How To Watch Dragon Ball Series In Order Easy Guide 2021

Dragon Ball Series In Order
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Most of ours’ childhood passed by watching some amazing anime like Dragon Ball, which was filled with amazing animation and the original character designs.

With bright visuals to the vintage action scenes, when it comes to the well-known dragon ball series order, this classic anime had nostalgic elements at its side.

Even the latest of the seasons that had the new animation, they stuck with the designs of the original character and were able to entertain their audience.

With a total of 5 seasons and 807 episodes, one should make sure that they watch the dragon ball series in order.

The episodes cover the journey of Goku from his childhood to the time he becomes stronger to go on the quest of finding the 7 dragon balls, which were wish-fulfilling.

Even the franchise had made sure to extend far beyond the battle power, villains, and much more.

The complete series has been through way more phases than one knows about, and the adaptations, it did bring the result quite well.

Perfect Dragon Ball Series In Order

While watching the dragon ball series in order, one would have many questions in the head.

The answer to it all, it begins to come up at the end of the episode.

With an unexpected complex scenario to the amazing anime and story, every bit of it finds its way at the end.

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However, there is something that keeps remaining as a part of the common question in the head of the new viewers – Is it necessary to watch the dragon ball series in order?

Well, it is recommended to watch it in order, it is totally on one how to continue along with the episodes but mind you, just do not miss out on any one of them.

For the ones who want to watch in order, this article will provide details about how to proceed.

1. Dragon Ball (1986-1989)

Dragon Ball, dragon ball series in order

All dragon ball series are part of original anime. It has adopted the best of story arcs, and by no means it suffers from any inconsistency within the animation or any kind of awkward filler, just like the successors.

It adds up depth to the given story and expands the already existing element of the manga.

The shift of Dragon Ball was made into the Dragon Ball Z, not after but during the Tenkaichi Budokai 23rd arc.

This tournament, it marked a noticeable introduction of DBZ staff within the series, and this is how it all continued within the story to move ahead and add some gravitas.

2. Dragon Ball Z (1989- 1996)

Dragon Ball Z, dragon ball series in order

It is a continuation of dragon ball in the dragon ball series in order. The very first episode of it got aired after the last one of its predecessor’s.

The introductory part of DBZ, it got scripted like the Dragon Ball episodes, and with the opportunity for rebranding, it helped to bring in the lifeblood within the popularity, staff and the budget here.

The episodes of Dragon Ball Z, they are very popular, and it shows the choreography fight of Toriyama, which was an excellent adaptation with some outstanding performances.

It shows the opening with the efforts of Toei till the Dragon ball goes ahead, which is the Saiyan arc.

It has all of it, like the quality animation within the movie, the fight of Goku and Vegeta and much more.

It covered just 4 story arcs, but it definitely was one of the longest-running anime in the dragon ball series order.

3. Dragon Ball GT (1996- 1997)

dragon ball GT, dragon ball series in order

The wants of Toei, well, it did was all about milking the dragon. Even when there was a decreased popularity of this series, which followed the manga end, Toei was seen going ahead with that one sequel series that was last – Dragon Ball GT.

GT is completely rooted up with the new anime, and it is one follow-up for the anime. It definitely isn’t the main series canon, but it is for the original anime and its continuation.

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For dragon ball, Toei original animated dragon consists of adaptation from 1st Dragon Ball and the other in the dragon ball series order, which are prior to it.

The last episode of the DBZ, it has also shown the transition, which was directly connected with the first episode of the GT and the next episode; it was the purview of the given former.

4. Dragon Ball Kai (2009- 2011)

Well, for those not aware, with the 20th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z, a decision was made by Toei to recut the DBZ for being more on the line with the Akira Toriyama, the original manga.

With all of the re-edited scenes and the lower episode count, the brand-new score which was brought in by the most talented Kenji Yamamoto the, plagiarist and the totally new performances from the end of the cast.

Some missed while some became a hit, and it was all dependent upon the arc, but when it comes to Kai, it is of the dragon ball Z much brisker digestion.

