Hunter x Hunter Filler List: The Complete Filler Guide October 2021

Hunter × Hunter filler list
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Hunter x Hunter is the manga that was created by Mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi.

It was first published in 1998 in the magazine.

The comic got converted to the anime version, and it continued to be aired in 2011 through Nippon Television with Madhouse Studio in charge.

It was made sure that all the 148 episodes of it were fun and were directed well to present quality series to the viewers.

This anime follows the life journey of Gon and is quite an interesting watch.

It not just shows his struggle but also brings out complete emotions with a better direction.

Fans put this anime in the list of their favorite, but some also showed concerns about the hunter x hunter filler list.

Well, considering the same, this article will provide a guide about the hunter x hunter 2011 filler list and much other information.

One can continue to read ahead to know more.

How Many Fillers Actually Hunter x Hunter Anime Have?

How Many Fillers Hunter X Hunter Have

The Hunter x Hunter series, it is based upon one of the manga series that has been written by Yoshihiro Togashi.

This manga ran between 1998-2005, which brought ahead a total of 148 volumes.

Later, it got adapted to be an anime series that was aired in 2011.

In here, there is a total of 148 episodes in which 2 episodes are part of the hunter x hunter filler list.

This amounts to only 1% filler episodes within the complete anime series.

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Hunter x Hunter Quick List

Filler Quick List

Filler Episodes

13, 26

Hunter x Hunter  Filler List 2021 – The Complete List

Episode No.




Letter × From × Gon



Then × And × After


Is Hunter x Hunter worth a watch?

If this is the question you need the answer for, the answer is Yes.

The anime is worth a watch for all.

As per the fans, this anime is the best and the only one which is better than the other anime named Attack on Titans.

Around 5000 viewers have rated the show, and it has 9.1 ratings as of now.

Here, within this anime, one will get to meet many new and interesting characters, and the way the story has been brought ahead, a complete understanding will be received over every single character and their story.

So, if you have any plans to miss this anime, drop it.

Skip the hunter x hunter filler list if needed but do not miss watching the anime.

The Story of Hunter x Hunter 2011 Anime

The Story Of Hunter X Hunter 2011 Anime

The story of Hunter x Hunter 2011 anime depicts the life of a young boy named Gon who was raised in Whale Island by his uncle and aunt.

He knew his father was an amazing hunter who would someday return back to home for Gon.

However, he never met him, but he did leave a scar on his arm (left) that looked like the star, the meaning or what it stood for was never known to him.

The story moves ahead, and with time, Gon wishes to be a hunter too.

Now how his journey proceeded and whether or not he was able to become a hunter can only be known by watching the anime series that takes us along his journey through different countries.

Should You Skip the Hunter x Hunter filler list?

Skip The Hunter X Hunter Filler List

To watch or not to watch the hunter x hunter filler list, it is one of the common questions in the minds of all fans.

Well, as per our suggestion, there is no point in skipping the filler list as they do have some action or drama which might not connect with the manga but definitely provides a lot of fun.

Apart from this, the HXH series doesn’t even have many fillers.

Watching just the 2 episodes will not even take much time, plus do not forget the extra fun it can bring.

Still, if one wishes to skip on to it, the 2 episodes can be skipped no matter where you are watching the anime (Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation).

Make a choice but do not stop the fun.

Worth Watching Episodes of Hunter x Hunter Anime

Worth Watching Episodes of HXH Anime

Every episode is worth the watch, considering the amount of time spend and the effort given by the team for the production.

Even the fans have rated the show quite well, and some of them even said that they could watch around 16 to 17 episodes in a row.

One can definitely by this get the interesting mechanic herein.

But if asked which of the episodes are the most favorite, well, some of them are episode 2- Test x of x Test, episode 7- Showdown x on the x airship, episode 18- big x time x Interview, Episode 19- Can’t Win × And × Can’t Lose, Episode 20- Baffling × Turn Of × Events and alike.

There are some episodes that are part of the hunter x hunter filler list, if needed, one can ignore it too to just watch along with the story that connects with the manga.

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Q.1 Who is GON’s mom?

Mito was the mother of Gon.

It was the tape received from Ging that revealed this information.

Q.2 Can I skip Hunter X Hunter Ep 13?

For the first-time watchers of Hunter X Hunter, it is not recommended to skip episode 13.

However, one can do so if they wish to.

Q.3 Is HXH Season 7 confirmed?


HXH season 7 has been confirmed by Togashi Mangaka, the known actor for the sporadic hiatus within the manga Hunter x Hunter.

Q.4 What percentage of Hunter x Hunter is filler?

The percentage of hunter x hunter filler list is quite low.

Out of 148 episodes, 2 episodes are only the filler episodes, which makes it just 1% of the episodes.

Q.5 How many episodes are in Hunter x Hunter 2011?

There are in total 148 episodes as a part of the Hunter x Hunter 2011.

Final Words

Hope one was able to find complete details about hunter x hunter 2011 filler list, one of the most addictive anime series one can find out there.

If you are a big-time fan of anime, this would definitely be one worth watch that will provide a complete value of the time spent here.

You can even spin on to the filler list if needed but try not to as what fun would it be if there isn’t a continuation? 

If you have any queries in regards to any of the content within the article, connect with us, and we will assure timely address of the query.

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