Attention Children of the 80s & 90s! ‘The Brave Little Toaster’ to get a Remake | Reel Movie Nation

Who’s ready to get nostalgic? While kids today have Toy Story and Finding Nemo to bring back childhood memories, kids from the late ’80s and early ’90s may remember a treasured childhood film called The Brave Little Toaster. I used to have the VHS as a child (that’s right kids, VHS), and remember watching over and over again until I wore out the tape. Even after 25 years, the film is immensely popular and remains in the list of top 100 best selling DVD for kids and family on Amazon. For those of you unfortunate enough not to be familiar with The Brave Little Toaster, it has a very simple premise: A toaster, a blanket, a lamp, a radio, and a vacuum cleaner journey to the city to find their master after being abandoned in their cabin in the woods. Check out the original 1987 trailer below.