Dragon Ball Super Season 2: All Information We Know So Far 2021

Dragon Ball Super Season 2
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Dragon Ball Super Season 2, it is a part of the Debut comic Dragon Ball that was first released in 1984.

Since that time, there was an adaptation of varied anime series, video games, movies, and the best is that the stories seem endless. 

Dragon Ball, the anime, is known for centering around the life of Goku.

Goku has many superpowers and also a monkey tail.

The story further shows how he met one girl Bulma, and then 2 of them began to look for 7 powerful dragon balls, which, once together, will help realize any wish.

Well, the story continues from Dragon Ball and then moves up to the new dragon ball series.

Amidst it all, Dragon Ball Super (131 episodes and then canceled without any spin-offs in the later released series) is the most successful series that was released in 2015 after there was Majin Bu huge failure.

It was not long before when Toei Animation made the announcement of the Dragon Ball Super 2nd part, which is expected to be released in 2022.

Fans have even been guessing if there will be the next dragon ball series after this for matching up with the previous ones.

Well, in consideration of it all, this article has been prepared to provide complete information about Dragon Ball Super Season 2.

Give a read further to know more.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super?

The answer to it is a big Yes.

It is to be noted that, as of now, there has not been announced or confirmed a release date for the release of Dragon Ball Super Season 2.

Will There Be a Dragon Ball Super Season 2

The release of it, though, is a 100% possibility as season 1 ended with the tournament of power arc’s end, and also, there is a lot which season 1 wasn’t able to cover.

Like, the promise made by Vegeta to Cabbba for visiting the planet Sadal after the tournament, it is yet to be fulfilled.

It is expected, in the next dragon ball series, Vegeta would definitely visit Sadal.

Many times the adaptations of anime are based upon the ongoing manga chapters.

However, with the Dragon Ball Series in order, it is totally different.

The anime herein, it always has a plot of its own, and the manga, well, it seems to be lagging behind always.

So, one cannot expect the new dragon ball series to be based upon the ongoing manga, but that doesn’t mean that Toei cannot have for the anime a totally unique plot.

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Why Has Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Taken So Long?

Dragon Ball Super Taken So Long

Covid-19, it is one of the reasons for the delay for a lot of releases as the production is unable to film the anime or shows or movies.

However, with the world adjusting to the new normal, all of the previous unfinished projects, they are taking new lives.

Another possible reason herein for the delay of dragon ball super season 2 can be the busy schedule of the Toei Animation that has been working with the other animated movies, including One Piece: Run.

The complete staff was quite busy in 2018 and 2019 with the production of this movie.

What To Expect From Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

Since 2018 there have not been any new episodes for Dragon Ball Super, but it is to be noted that the comic adaptation, it is quite very strong, and also, there are 2 possible TV adaptations in the production.

The series ended with Universal Survival.

What To Expect From DBS Season 2

If one reads comics, one must be aware that the next story is about the Prisoner of the Galaxy Patrol with the monster that is the terrifying new goat head.

As of the current storyline, Granola Survivor is part of Dragon Ball Super comics, according to which the race’s last survivor got wiped out by Saiyan Army.

One can definitely look forward to some exciting fighting scenes if any of those legends got adapted to the TV.

Surely Toei production can make the new bow in respect to the show specifically.

One can just hope and pray about it before the same gets officially announced.

The next best thing about it all is that the fans will be able to watch the Dragon Ball Super on the streaming platforms, including Crunchyroll and Funimation, while the update is expected.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Plot

In season 1, the tournament of power arc, it was the main focus.

However, with the manga, things went quite differently.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Plot

Currently, in the manga Moro arc moving ahead, and it is expected by fans that this shall be the main focus of the next dragon ball series

Moro, he is someone who haunted the universe for 1000’s of universes.

His power is gained by devouring the life force from the planets, and this is what makes him a huge threat to the multiverse.

However, Goku and Vegeta, they both have been trained well for going against Moro.

But one major question herein is, will their powers be enough to fight it?

Definitely, the Moro arc for the Dragon Ball Super Season 2, it will be a great storyline.

However, fans wish to see more, and they want Vegeta to visit the planet of Sadala for meeting the king.

Vegeta might even train them by telling them King Vegeta’s story and how the Vegeta planet was explored in Universe 7.

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What Is The Release Date of Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

Release Date of season 2 of DBS

Dragon Ball Super Season 2, it is yet not announced officially.

However, fans have been expecting the launch of it in the next 1-2 years.

So, one can see the anime by 2023.

Toei Animation is expected to spread out premieres of the Dragon Ball Super film, which was expected to be released in 2022.

As the debut of 1st Super film called Dragon Ball Super: Broly was made in December, it is highly possible that the installment (following one) would be one of the spin-off stories, the debut of which will be made in winter and the Dragon Ball Super Season 2 to be released in 2023.

The Movie of Dragon Ball Super Hero Has Been Announced

The announcement for the release of the Dragon Ball Super Hero movie has been made.

Movie of Dragon Ball Super Hero

The movie, it is the latest feature film that follows Dragon Ball Super: Broly release that was made in 2018.

The movie was totally focused on the fight between legendry super Saiyan and Vegeta and Goku.

The movie of Dragon Ball Super Hero is expected to be released in 2022.

However, an official announcement for the date has yet not been made for all the regions.

Fans must note that the released date will be highly differing from one region to another.

Is There Enough Source Material For Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

If the 1st season of the anime is considered, it is known to have adapted manga series 1st 5 volumes.

The conclusion was made with the Universal Survival arc.

If the published work of Akira Toriyama, the author is considered, she as till August 2021 released 16 volumes of the anime.

So, it can be well understood that there is way more material than expected for the anime. 

Is Legendary Super Saiyan stronger than blue?

Super Saiyan Blue and the Super Saiyan God, they are both powerful.

Their strength is more than Super Saiyan 3, which means they are way stronger and better than a form of Super Saiyan, which is quite legendry.

However, with the introduction (canonical), that is in super has transformation which is mythical, it makes it way more significantly powerful than what one can see of the version of Z.

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Q.1 Is dragon ball super over?

It was in 2018 March when the dragon ball super anime series ended.

It happened just after the Universal Survival Arc conclusion in the 131st episode.

But the good news is that the ongoing manga story of Akira Toriyama, it continues with the anime story.

They also released 2 new arcs currently.

Q.2 What is After Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super, released in 2015, was followed by Super Dragon Ball Heroes (2018). It is a web series.

Q.3 Will Dragon Ball Super Season 2 come out in 2021?

No. As per some of the unofficial sources, the Dragon Ball Super Season 2 anime will be aired in 2023 July. It will be after the launch of the DBS hero movie.

Q.4 Who is the strongest Saiyan?

Goku is known as the strongest Saiyan. 

Q.5 Who is the weakest god of destruction?

Quitela is the weakest God of Destruction. 

Final Words

Hope the article was able to provide complete information about the Dragon Ball Super Series 2, and it is also expected that one did enjoy it entirely.

For more updates, one can stay tuned.

We assure you we will update the latest news about the anime as soon as the official announcement is received.Till then, have a great time watching, re-watching the previous dragon ball super series.

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