Henry Cavill Explains How He Prepared for Superman with the ‘Immortals Diet’ | Reel Movie Nation

From Immortals to Superman: Man of Steel, Henry Cavill had to go from super toned to super buff all in less than a year. But exactly how did he go from playing Theseus to playing our Man of Steel?

At the Los Angeles press event for director Tarsem Singh’s Immortals, Cavill jokingly talked about the rigorous workouts, known to the cast as the ‘Immortals Diet’, that mentally prepared him for the extensive workout he’d have to through to prepare for Superman.

“Any experience on an acting job is good experience because you can take it to the next [job]. The physical experience (on “Immortals”) was obviously wonderful because it’s prepped me for this (“Superman”) physical experience. I’ve learned that when you go to this kind of level, it’s no longer about the physical, it’s more about the mental. It’s about the will power to push yourself into that very dark place. You’re standing next to the precipice, and you’ve got that weight on your shoulders, and you’re only halfway through the workout and you need to push yourself off and just go into that big f**k-off black hole and keep on pushing. “Immortals” prepped me for that emotionally and mentally…in the physical sense, if that makes sense. So, I’m very grateful for that.”

When Cavill was asked how does one wrap their heads around playing one of the most iconic characters in pop culture, Cavil had this to say:

“You’ve got to go, ‘Okay, I’m playing a role.’ And if you approach it any differently from playing any other role — and I’m talking from the place of we approach any role with the same kind of dedication no matter what — if you approach it any differently than any other role then you’re not going to do a good enough job. Because you’ll be worried about what everyone is thinking as opposed to just acting. Which is what it is.”

Many people still have their doubts about  Cavill playing our Kryptonian, but judging from the pictures taken this weekend, I’d say Cavill did more than enough bulking and toning.