In the dragon ball series in order, the Kai, it offers a great reinterpretation of the 3-story arc of Z, which makes the Freeza arc a bearable one in the animated form.

Kai which is by the Cell arc, it manages quite well for wrapping up managing quite nice.

5. Dragon Ball Kai: The Final Chapters (2014- 2015)

It is a little more disappointing if considering the follow-up of the original Dragon Ball kai.

Kai, for sure, wasn’t perfect, especially the filler, which was easy to be cut at any times, but it for sure has a very clear vision, and it doesn’t have that green tint that perverts the entire screen.

The final chapters, it also has a painful generic score after Kenji Yamamoto got fired.

The final chapters, it wasn’t able to justify well the existence and the Buu arc; it felt very bloated and had some worst performances.

The English dub here is good, and it follows the footsteps of Kai quite good. By all means, it has a lot of merits watching it in English.

6. Dragon Ball Super (2015- 2018)

Well, none watching the dragon ball series in order might have thought about the sudden end of Dragon Ball Super with the power tournament, but then again, it did.

It did well, and it has more in the form of Dragon Ball Super, the canon animated content. The manga Broly, it essentially got to the reins of the given DBS brand for at least the time being.

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Dragon Ball Super, in the dragon ball watch order, is a very interesting one. It brought in right well the tension of Dragon Ball Z, and by the time there was a hit of Tournament of Power, this series was in order and in good shape, even when suffering from the narratives. It did manage well for grounding itself within the series context.

7. Super Dragon Ball Heroes (2018- Present)

Even after the end of the order of dragon ball series, the Dragon Ball Heroes, since 2018, it kept the animated end of the franchise quite busy. It is of a totally different breed.

It brought in some good animation along with the sheer insanity of the given plot, which was totally fun for indulging in.

This anime, it did understand it all pretty well as to whatever and whenever it wants, and for sure, it did merit the entire dragon ball series in order.

How To Watch Dragon Ball Series In Order

Herein presented is a complete guide for how to watch dragon ball series in order. You can watch it all on the platform provided by us.

You can even continue to use the platform which has been used previously for watching the other anime or any of the dragon ball series within the order. Just make sure you do not miss any of it.

Dragon Ball (1986-1989)

Dragon Ball Z (1989- 1996)

Dragon Ball GT (1996- 1997)

Dragon Ball Kai (2009- 2011)

Dragon Ball Kai: The Final Chapters (2014- 2015)

Dragon Ball Super (2015- 2018)

Super Dragon Ball Heroes (2018- Present)



Q.1 Which Dragon Ball should I watch first?

Start with Dragon Ball and then make a move to the Dragon Ball Z which shall be followed by Dragon Ball GT, some other Dragon Ball films and end up at the Dragon Ball Super.

Q.2 Is Dragon Ball Kai different from Z?

Both these anime within the dragon ball series in order have 2 different stories, and Dragon Ball Z Kai is a known revision of the Dragon Ball Z, which brought in the best of the Shonen Battle Anime, which was ever made.

Q.3 Can I skip Dragon Ball?

Well, for sure, you can skip it but remember, Dragon Ball is full of the best storyline, comedy and action. So, if one skips the same, definitely you are missing on to a lot. Note that there does exist a fanbase that prefers this above the Dragon Ball Z.

Q.4 How to watch dragon ball in order?

Follow the above-mentioned sequence, and you will be right there watching the dragon ball series in order.

Q.5 Why is it called Dragon Ball Z?

This title was chosen by the known Akira Toriyama. The reason behind this title is because Z, it is the alphabet’s last letter, and the series was to be finished because the narrator was running out of ideas.

Final words

Hope you have all the answers to the questions that were in mind about watching the dragon ball series in order.

Just make sure you do not miss out on any episode or the series in order as one thing missed would take away a lot of fun from the interesting stories that have been presented herein. Enjoy the series. Happy binging.

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  1. Watching dragon ball is my one of the favorite thing I like to do. But every time I watch dragon ball, I watch it randomly. This lowers the fun of watching it, but this article helped me to know the right dragon ball series order and I would recommend it to every DB lover to watch it in order, otherwise, you won’t experience the fun you deserve.

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