Top 15 Cute Anime Boys 2021: Must Have a Look

Cute anime Boys
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Anime characters are quite unique, and as the male characters, there are some cute anime characters too, who carry along with their adorable traits. These characters are proof that the word cuteness isn’t just reserved for the anime girls, and if one thinks as such, well, it is time to re-think about it.

There are many cute anime boys who can melt ones’ heart with just one look. They even make us soften up at times, and resisting them, it is for sure one would never want. 

The reason is quite simple; after all, these characters don’t just have cuteness, but they own a personality, their goofy ways, adorable looks, and much more.

Anime is full of romance, and where romance seems to be flourishing, how can not one find the amazing anime boys to fall in love with. 

Well, do not forget that there are a bunch of them. Some are shy, bad-ass, cold, cute, hot-tempered, and some are even evil. However, no matter who they are, their personality completely balances up with the cuteness they have. 

So, considering it all, this article will provide complete information about the cute anime boys list along with some important details about them. Give a read further to know more.

Cute anime boys List 2021

1. Lavi


He is a character who is with the complete loss of emotions and also has a very reserved nature. However, all of the nicknaming fans of the character did ensure to make Lavi quite good. 

He has quite a cheerful and joking personality which makes him totally different from the others in the crowd. Do not forget; it is his personality that will hit your personal space too. 

Lavi is also quite intelligent, and considering all his characteristics, he is quite loveable and one of the cutest, which makes him get to our list of cute anime characters

2. Makoto Tachibana 

Makoto Tachibana
Makoto Tachibana

From the anime Free!, Makoto is a 17-year-old who made it to this respectable list. There are 5 boys who can easily make up to that list, but amidst them all, Makoto is the one who is the most sensitive, kind, and selfless. 

He, in the early stages, showed the propensity to be the mothering character who was looking after Haru in his parents’ absence. 

Apart from this, it is he who is the only character who uttered the coveted phrase of I Love You, which is, within the anime, quite a rare occurrence. 

Apart from this, Makoto ensures to take the precious time he has from the days for petting the kittens. So, with all of these amazing qualities, why wouldn’t he be one of the cute anime boys.

3. Gon Freecss

Gon Freecss
Gon Freecss

He is one of the characters of Hunter x Hunter. He is in the series, the main character with his black hair, which was spiky. Further, he is also quite athletic and a friendly person who always looks forward to having some adventure. But let’s not forget, he isn’t good at math.

Gon at a time spent a lot of time in the woods when he was a child, and this is what makes him quite good with the animals. 

He is the enhancer which is known around for being quite determined and perfectly open-minded. So, just like the other fans, you too will get around him well, consider him cute and enjoy the time.

4. Lag Seeing

Lag Seeing
Lag Seeing

Hair covering the left eye Tegami has a chubby look. He is quite an ideal cute anime boy who is a cry baby, but this is what makes him an adorable one amidst the other characters of Tegami Bachi. 

Lag is in a typical manner, very formal, kind, polite, and gentle. All his qualities, along with his ghost-white hair, purple eyes (lies a red spirit amber piece which contains the spirit insect that was implanted in there when he was born), all of it, will easily make one fall for him. Furthermore, he is surely overloaded with cuteness’s delicious candy.

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5. Shou Kurusu

Shou Kurusu
Shou Kurusu

He is the character from the Uta no Prince-sama who, because of his easy-going, clumsy, and cute looks, made it to the list of the cute anime boys. But let’s not just stop here as he might be that smooth guy who has a killer and adorable level personality and looks. It will seriously be very difficult to ignore his hat looks which is what makes him look killer and much taller.

With all the fashionista style & positive vibes Shou carries, one cannot remain unattached to this character for long. So, there are many ways in which he can be considered a cute anime boy.

6. Yuno


Amber eyes, messy and black hair, one look on his face, and you will definitely blush. He is a character from Black Clover who is known around for his calmness. Also, he speaks only when it is of utmost necessity. 

So, with all of these features in hands, why wouldn’t one be attracted, and why wouldn’t he be put on the list of cute anime characters?

However, as a child, he did was a cry baby, but of course, if time doesn’t stop, it does changes everything, and with this charming persona looks, it made Yuno quite cute.

7. Nate River

Nate River
Nate River

One of the characters from Death Note, Nate, is a young boy who has childish behavior. It is all that he has which makes the fans have one reason to smile around him. 

Apart from this, this character is also quite stable, who always sits in that L position. 

Nate is quite obsessed with solving problems and puzzles. 

He might be having genius skills, but when it comes to his social knowledge, he is very bad at interacting and coming along with others. 

He also displays his trust right, and this, in turn, makes him look much cuter and cool all of the time, getting him to the list of cute anime characters

8. Shouyou Hinata


Shouyou is a 16-year-old from the anime Haikyuu! He has a very cheerful personality which makes him stand out in every aspect. He also gets scared quite easily, and he might overcome it on time, but he does hide it all within.

There are certain qualities of Shouyou that can be an obstacle to his ability to be a cute anime boy. Like, he is volleyball obsessed. He is just proud to sleep, eat and breathe it. 

He at times also seems immature, but it is just about time and him catching up to the adrenaline of the sport. 

For sure, all of it will get much better. Also, if you go for the looks, you for sure will be unable to resist this sweet character with the entire positivity within him. 

With his personality being considered, his personality is what makes him completely overloaded with cuteness.

