Jesse Stone Movies In Order 2022: Know The Right Movies Order

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Jesse Stone, he is a fictional character from the book series and movies that have been written originally by the novelist Robert B. Parker.

The writer started in 1997 to work on this book series, and the starting book was Night Passage, and the complete saga was completed before his death.

The story has in total 9 novels that were picked by CBS and converted to 8 different films, and the fans watch all of these Jesse Stone Movies in order.

The story follows the life of Jesse Stone, an alcoholic who was a divorcee and was forced to giving his resignation from the LAPD.

Well, he got a job as the police chief later in the small town that was full of crime and corruption, and he was hired there as the president thought he was easy to be manipulated.

The above story continues with the plot and character development and what is important to note here is that be it the book or the movie, they have a separate story with common characters.

It is also to be noted that one should watch Jesse Stone Movies in order.

The article here will provide all the relevant details.

So, just give it a read and continue today with this amazing series of movies.

Jesse Stone Movies in Order 2022

As of now, there are 9 Jesse Stone films, and eight of them have been picked up by CBS.

All these movies were aired between 2005-2012, and later with the interest of Hallmark, the brand picked the series, and the 9th installment was released in the year 2015 with Tom Selleck playing Jesse Stone’s role.

The complete movie series is connected, and it does follow a similar storyline.

Jesse Stone was first seen in the known detective novel of Robert B. Parker, named Jesse Stone, and the first film, it was aired in the year 2005, and it was truly one success for all.

In order to know more about each of these movies, a discussion has been provided below.

1. Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005)

Jesse Stone Stone Cold

It is the first in the list of Jesse Stone movies in order wherein starts the story of, former homicide detective, Jesse was previously instated in LAPD as such, but now in England’s small town, he gets the job of Chief Police Officer.

In the city, there occurs series of murders, and once Jesse started to indulge himself with scotch and women, it didn’t seem he was on the right path.

Now how he leaves it all behind and gets on the right track is the story depicted herein in this mystery novel converted movie.

2. Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)

Jesse Stone movies in order Night Passage

With the story moving ahead, Jesse in this second movie is seen investigating the cases, and his first investigation starts with the case of Domestic abuse, which led to the money-laundering scheme wherein the bank manager too was involved.

There are a lot of things associated with this movie, and the official of the town tries his best to stop the secrets from being dug by Jesse, but on the other hand, Jesse was too dedicated to taking a turn back from his services.

What happens next, whether he finds the secret, one can know about it watching the movie completely.

3. Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006)

Jesse Stone Death in Paradise

This movie comes 3rd in the list of Jesse Stone movies in order.

It connects with the story of the body of a teenage girl who was found in the lake floating.

After the body got removed, it was known from the investigation that the girl was murdered brutally.

The investigation leads Jesse Stone to go to Boston Mob, and the question that comes up next is, was this case a case of domestic violence that was turned into a deadly murder?

On the one hand, where Jesse becomes solving the mystery, he is also seen fighting alcoholism which he continued in his ex-wife’s memory.

He is quite determined even after this to solve the case.

Now, will he or will he not, is a question, the answer to which is provided in the movie.

4. Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007)

Jesse Stone movies in order Sea Change

The story begins with Jesse Stone shown refuging in Paradise, a small town.

This refuge leads towards the reopening of many unsolved murder cases.

With digging into the cases, it is known that Rakesh was not related to either the killer or the victim.

However, this case was related to the past he had.

One after another, the movie is relieved after Jesse Stone and the town.

5. Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2009)

Jesse Stone Thin Ice

In the Jesse Stone movies in order, this is the 5th movie that starts with showing Jesse Stone trying to moonlight in Boston and then getting shot.

Well, while he tries to investigate who the shooter was, he ends up to one of the sexy PD investigators of Boston on her bed.

The movie is full of twists and turns, and by the end of the movie, one might find themselves left behind with many more questions than they start within the beginning.

6. Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2011)

Jesse Stone movies in order No Remorse

Even when that Jem of a person tried to solve the mystery, Jesse Stone got suspended from the police force of Paradise.

However, the murder series continues in Boston and draws the attention of Stone.

With this 6th movie of Jesse Stone movies in order to continue ahead, Stone investigates and finds the clues, and this is where he gets to know about the crime boss of the notorious city.

This boss, he is a new character that comes in the story of Gino Fish.

What next can only be known by watching the movie?

7. Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)

Jesse Stone Innocents Lost

This is again a great movie in the list of Jesse Stone movies in order.

Jesse Stone is seen reinstated back as the Paradise Chief of Police, and he sees the mystery unsolved.

Well, what comes up next is the death of Cindy Van Aldan, who was like Jesse’s daughter.

The clues say, the death was due to overuse of drugs and that she was involved in prostitution, but Stone finds it hard to believe this.

Definitely, this case was personal, and Stone tries his best to solve the mystery as the life was taken of an innocent, and he did believe in this very much to take the case ahead.

8. Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012)

Jesse Stone Benefit of the Doubt

In the series of Jesse Stone movies in order, this is the next one wherein Jesse is seen struggling to protect his job as he was unable to solve one murder mystery given.

The reason was not the incompetency, but it was the misleading clues and the hidden meanings to it.

He tried to solve the mystery by intuitions, but it was a double homicide, and the case was not easy to solve.

9. Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

Jesse Stone Lost in Paradise

Last, in the Jesse Stone movies in order, this movie shows Jesse taking a short vacation.

He spends his time in Boston, and this is where he meets Lieutenant Sydney Greenstreet, who was impressed by his work and wanted him to handle some closed cases, which were catching his eyes.

What next? Watch the movie to know more.

Jesse Stone Movies in Chronological Order

The 2nd movie of the series is the 1st ones’ prequel and in order to watch Jesse Stone movies in order or chronologically, follow the list below.

  • Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)
  • Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005)
  • Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006)
  • Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007)
  • Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2009)
  • Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)
  • Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)
  • Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012)
  • Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

Best Jesse Movies According to IMDB Rating

Jesse stone movies IMDB rating

In the nine movies in the Jesse Stone movies in order, which is best can be decided by the IMDb ratings by the audience. The list has been mentioned below,

  • Benefit of Doubt- 7.1
  • Innocents Lost- 7.1
  • Lost in Paradise- 7.2
  • Thin Ice- 7.2
  • Sea Change- 7.2
  • Death in Paradise- 7.2
  • Stone Cold– 7.2
  • Night Passage- 7.3
  • No Remorse- 7.3

Other Movies In Order Articles:- 

Where to Watch Jesse Stone movies?

Where To Watch Jesse Stone Movies

If one is willing to watch all the Jesse Stone Movies in Order, one can visit Amazon Prime or Netflix to watch it.

One can watch all of the 9 movies therein for free if there is a subscription.

However, if you do not have one, get it as the small charge paid here will be totally worth it.



Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

Jesse Stone: Night Passage

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise

Jesse Stone: Sea Change

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice

Jesse Stone: No Remorse

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost

Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt

Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise

Jesse Stone Books in Order

Jesse stone books in order

The stories of Jesse Stone movies in order, they do not in the order of the books, but they do seem to be in the proper order of the chronological events.

The same is the case with the TV movies which had new additions and is not in order of the books.

One can enjoy the books by forgetting the publication order and note that some extra episodes can be commissioned by the screen-writer or the author.

Just note, the books it doesn’t properly add up with the overall story, so one needs to watch the Jesse Stone Movies in Order.

Book Name


Night Passage


Trouble in Paradise


Death in Paradise


Stone Cold


Sea Change


High Profile


Stranger in Paradise


Night and Day


Split Image


Killing The Blues


Fool Me Twice


Damned If You Do


Blind Spot


The Devil Wins


Debt to Pay


The Hangman's Sonnet




The Bitterest Pill


Fool's Paradise


Stone's Throw




Q.1 Will there be a 10th Jesse Stone movie?

As per the information available, Tom Selleck has shown interest in making a new Jesse Stone movie, but the news has been going around for years now. To date, there has not been any official announcement made. However, one can still hope for an announcement soon.

Q.2 Is Tom Selleck making any more Jesse Stone movies?

After the success of the 9 movies in a row brought in, the 10th movie is being expected, but for now, we do not have any official date or announcement.

Q.3 How many Jesse Stone TV movies are there?

There are in total 9 Jesse Stone TV movies released to date.

Q.4 What is the newest Jesse Stone movie?

The last and the newest Jesse Stone movie is Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise.

Q.5 Does Netflix have Jesse Stone movies?

Yes, one can watch Jesse Stone movies on Netflix.


Final Words

A complete guide has been provided within the article, which will guide one to watch the Jesse Stone Movies in Order.

It is also to be noted that the movies are to be watched chronologically to understand the story better.

This crime thriller series, if one is looking forward to watching it, go for it as it full of suspense and crime and one will have a great time watching it.

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