Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Release Date and Everything We Know

Hunter x hunter season 7
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Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese Manga, the producer of which is Nippon Animation. The writer of this anime is Yoshihiro Togashi, and the director is Kazuhiro Furuhashi. The manga was published in 1998, but after 2006, the manga seems to have taken a break. The 1st adaptation of this manga was done in October 1999, and the second adaptation (released by Madhouse) was aired in October 2011. These two adaptations have been divided into 6 seasons and all the seasons have a different story. By the end of the 6th season of the Hunter x Hunter, the demand for hxh season 7 increased, and the fans still await the same.

Hunter x Hunter has received a huge success, and with all the popularity around, it is quite expected to have the 7th season of the anime soon. However, no official announcement has been made to date about the release. So, considering all of the same, this article has been prepared to provide complete information about Hunter x Hunter season 7. Give a read ahead to know more.

Is Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Coming?

As season 6 of the anime was released in 2014, there is a very low chance that the anime will have the 7th season. No announcement has been made to date by Madhouse for the anime’s new season yet. The production house is further busy with many of the projects, and they also release series and films every year. Even the past seasons utilize all of the source material which was available for the adaptation. So, if there would be any future availability of the source material, Madhouse will be taking a step to pick the new season.

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Hunter x Hunter New Season Release Date

The series is an adaptation of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, which is the original manga series. Apart from producing the series, Studio Madhouse also produced 2 movies that revolved around the characters which are similar within the series.

Currently, there is no confirmation available in regards to the new season. A lot of work is to be done right now, and of course, the mental wellness of the creator, too, is important herein. However, there is nothing to worry about as sometimes these anime series have a lot of gaps before the new season is released. It has also been said that the future anime seasons will not have the same set of characters.

The new season, i.e., Hunter x Hunter season 7, is expected to be released in 2023. If any information is received about the latest development related to the 7th installment, we will surely update the same.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Expected Plot

Not all the volumes of the manga have been covered within the anime series. So, there is a probability that the next season will cover the rest manga volumes where ended the last episode of the last released season. 

As season 6 ended with where Gon was able to find his father and they talks about their lives and all the adventures they experienced. So, it is expected that hxh season 7 will begin to show how Gon found his father on the dark continent. Even the son of Isaac Netero might visit the dark continent. This will be a surprise for Zodiac as he has no idea about the son of Isaac. 

Well, the Hunter x Hunter new season is expected to cover the arc of Dark Continent Expedition. This expedition is likely to be adapted by Isaac Netero. Further, it is also expected that Kurapika will be becoming overseers of the 289th Hunter Exam. Apart from this, one can just wait and watch what the new season will bring in for the fans.

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How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there?

Talking about how many seasons of hunter x hunter are there, as of now, there are in total six seasons of the famous anime. It was in 2014 when the 6th season was premiered, and it is since then that the fans have been showing patience and waiting for another season of the Hunter x Hunter. Currently, no official announcement has been received about season 7, but after this long wait of the fans, hopefully, the new season details can be provided soon.

If you want to watch the anime on Netflix, there are in total of 4 seasons available there to watch.

How many episodes are in hunter x hunter?

Combining all the episodes, there are in total 148 episodes of Hunter x Hunter. The conclusions with the 148th episode were made in 2014, but that was not the end. It is expected to see another season of this anime soon by 2022 end.

The last or latest episode of the anime covered chapter 339, and the manga too was of just 391 chapters as of 31st July 2020. With the story moving forward, the left-over story of the manga and upcoming manga series will cover the seasons and provide the abrupt end of the series another change with the story.

Where to watch hunter x hunter season 5?

For seasons 1 to 4, all the episodes are readily available on Netflix for one to watch. In order to watch Hunter x Hunter season 5, viewers can use Crunchyroll. One can also watch season 6 of this anime there and on HBO Max too. The best part of watching the show there is that one will not be required to have a premium subscription to Crunchyroll. So, why wait? Just enjoy the show.

Final Words 

Hope you were able to get all the required information about Hunter x Hunter season 7 within this article. There are much more anime available out there which you can enjoy while waiting for any official announcement received in relation to the new season. We assure you, as soon as any news is received, the same will be updated here on time. 

Till then, Happy Binging!!

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