Chris Hemsworth Joins a New Sea Survivor Tale | Reel Movie Nation

Chris Hemsworth is fast becoming my new favorite actor. Not only is he hot, he’s also worked with some of my favorite directors – Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams, and Kenneth Branagh. He’s so far been great in every role he’s taken on (even if he has to star opposite one of my least favorite people – Kristen Stewart). The Avengers is definitely my favorite movie of the summer (so far at least… there a few others that might take it’s crown). So whatever Chris Hemsworth is doing next is something that I want to be watching. Even when that next project might feature cannibalism.

The talented Aussie has just signed on to In the Heart of the Sea, an adaptation of the book by Nathaniel Philbrick. It recounts the disaster of the whaling ship Essex, which was destroyed while out in the middle of the ocean by a very angry sperm whale. The crew of 20 must struggle to stay alive while battling the elements, disease, and extreme hunger. That’s where the cannibalism comes in – apparently they drew straws to see which of them would die to feed the others. You might be able to tell that the situation gets pretty bleak and will certainly make for an interesting movie. Hemsworth is going to be playing the heroic first mate, who leads the desperate men as best he can. The author Philbrick based his tale off of an account written by the ship’s cabin boy.

Christian Bale in ‘The Machinist’

If the tale sounds a bit familiar, it’s because another famous story of the sea was based off the tragedy. I’m talking of course about Moby Dick by Herman Melville. There has been talk before about the movie adaptation, which has been tossed around Hollywood for years. But now with a script written by Blood Diamond scribe Charles Leavitt and Hemsworth attached, the project is likely to see production. Currently, it doesn’t have a studio (though Dreamworks is eyeing it according to Deadline) or a director. Let’s hope they can find a way to bring this tale to the big screen. I know I’m excited to see what happens with it. Chris Hemsworth can definitely play the hero, but this time he’ll have to do it while starving to death (I’m hoping his transformation into an emaciated human doesn’t have to go as drastic as say, Christian Bale in The Machinist). I’ll certainly miss his buff hammer wielding body while he’s eating other people.

I may be a little strange, but whenever I hear the word cannibal I think of this line from Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: