Genuinely Amazing 15 INFP Anime Characters To Check out 2021

INFP Anime Characters
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Of MBTI Typology, the INFP anime characters are real sweethearts.

They are loved for their kind hearts and also the time they make for all those people they love.

Well, of course, anime is just full of some of the other special characters who have been seen fighting for their right and anything they believe in strongly.

They have also been seen adhering to the values they have, and all they wish to do is, make this world a better place.

With lots of artistic merit within the anime, they are full of designs and dramatic colors which clearly portray the heart’s inner world.

In case one is an anime fan, this article is totally for you as it will be providing complete information about the anime characters.

Give a read ahead to know about 15 INFP anime characters more and better.

Who Are Actually INFP Anime Characters?

INFP stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting.

It is the personality type that is seen in the Personality theory of Myers Briggs that is based upon the theory of Carl Jung.

When it comes to INFPs, they are quite high on introversion.

It means they do have the tendency to be on their own.

They find peace within themselves in comparison to be themselves.

INFPs, they are known as mediators too.

Their primary traits seem to be centered around the quiet and shy attitude.

These characters make population’s 4% making them quite a rare personality carrying open-mindedness and quietness, which makes them imaginative and also creative.

Mirai Nikki

INFPs, they are also said to be altruistic and idealistic.

They always believe in the best in the people, even to the naivete point.

One common risk with them always is that they hold the risk of getting the feeling of misunderstanding.

It is because of this that they stay joyful and loyal to the like-minded people they find.

The INFPs, they are a huge part of the diplomat role group.

It means they get strongly guided by the principles they have instead of any excitement, logic, or practicality.

They always honor virtue, honor, morality, and beauty as they are much concerned over the intent purity instead of the punishments and the rewards.

Even after all this, they, most of the time, feel the feeling of isolation and loneliness.

15 INFP Anime Characters To Check Out October 2021

As one already knows what exactly are INFP anime characters‘ feelings and likeness.

It is not time to take a step ahead and know a little more about the 15 characters who are known around the world as a part of different anime that they play a role in.

Get through the below-mentioned list to know more.

1. Gaara (Naruto)

Gaara INFP Anime Characters

Gaara is one of the INFP-T anime characters who is known to be the mixed bag INFP.

He has the right combination of healthy and unhealthy characteristics because of his childhood which was quite traumatic.

When young, Gaara was quite warm and friendly.

However, with the tragic experiences he gets, he starts to embrace his personality’s dark side.

It was later that Gaara returned to the path of goodness, and he made sure to create unity and harmony amidst the Shinobi.

At his worst, the actions of Gaara cannot be related to the other INFP anime characters, but when at his best, it definitely gets related to curiosity, idealism, and compassion.

Some might even relate to him as the sympathetic villain as he did experience a lot of torment and pain in his life.

2. Crona (Soul Eater)

Crona INFP Anime Characters

In the INFP anime characters list, he is seen to be quite a turbulent textbook anime character.

It was in the latter half that he gained stability when he was treated right and got accepted by society.

The sex and the gender of Crona have never been revealed within the anime.

Crona, he is still a melancholy type.

He is also amazing after what they have all been through and, even after this, still carrying so much positivity about the things.

3. Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)

Armin Arlert

Anyone who watched the Attack of Titan for sure is aware of the character of Armin Arlert.

Well, he, amidst the other anime characters, has been depicted as quite loyal and also a selfless person who does all that he can to help all his friends.

As a child, Armin was depicted as one who was curious and wanted to know what makes the world tick.

He was also seen placing a lot of emphasis on his passion, and this is what influenced the career choice he made.

All his signs show that the anime character herein is a part of the INFP anime characters list.

4. Shinji Ikari (Evangelion)

Shinji Ikari

Shinji, he is one of the turbulent INFP anime characters who are famous for having always got onto the viewers’ nerves.

As a character, he was brought into a negative environment, which resulted in him having multiple traumas that, with time, kept on increasing and got more unstable.

5. Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Alphonse Elric INFP Anime Characters

This anime character is known to have a lot in common with the other INFP anime characters’ descriptions.

During one of the alchemical experiment (was meant to bring his mom back to the life), he lost his body.

Herein his soul was attached to the suit of armor by the help of Edward, his older brother.

It is this experiment’s result, Alphonse becomes almost invulnerable till the armor seal doesn’t get erased.

However, he doesn’t seem to be feeling anything.

As known INFPs, they keep to themselves more than they wish to deal with some other people.

Alphonse, as a shy character, who was stuck within the armor, clearly personifies the same.

He also shows the traits of dedication and creativity by beginning his quest for the philosopher’s stone so as to get the body he lost back.

Either way, he is quite a character with a lot of devotion, and one will definitely love this one character of INFP characters anime.

6. Mitsuha Miyamizu (Your Name)

Mitsuha Miyamizu INFP Anime Characters

Herein, she is the female protagonist within the anime- Kimi no Na Wa.

She is just 17 and a high school student living in Itomori, a small rural town.

She also is seen serving at her family shrine as the priestess.

Moving ahead in the anime, one would find this character to be dissatisfied with the small-town life she had and also because of the strained relationship she carried with her father.

Also, for the criticism she continued to face when she performed as a shrine maiden, all she wished for was to live in Tokyo as the handsome guy.

Mitsuha is not just having the desire of being away from all of the things within her life, but she is also very timid and shy when she is in front of her quite stern father.

It is these characteristics that can also be seen in the other INFP anime characters, and when it comes to Mitsuha, she carries it too.

She has views about the world that are quite idealistic, and she thinks about the same quite often, wishing to be a part of the same.

Her character, apart from all, also has wishful thinking, imagination as the INFP traits.

Further, she also had the qualities like being organized, supportive, kind, persistent towards what she has in her mind, etc.

which are all part of the characteristics which the INFP anime characters carry.