9. Tomoe


An interesting character from Kamisama Hajimemashita, his age is 600+. Considering his qualities, he is what one would know as the Yokai familiar (as per Japanese Mythology, some kind of spirit). 

His purpose is to serve God and to be loyal.  In the case of Tomoe, the given Yokai familiar contract, it gets sealed with the kiss, and this is one amazing way to start the relationship too.

If you watch him for the 1st time, he might seem a little grouchy but believe it; he is very loyal, no matter who he serves, and this loyalty is not just because he is obligated to do so. 

He always goes out of the way to serve with kindness, and probably this is one of his attempts to redeem himself from the questionable past he had. Further, he also cooks. So, if you are into tall guys and are interested in the rest of his characters, go for him, without giving a thought, as we can easily put him on the top of our list of the cute anime boys.

10. Nagisa Hazuki

Nagisa Hazuki
Nagisa Hazuki

He is one another character from Free! He is a very high-class person who comes with his charming and sweet persona. His favorite thing to do here is to go swimming with his friends. 

He is the kind of character whose personality will attract one the most. Nagisa is very cute and smart, who for sure is aware of it all, and he uses them in order to get whatever he wants to have. 

One best example can be taken of the time when he ran away from home, convinced Haru-chan for letting him be the guest at his house and remain safe. Well, with his personality, it does become very difficult to say this cute anime boy a no.

11. Ilyusha Krat


Ilyusha is one of the main characters from the 07-ghost manga. He is seen serving as Barsburg Church’s Bishop. This church is located in District 7, and the job of IIyusha is to protect all of the citizens by ensuring to remove all the messengers of Verlorent, the Kor. 

IIyusha spends much of his time at the church’s garden, wherein he takes care of and also makes a conversation with the plants. 

He also is known for using these plans for their herbal remedies. Further, he can easily manipulate them all by using Healing Zaiphon he owns. In simple terms, he can easily weaponize in case it is needed.

So, with all of these amazing qualities, for us, he for sure is one of the cute anime boys who we couldn’t help but put on the list.

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12. Keiichi Shimizu

Keiichi Shimizu
Keiichi Shimizu

He is one of the cute anime boys who is a 1st-year cellist at the music department. He is known all across the school as the sleepy, handsome boy who is a cello prodigy. 

Keiichi is one of the youngest competitors at concurs. He loves doing all that he got to do at his own pace.

He is one of the soft characters who speak slow and politely. Keiichi has a sweet voice, and he can be found sleeping all the time. Many fans have given him the title of sleeping beauty due to his handsome face and the drowsiness he carries around. So, we will for sure put him on the list as one would love to have him here.

13. Kirigaya Kazuto

Kirigaya Kazuto
Kirigaya Kazuto

He is the character from Sword Art Online, a very popular anime. He is a 14-year-old who is also known as Kirito. So, by any means, if you seem to be into a hero complex boy, do not look any further, as for sure your search is over now.

Kirigaya, he from the early days, established himself to be the boss player. He also has a history of playing MMORPG, which was ruling the world during the time this anime was ongoing. 

It was when things took another turn, and dying within the game was equal to die in real life; well, he made it his one personal business for beating the game and ensuring to free all of the players along with himself. 

The character of Kirigaya is quite an interesting one as he has an obsession for saving all of the people who he meets down the path. This generally happens with young women. Apart from this, even if now you are not convinced that he should be on the cute anime boy list, know that he is kind, friendly, and has a lot of innocence for one to die for.

14. Nai Muhinyi

Nai Muhinyi
Nai Muhinyi

If talking about the main characters of Karneval, Nai is one of the famous among them all. He is one of the characters who appeared in the story, and it is he who met Gareki during the theft, and this is where the journey started.

He is a very small and thin guy who has scarlet eyes that are quite large. His features are pale, and his short white hair with the spike at the back will definitely get one attracted towards him.

Talking about his personality, this character is innocent, kind, and very naïve. It is because of him being dependent on Karoku that he tends to be relying on anyone who is around him and ones who are actually willing to help him. Well, this is what leads him to a lot of trouble always.

Nai is not much aware of the world, and therefore he gets easily confused with the simplest of the terms which are used. 

He also doesn’t understand the compliments which he receives because of the otherworldliness. Furthermore, he is a very brave, pure-hearted, and innocent character who for sure is always eager to help and is very loyal to all of his friends. So, he deserves to be on the list of cute anime characters.

15. Yuki Souma

cute anime boys
Yuki Souma

Aged 16 and has a height of 5’7’’. He is a very interesting character who is very soft-spoken. So, if you are interested in any such person, you for sure will get along with Yuki, and he is one person for you. 

He is known as Prince Yuki Sohma to many of the high school girls, and he is one of the most coveted guys in the year or probably at the entire school.

Yuki is very considerate and polite, as one can see from how he treats the protagonist Tohru Honda within the anime. If you are worried, he isn’t that strong; well, do not forget that he did train extensively in martial arts, and he would gladly take a step when needed to fight and defend his loved ones. 

He seriously is a great character who speaks soft, but he does carry quite a big stick around here and there.

Final Words

The above-mentioned is a list of the 15 cute anime boys who you love to know more and might even fall for if you get a chance. This is why we have made sure to include the details which seemed essential about the character within this article so that you can have complete information about them.

So, get through the list, make a pick. See who suits your requirements and criteria better, and let us know if we missed on to any special character who you wish to be seen within the list covered above. 

We assure you that we will try out best, and if the character did seem to be different from being put on the, we would definitely update our article as soon as possible.

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