own story that is unique and has unique characters along with the plot and the setting. So one can easily watch out of the order. However, it is suggested one watch it chronologically.

Q.2 Do I need to watch Jojo season 1?

Moving ahead for Jojo’s bizarre adventure watch order, well, definitely one should watch the same, but one should not make the mistake of living out the second part of the same. Know that for season 1 there are two parts, and one must watch both.

Q.3 How many Jojo animes are there?

If talking chronologically, there are in total 24 episodes within the Jojo bizarre adventure.

Q.4 Where do I start watching Jojo’s?

One must definitely start with part 1, the phantom blood.

Q.5 Can I skip Jojo part 1?

The term optional does not apply to part one. If one skips part one of Jojo’s bizarre adventure anime order, they will remain a few less about the characters and also the treasure chest.

Final words

There does not exist the desired timeline for Jojo’s bizarre adventure watch order. It is therefore completely recommended that one must maintain the order as per the release. Definitely, there are no fillers, and all of the OVAs seem to be all canon. There are many events occurring in the series that have occurred before. So, skipping any part of Jojo watch order will be foolishness.

Know that history plays a crucial role, and for enjoying the latest Jojo bizarre adventure order, it is very important to know what actually happened in the previous parts of Jojo anime.

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