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In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2
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Eiji Usatsuka is the writer and illustrator of the novel series “in another world with my smartphone”.

It was in 2017 when the production aired this anime on television, and the best was that the series was able to gain a lot of attention.

It had around 100 million views, and as of now, all its diehard fans are waiting for in another world with my smartphone season 2.

Season 2 story is expected to be way spicier than before.

Viewers might also get here the mecha battles of the giant robot.

The anime has huge popularity and a huge demand, and yet there isn’t an official renewal announcement made for the sequel yet.

A lot of doubtful questions arise in the minds of many, but then again, for its second installment, a lot more is expected.

In another world with my smartphone season 2: Plot

In another world with my smartphone

Since the viewers ended with season one, the novel series of Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni season 2 is expected to be brought on screen.

The novel provides a lot more content in regards to the anime sequel, and it was also within the 1st season last episode wherein it was revealed that 9 female robots were created by Professor Regina Babylon 5000-years ago.

It was the second sight of her through which she perceived that some people like Touya will be appearing with their 9 wives and that with every one of them, they would be trying to yielding Babylon rights before he undergoes the compatibility test.

In the series, in another world with my smartphone season 2, it is expected that the enemy named Fraze will be introduced.

In order to combat him, Professor Babylon will be creating weapons that would be called the Frame Gears.

In short, the viewers will love watching the mecha battles of the magnificent giant robot.

Believe it or not, but the plot of isekai wa smartphone season 2, it seems to be way more exciting now, and a lot is expected from it.

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In another world with my smartphone season 2: trailer

Definitely, there exists a trailer for season one, but as of now, for the 2nd season, nothing as such is available.

The reason is that the season has not yet been renewed.

But as soon as something comes up, be assured of receiving the trailer update or any official announcement update here.

Will in another world with my smartphone have a season 2?

Production Reed premiered the show in 2017.

They brought it to life, and the Funimation provides the English dub of it.

But as of now, no verification exists for season 2, and neither is there any update from the studio or the author.

Well, to bring to life the second season, the first needs to be successful, and for sure, the first herein was a huge success.

Not just the internet well-received the light novel, but also the anime faced some huge criticism, but even after all this, the show was a hit, and for second season renewal, there are a lot of hopes put upon.

In a different world with a smartphone, the first season ended with an impression that the second will come soon, but it can just be a trick to get people to read the novel.

It was though speculated in 2018 that it will be happening, but here we are in 2021, and still, there is the same wait.

It has been a lot of time, and fans are waiting for in another world with my smartphone season 2.

Thousands even signed a petition for the renewal of the season.

But even after the heavy demands, the renewal has still not been made, but the viewers should not lose hope as sometimes it takes a lot of time for the anime sequel to be out there.

What to expect from in another world with my smartphone season 2?

The anime is approached very differently from the web and light novels (notorious adaptations for leaving out some parts).

This is why sometimes it becomes difficult to know if there will be a second season.

The next season also looks for a large budget to bring out more insane stuff along with some cool scenes.

Many references are also made, and even with the frame full of robots, fans are really looking forward to it all along with some fun and the humor-filled adventure in second season 2.

Even in the last season of in a different world with a smartphone, the last scene did get the viewers hooked up, completely waiting for the next plot arc.

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Is there enough source material?

In another world with my smartphone season 2 Plot

Plenty of content exists with the production for the sequel. There are 22 volumes in a total of in a different world with a smartphone (as of 2020 November).

The first season was barely able to cover the shed light over the 1st 3 volumes of the light novel.

So, it can be clearly said that the studio is having enough of the source material for producing different installments of the given show.

Currently, volume 4 to 6 is expected to be reflected within the season 2 content.

In another world with my smartphone season 2 release date

Many companies are related to this anime production, but none of them has confirmed the return.

Chances are high for the renewal, though, and once the same gets announced, it will take 1-2 years for production.

Mid 2022, this is when the anime isekai wa smartphone season 2 is expected to be premiered.However, one cannot exactly confirm the time, and the released date, and the section, therefore, cannot be covered until there is a release of the official date.

Main Characters of “in another world with my smartphone season 2.”

In another world with my smartphone S2

It is quite obvious that people are willing to know more and more about some of the characters who did become the favorite while watching in another world with my smartphone season 2.

There are also some of the side characters (non-harem), the list of which has been discussed below,

  • Touya Mochizuki – a 15-year-old protagonist character who was from earth but was killed accidentally by God’s act. Well, as a part of the apology, he gets revived to another earth with all earthly belongings (Touya choose smartphone). He came with all the ability to use the magic spells (got bestowed with 7-attributes of the magical energy) and also the vast mana pool. Well, there was no stop, and he also got the increased memory, reflexes, and stamina, which made him more powered.
  • Linze Silhoueska – Shy, intelligent and smart amidst the Silhoueska twins, she is one magic specialist. She is in her group the gentle one, but if the words of Touya are taken, she is one fierce and scary companion who doesn’t fear to express.
  • Elze Silhoueska – in a different world with a smartphone, she was the most strong-willed who was known to wield the gauntlets.
  • Yae Kokonoe – In the Samurai family, she was born in Eashen far east. She is one clumsy samurai who left her home for honing her skills. She later joins the Touya wife group.

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Q.1 Who married Touya?

Touya had 9 fiancees. He married them all. Their names were Sue, Leen, Hilde, Elze, Yae, Lu, Linze, Yumina and Sakura.

Q.2 How many wives do Touya have?

Touya has 9 wives in total.

Q.3 Who is the guy at the end of another world with my smartphone?

Ende was the mysterious young boy at the end of another world with my smartphone. His real name was Endymuon.

Q.4 Is another world with my smartphone good?

It definitely has a heavy ploy, and the characters are known to live an easy life. The anime is very pleasant to watch with some light-hearted fun with a happy ending. Well, yeah, it can be said that another world with my smartphone is good.

Q.5 Is in another world with my smartphone on Netflix?

Yes, it is there on Netflix.

Final words

A man’s dream is what this anime is called. It has everything.

From going to another world, being empowered with the harem of the girls and the best, all of these girls did love the main character and were happy to share the main character Touya.

In simple terms, if polygamy is at its finest, it is here.

Even a female can enjoy all of the humor that has been presented within the series (men-centred series).

Considering the second season, it is totally hopeful to have it on screen soon enough, and just like every single fan of the Isekai anime; we too are waiting for the official announcement.

Keep hopes. The best is yet to come.

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