7. Tamaki Amajiki (My Hero Academia)

Tamaki Amajiki

In the world of films, the INFP anime characters are not shown up as superheroes.

All that job, it is left upon the sensing-perceiving characters, but when it comes to Tamaki, well, he is a perfect example of the INFP superhero.

He is never seen bragging about any of the abilities he carries, and neither does he tries to find ways for showing off in front of others.

Instead of doing all that, Tamaki is seen moderately using his skills and ensuring to follow his heart without expecting to be a part of the spotlight.

INFPs, they would relate to compassion, idealistic nature quiet and compassion.

8. Rakka (Haibane Renmei)

Rakka INFP Anime Characters

Rakka, on another amidst the known INFP anime characters, is quite smart, idealistic, loving, sensitive.

Rakka is also a lover of harmony and peace.

She always tries to find some deep meaning behind her existence, and by her nature, she always remains positive.

She is another INFP personality type who might seem a bit ditsy around the edges, but in actuality, she is quite cute.

9. Isla (Plastic Memories)

Isla INFP Anime Characters

Isla, she comes under the list of introverted and private INFP anime characters who are spiritual, loving, and kind.

However, Isla is not that expressive.

It does take some time for her to open up to others and also for the others to get an understanding over her completely.

10. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

Kaneki Ken

Kaneki is one of the poor anime characters, and his tale, it is completely filled with tragedies.

He also ends up losing his mind due to the turbulent nature he had.

He then became a ghoul and was tortured for many days pointlessly by the other ghoul who was evil.

Kaneki’s story arc, it isn’t that productive/good, but his character definitely is.

He has the strongest morals, and he loves books.

Apart from the same, he also loved hanging out with friends when happy.

11. Levy McGarden (Fairy Tail)

Levy McGarden

Levy McGarden is a kind-spirited and cheerful character who is known to be following his heart and the values in every single decision made by her.

Typically, being one of the INFP anime characters, she is known to adore forms friendships and books.

She also has a shared love for stories.

Levy’s unique quality is that to her; goodness is visible even in the people who are brutal characters.

Gajeel Redfox tortured her a lot, and even after this, she even went too far forgiving him because she looked inside instead of judging from outside behavior and appearances.

12. Yukiteru Amano (Mirai Nikki)

Yukiteru Amano

He is one amidst intense and very widely hated INFP anime characters.

He is not admired but at times does gain the sympathy of the people to him.

However, this only happens when one understands his feelings and also tries to empathize with him.

He doesn’t give his best even after he goes through such trauma during the survival game.

Yuki is like a turbulent character who has many disorders related to anxiety.

He is in many ways like too, and even when it becomes difficult to see the best of him, once he is understood, hating him will be difficult.

13. Chiyuki (Death Parade)

chiyuki INFP Anime Characters

Chuki is an INFP anime character who is much closer to being the INTP personality.

The reason is that her preferences are inclined more towards logic and not her personal values.

She, as a character, has been included in the list of INFP anime characters to show that not all INFP characters are hopelessly sentimental, and they can think on logic too sometimes.

She for sure uses the login due to the tragedy she went through.

But she also at times gives in to the emotion and becomes suicidal, and the reason behind it is her nature’s turbulent variant.

14. Akane Tsunemori (Psycho-Pass)

Akane Tsunemor

She is Psycho-Pass’s lead and point of view character within the show.

As being a part of the INFP anime characters list, she is quite shy and timid.

During the time of the recruitment process in the police force, she was also called an idealist on many occasions.

Such traits, they are known for describing the INFPs in a perfect manner, and therefore, Akane to be classified as such, it perfectly makes sense.

Some of her other traits include her insecurities and doubts, which she has over her existence.

She also carries some philosophical ideas in regards to it.

As time passed, Akane also emerged to be insightful, compassionate, intelligent, and a patient inspector.

All of these are the traits of the INFP characters as per the subtypes’ personality descriptions.

Apart from it all, she is polite, respectful, headstrong, grows upset/angry at others if she doesn’t agree to what they do philosophically, etc.

By all means, she is always seen furthering her own sense of justice, which stands amidst the INFP characters’ moral nature and also the strict code of conduct they have in relation to being right/wrong.

15. Cordelia (Vinland Saga)


Cordelia has been depicted as well-mannered and polite amidst the INFP anime characters.

She is too reserved and shy, at least at first, and all through the series, her character and gender evolve.

It is after all this that she finally took the male name, Halvar.

At first, she is believed to be an INFJ, but she for sure is an intuitive person.

She also shows that she doesn’t have any issues with ditching traditions and norms.

So, it can be concluded that she is an INFP.

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Q.1 What anime characters are INFPs?

Some of INFP anime characters’ best examples are Chiyuki from Death Parade, Alphonse Elric from FMA: Brotherhood, Isla from Plastic Memories, Arita from Accel World, Crona from soul eater, etc.

Q.2 Is killua an INFP?

Killua is definitely one of the INFP anime characters.

With the personality type he has, he is a loyal friend and also quite idealistic.

Q.3 Is INFP a rare personality?


It is rare personality, and in the world population, they amount to a total of only 4%.

Q.4 Are INFPs weird?

Being weird, well, this is considered to be good for such INFPs personalities.

It is what helps them remain creative, unusual, and out of the box, which in turn brings forward incredible possibilities.

Q.5 Do INFP fall in love easily?

INFPs do not fall in love easily.

When they are dating the person of their liking, they try to compare the person from the idealized perfect relationship version of them.

Final Words

Hope one was able to get the required details of some of the amazing anime characters who have always personified the best traits of one of the INFP personality types.

In case one has any doubts or wishes to see any changes, reach out to us, and we will assure the address faster.

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